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How To Stop Being Attracted To Every Girl

How To Stop Being Attracted To Every Girl

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How to stop being attracted to every girl…

First of all, how can you be attracted to every girl you come across?

The law of attraction often tends to pull a funny stunt on us and it works. 

For the records, there are only a few things that are more frustrating than trying so hard to kill the attraction you feel for someone and still failing woefully at it.

When you come to certain realizations about the way attraction works, you’ll learn how to manoeuvre your way through it.

It may take some time but it works.

So, in line with the subject matter, what is your take on attraction?

Is it a random process?

Do we have some degree of control over the person(s) we allow to rule over our fantasies and thoughts?

The process of attraction is not completely random and to some extent, we possess the ability to control how and who we get attracted to.

If you’ve been getting attracted to every girl you come across, then this piece is for you.

You need to learn how to keep your feelings in check and stop them from flying all around.

In this article, you’ll learn the feasible ways on how to stop being attracted to every girl.

I hope you find it helpful.


1. The attraction is all in your mind

For the most part, the techniques of attraction are quite simple.

When you see someone who fits into the picture of your perfect woman, your subconscious mind takes over from your sense of reasoning.

You begin to have wishful thinking and find yourself having a lot of fantasies that involve you and them together.

The good part of it all is that all of these things are going on in your subconscious mind and will only continue to play out in your head as long as you let it.

So, the easy way out is to employ your conscious mind to put a stop to whatever fantasies and wishful thinking are going on in your subconscious mind.

How do you go about putting a stop to these fantasies?

Do things that will distract your attention and keep your mind engaged.

For instance, you can watch a football match, a movie, solve a jigsaw puzzle or Rubik’s cube, read a book.

Just anything that keeps your mind engaged and distracted from what you’re staying away from.

Want to know what will happen when your mind is idle?

You’ll begin to think of them and everything about them becomes so beautiful and irresistible.

The goal is to get the person out of your head and mind at the early stages.

Trust me, from there onwards, everything just gets easier.

2. Your attention should be on the flaws

If you want to sustain attraction, you’re often advised to focus fully on their strengths and turn a blind eye to their weaknesses.

So, it’s only logical that you have to initiate a reverse of the attraction process to get rid of the attraction you feel for someone.

Think about their weaknesses, magnify them and let those be the first things that pop up in your head whenever you think of them.

Find a way to convince yourself that they are not any good for you.

Keep doing it up to the point that they begin to irritate you.

3. Let it out by talking

Have you thought about using talking as an avenue to getting rid of a strong attraction you feel towards someone?

You should try it out. It works effectively.

Talk about it to a friend, sibling, or whoever that’s available to listen to you.

Bottling it up can be likened to leaving a massive wound untreated.

It’ll only get worse, fester and get infected.

You see the need and urgency to get it off your chest?

Even if you have nobody to talk to about it, you can write it down or make an audio recording of yourself as you talk about it.

You’ll get some form of clarity after doing that.

Especially with an audio recording, you’ll be able to hear from yourself and realize how silly and stupid you have been to be having an attraction that’s not worth it for so long.

It is normal to feel much lighter and at peace after you must have let it out, which is actually what you need.

Please can you not talk about it again after the first time or risk losing all the progress you’ve made for yourself?

Yes! That’s how it works.

The more you talk about it, the more difficult it becomes to erase or even suppress the memories of that person.

If you don’t keep your mouth shut about it, the memories will come to your conscious mind, and guess what? You’re back to square one!

Here’s another verified way to stop being attracted to every girl

Rather than trying to control the attraction, you feel for every girl you come across, try to discover and understand the things that attract you to them.

Then, take counter actions to stop such from happening.

These steps listed below can go a long way to help annihilate the attraction you feel for every girl you meet.

Do this: Get a note on which you keep writing the sentence, “I’m not attracted to girls and girls, not my priority“as many times as possible.

The expected result: By writing that sentence as many times as possible, you are configuring your mind to not get attracted to girls and with time, it becomes natural to you and you won’t have to try hard to control your feelings.

You can also apply the principles of the three monkeys.

In this case, it should be:

Speak no: Do not talk about girls and don’t even talk to them except when necessary.

Hear no: Do not listen to songs that talk about girls, have cliché words, or even love songs.

Watch no: Distance yourself from pornography, love movies, and any form of visuals that will make you think about women.

The expected result: This will make you get less exposure to girls and invariably help you to cut down on how you get attracted to them.

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Friday 19th of August 2022

This is indeed helpful. I feel eased reading this article. Thank you!

Mabel's Blog

Monday 22nd of August 2022

Glad you found it helpful!