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Sexually Compatible But Not Emotionally?

Sexually Compatible But Not Emotionally?

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Is it possible to be sexually compatible but not emotionally compatible with your partner?

We’ll find out in the course of this article.

One of the greatest feelings on earth can be gotten when you’re in a happy and healthy relationship.

There’s something so special about who loves you very deeply and you also feel the same way about them.

However, it is one thing to be in love with someone and it’s another thing to be emotionally compatible with them.

Relationship experts say that emotional compatibility is easy to recognize once it’s present between your partner and yourself.

Wonder what it feels like? Once present, it is very hard to miss.

Have you taken time to have a good look at some couples and notice the glow they get from the happiness of their relationship?

You’ll also observe that these couples just have to look at each other and burst into laughter together.

They’re the types that contribute to what the other is saying or even pick up the story from where their partners stopped.

Looking at them together, you’ll see clearly that they are just meant to be together and made for each other.

That is what emotional compatibility is all about.

Although it doesn’t have a specific definition, you’ll know that your partner and yourself are emotionally compatible when you are comfortable, understood, happy, accepted, and aligned with your partner on things bothering important issues such as respect for each other, shared values, and a sense of fulfillment whenever you’re together.

Also, being emotionally compatible with them makes you comfortable in your skin around them.

All the superficial stuff doesn’t matter when you’re with someone with who you’re compatible emotionally.

When there is emotional compatibility between your partner and yourself, you’ll know without a doubt that your partner will always give you a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on whenever the chips are down.

It goes both ways, though.

This also means that you get to share all your joys and wins with them without any fear of envy or jealousy setting in.

Emotional compatibility is very important in every relationship because it helps to cement and strengthen your bond with your partner.

You can talk about your vulnerabilities and emotional needs while being your real self without being judged by your significant other.

There’s no need to worry or fret if you’re not getting these feelings or vibes from your relationship.

That you’re not emotionally compatible with your partner doesn’t mean that you’re relationship with them is heading for the rocks.

I have seen some couples who have had huge differences bothering on emotional comfort and expression work on their relationships and made a successful headway.

Some of these differences that act as barriers to your being emotionally compatible with your partner may stem from your point of origin.

You can help each other by talking extensively about how conflicts were resolved and emotions were handled while you were growing up.

If you did not grow up in the same setting with your family, it’s advised that you talk about the things you’re willing to accept about each other and the compromises and sacrifices you’re willing to make too.

In all these things, please, do not try to change each other into totally different human beings with different personalities.

No relationship is ever perfect. There is no such thing as perfect when it comes to relationships.

Arguments arise even with those described as the best couples.

Some fights are rational and there are ones that are illogical and do not make any form of sense.

Is this what your relationship looks like?

Do you have this nagging feeling that something just doesn’t feel right in your relationship?

Or that you’re the one doing more in the relationship?

You might be having these problems because your differences are bothering on emotional incompatibility.

Compatibility is not just about sharing the same interests with your significant other.

Knowing how to work amicably and resolve a conflict, feeling safe with each other, sharing the same values, supporting each other’s dreams, sharing the same values, handling each other’s stress, and planning a future together is part of what compatibility is all about.

You are considered as a match made in heaven if you can boast of all of these things in your relationship.

Note that not every couple is blessed with the privilege of being completely compatible with each other or having impeccable chemistry.

If you wish to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re currently in a relationship with, compatibility should be an essential part of your relationship.

There’s so much that you can do if emotional compatibility is not present in your relationship.

Outlined below are clear signs that you’re not emotionally compatible with your partner.

Sexually Compatible but Not Emotionally

Signs You Are Not Emotionally Compatible With Your Partner

1. Common interests

sexually compatible but not emotionally

Both of you do not have any common grounds or interests and find it difficult to create one.

There is absolutely no time spent together with your partner while doing the things you enjoy either individually or as a couple.

If the only common ground you have is getting it on, and nothing else, then you are sexually compatible but not emotionally.

2. Handling conflicts

sexually compatible but not emotionally

You both either do not know how to deal with disagreements or you’re not just good at handling it with each other.

It always gets dirty whenever you fight with your partner.

One of the signs of a compatible couple is knowing how to work through and resolve conflicts and arguments amicably.

If you sweep issues under the carpet with sex; if you’d rather get it on than deal with your issues, you are sexually compatible but not emotionally.

3. Being comfortable

You tend to unleash the crazy parts of you (in a good way though) whenever you find someone you love.

In a relationship where you are compatible with each other, you are not afraid of being yourself.

However, if you’re in an incompatible relationship, you’ll be scared of expressing yourself due to the fear of being judged.

4. How often do you fight?

Still talking about arguments and conflicts, how often do you fight with your partner and what do you people fight about?

If you guys fight almost always and over the tiniest things, there are chances that this won’t change in the course of the relationship.

Instincts are almost always right

You might be having a nagging feeling that something is wrong with the relationship.

No matter what you do and no matter how hard you work on your relationship, nothing seems to be working out.

Just trust your instincts this time. You’re most probably not compatible with that person and that relationship is headed nowhere.

sexually compatible but not emotionally

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