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10 Habits of a Wise Woman

10 Habits of a Wise Woman

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There are many definitions of wisdom but I find this to be more encompassing:

Wisdom is the ability to make a decision based on the combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive understanding.” -Advanced English Dictionary

It is the ability to know and apply rightly what you know. It’s knowing what to do per time and doing it. It’s the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Your decisions, choices, and lifestyle are a reflection of your level of wisdom.

Just like being an authentic woman, being a wise woman is a journey, a process, not an end.

So, as long as you live, you’ll always be in pursuit of wisdom because there is no end to it; thus, you can learn how to be wise.

Who is a wise woman? What separates a wise woman from the rest? What are the qualities of a wise woman? What does a wise woman do differently to be wise?

1. A wise woman takes life seriously

A wise woman understands the sanctity and value of life, so she lives intentionally and passionately.

She understands that you only live once, hence, makes the most of her life.

A wise woman doesn’t live carelessly, and this reflects in her life choices.

Do you take life seriously or you’re ‘anything goes’ kind of woman?

By taking life seriously, I don’t mean you go around with a serious face and not take things easy.

I mean you value life and decide to live it well.

2. A wise woman makes quality decisions

A wise woman understands that life is all about decision making.

Your life is a product of the choices and decisions you make, so she takes her time to make quality decisions.

She doesn’t make rash decisions.

3. She’s a passionate knowledge seeker

Since wisdom is the correct application of knowledge, a wise woman is an ardent knowledge seeker.

You can’t apply what you don’t know.

A wise woman is always seeking knowledge through reading, listening to respected wise people, and asking questions.

A wise woman has a functional library, an inquisitive mind, and a humble heart.

Habits of a wise woman

These help her to garner the knowledge that makes her wise.

“Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights.” Proverbs 18:15 MSG

4. She seeks counsel and heeds to it

A wise woman understands that “in the multitude of counsel, there is safety”, so she seeks counsel before making life decisions.

She respects the wisdom of people that have gone ahead of her, she taps into their wisdom.

She’s not wise in her own eyes. She doesn’t claim to know it all.

She understands that wise counsel can save her from avoidable mistakes.

5. She learns from her mistakes/experiences

Remember wisdom is the ability to make decisions from experiences as well.

A wise woman doesn’t have a short term memory when it comes to her experiences/mistakes. She learns from them and is careful not to make the same mistake again.

Habits of a wise woman

What wisdom is there in making the same mistakes over and over again?

Only a dull mind doesn’t learn from their mistakes.

6. She learns from others’ experiences/mistakes

They say ‘experience is the best teacher’, but a wise woman understands that it doesn’t always have to be her experience.

As a matter of fact, it’s wiser to learn from other people’s experiences and mistakes than always waiting to learn from yours.

Even though there are some mistakes you’ll make in life, learning from others’ mistakes will minimize the mistakes you make and prevent you from repeating others’ errors.

Instead of mocking others for their mistakes, a wise woman learns from them.

7. She associates with wise people

A wise woman understands that “he that walks with the wise shall be wise but the companion of fools shall be destroyed” (Proverbs 13:20).

A wise woman understands that your company can either make or mar you, so she chooses her association wisely.

8. She thinks before she speaks

A wise woman understands that her word is her power. She understands that “life and death are in the power of the tongue”. Proverbs 18:21

A wise woman doesn’t speak carelessly. She’s mindful of her words because her words could either trap her or bring her freedom.

Not only that, she understands the influence of words on others, so she chooses her words carefully.

A wise woman thinks. She’s a thinker.

9. She doesn’t live for the moment

A wise woman understands that actions have ripple effects, thus, a decision she makes now could affect her or others in the future in some way.

A wise woman doesn’t live for the moment. She thinks about the future. She’s futuristic. She makes plans. She doesn’t leave her future to chance.

10. A wise woman is spiritual

A wise woman is wise enough to understand that there is more to life than what the physical eyes can see.

She understands that everything – humans and all the wonders of the world couldn’t have been a product of the big bang theory.

She’s wise enough to know that every creature has a creator, that there is superior wisdom behind every human wisdom.

So, Instead of ignoring the creator because she doesn’t understand some things, she seeks to know the creator to understand.

A wise woman seeks to know God. She’s spiritual.

A wise woman is not a perfect woman. Far from it.

She’s just a woman who understands the value of life and seeks to live it well.

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Monday 8th of May 2023

Very wonderful

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Thank you for sharing. I could see some of my traits in the article.


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Wednesday 25th of November 2020

I love it and it true... Gotta live by it


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There's so much wisdom in these words! Truly inspiring 🙌


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