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How To Make Yourself Look More Attractive for Guys

How To Make Yourself Look More Attractive for Guys

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How to make yourself look more attractive for guys….

The truth that not everyone sees is that when choosing a woman, most men do not rely solely on being attractive physically.

To men, there’s more to a woman than meets the eyes.

Normally, the looks are meant to get his attention before any other thing.

But then, there are several other factors which include attitude, tone of voice, personality, a posture which have significant influences on your level of attractiveness.

So, to know how to make yourself look attractive for guys (if you are interested in dating), you should focus on your physical appearance as well as your behaviors, qualities, and characteristics.

Truth is, you are not doing this for guys, you are doing it for yourself.

If you are good enough for yourself, then you should be good enough for a guy.

Outlined below are some of the trusted tips that’ll help make you look more attractive for guys.

How To Make Yourself Look More Attractive for Guys

1. Be effeminate

woman standing in the middle of the road

If you take a poll, a lot of guys will tell you that they want a woman who is effeminate.

Naturally, heterosexual guys are attracted more to the womanly qualities of a woman.

There is such a thing as being too effeminate.

So, try not to be the girl who always dresses up in pink and talks about teddy bears and kittens all the time.

This does not mean girls who are tomboyish aren’t attractive.

However, they know when to be effeminate and when to be tomboyish.

Opposites, they say, attract. This includes physically.

No man wants another man if they are not interested in men.

Being effeminate doesn’t connote weakness or fragility, it means being in tune with your femininity.

It also doesn’t mean looking like a Kim Kardashianhaving the ‘perfect’ body shape and features.

It’s understanding your body and capitalizing on its uniqueness, and most importantly, loving your body.

2. Be confident

Being confident is a quality that’s worth possessing as it is universally attractive and it goes both ways for both men and women.

Someone who has confidence in themselves tends to get the attention of the opposite sex naturally.

You’ll notice that if you have an air of confidence around you, you’ll succeed in being intriguing more easily than someone who lacks confidence.

Having confidence in both your appearance and your personality is a very important way of portraying a positive image of yourself.

You can improve your confidence in your appearance by working towards keeping your body in great shape, maintaining a healthy diet, and hitting the gym or doing home exercises as often as possible.

Not only will you begin to feel healthier when you practice these things, but you’ll also begin to feel better about yourself.

You can also boost your confidence and improve your appearance when you dress intentionally and pay attention to your wardrobe.

Confidence is all-encompassing, which is why you need to be confident in your personality and your abilities.

This can be easily achieved by spending time to reflect on your values.

When you get to know yourself better, you can have a deeper insight into your abilities and the things you have to offer.

You can boost your self-worth and confidence by looking back on your achievements and planning towards creating new ones.

Want to take it a step further? Learn new skills and take up new hobbies.

3. Be intelligent

Being intelligent doesn’t need you to be very brainy. It’s not rocket science.

All you need to do is be a person who has an interest in the world and has their own opinions and views.

Guys want to have a girlfriend who can start up and maintain meaningful conversations as well as stimulate and hold their interest.

If you’re lacking in this area, you’ll need to put in the work by educating yourself, reading, asking questions, travelling, being open-minded and keeping up with current events.

When you’ve done all these things, you’ll be able to impress him with your life experiences and also be able to hold a decent conversation.

4. Be independent

how to make yourself attractive for guys

Being independent is a desirable quality in women when it comes to real men.

Women who display their independence either through making their own decisions or being able to take care of themselves financially are a delight for men.

When you don’t rely on other people for even the simplest things can make men desire you the more.

This doesn’t mean you are arrogant or self-sufficient and do not anyone.

Your independence gives you off as someone who is both able and willing to stand on your own.

You’re seen as someone who is supportive and can be relied on whenever the chips are down.

Generally, people want to be associated with someone who will be solution providers rather than being burdens to them, and men are not excluded from this desire.

5. Make use of eye contact

how to make yourself attractive for guys

As the saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul and this has been proven to be true when it comes to matters of the heart.

When it comes to the issues of love and attraction, the way we pass messages across with our eyes can make a difference in the message we’re sending across.

This can increase our level of attractiveness to the person we’re communicating with. 

You can achieve the eye contact effect by:

  • Letting your gaze rest on the other person for a while longer than is considered normal.
  • Not breaking eye contact while having a slightly intense yet soft gaze.
  • Shifting your gaze strategically from one eye to the other, then to the mouth, and then back to the eyes again.

6. Have a signature style

Have a signature style that should be a total expression of your personality.

If you’re fashionable, you can try to create a style that’s unique to you which can reflect on your wardrobe.

This way, you’ll stand out from other women rather than copy the style of someone else or follow what’s in vogue.

7. Easy on the makeup

So many women wear too much makeup, thinking that it is part of the things that will make them more attractive to guys.

On the contrary, a lot of men don’t like ladies who always have too much make-up on.

It just doesn’t look so fantastic when it’s plastered all over your face.

Another reason why you should go easy on makeup is that women who love wearing a lot of it are seen as insecure and shallow.

A moderate to a little amount of makeup is nice enough and will enhance your features.

Based on the saying that less is always more, when it comes to makeup, guys can spot and appreciate women who don’t have to wear makeup to look good.

There are many things a woman can do to make herself more attractive to guys and the ones listed above are just a few of them.

The most important things to do are working on your self-confidence and learning how to love yourself.

No one is going to love you when you don’t love yourself first.

I hope that this piece has given you a reason to work on yourself to become more attractive to the man of your dreams.


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