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Have you ever experienced the fulfillment of being the reason your partner is laughing their hearts out?

I have.

And the feeling is so satisfying.

Whether you’re in a relationship or marriage, making your partner happy should be one of your duties as a lover.

This doesn’t have to cost a dime. You don’t always have to buy a gift to make your partner happy. Money is good, but it’s not everything.

Below are 8 Free ways to make your partner laugh heartily:

1. Share a comedy skit you know they’d love

If you understand your partner and what makes them tick, sending a comedy skit they can relate with could make them laugh until their belly aches.

Some weeks ago, I shared the link of a YouTube comedy skit with my husband when he was at work.

When he got home, he opened the link and watched.

It was a 7 minute video, and believe me when I say he laughed throughout the video until his eyes got teary.

He watched it again and laughed his heart out.

I was happy to be the reason another person laughed like that.

I understand my partner, so I know what will make him laugh.

If you come across a comedy skit your partner can relate with, don’t hesitate to share it with them. It can go a long way to make their day, especially if they have a bad day.

2. Remind them of a very funny memory you had together

Life is all about creating memories.

Taking your partner down the memory lane of a funny incident you both experienced could make their lips part in a smile.

3. Share an old picture with them

Old pictures usually look funny because apart from the young looks, the in things years back are now considered obsolete.

It could be the hairdo, makeup, fashion items, shoes, or outfit.

There’s an old picture of hubbie that he once sent to me. He was dressed in an over-sized suit just to impress his uni crush who was in the picture with him.

Each time I look at the picture, I can’t hold my laughter.

You can dig out old pictures from photo albums or check their Facebook uploads for old pictures.

4. Send them a funny meme

We are in the age of memes.

My phone gallery is filled with hundreds of memes that make me laugh no matter my mood.

If you come across a funny meme your partner can relate with, you’ll surely make them laugh.

I sent a funny meme about boarding school to hubbie two days ago because he went to a boarding school.

That brought some smiles on his face.

5. Share with them crazy things you did in the past

You could share with them the crazy things you did in the past. Maybe crazy things you did when you were in love, as a child, or in college.

6. Share your embarrassing moments

Even though there’s nothing funny about embarrassing moments at the time they happened, sharing them with your partner later could make you feel better about them and make your partner laugh.

7. Share a joke

You don’t have to be a comedian/comedienne to tell a joke that will make your partner laugh their hearts out.

If it’s funny to you, it’s likely to be funny to them. Even if it’s not funny, they’d probably laugh because you’re the one telling it.

They’ll reward your effort at trying to make them laugh.

You could also forward a joke you stumbled on to them.

They’ll appreciate it.

8. Send a naughty text/chat

You can never go wrong with going romantic.

Sending a naughty text/chat could make your spouse giggle.

Maybe it’s telling them what you can’t wait to do together or reminding them of a great time you had together the previous night…

These eight ways will help you make your partner laugh without spending a penny.

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Sharing is caring!