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How To Stop Wanting To Get Married: 11 Ways To Stop Being Desperate

How To Stop Wanting To Get Married: 11 Ways To Stop Being Desperate

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Want to know how to stop wanting to get married?

Keep reading.

What do you do when you see the news of your friend’s proposal?

You get excited.

What do you do when you watch an old couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary?

You cheer and “awwwwwn.”

Our society celebrates weddings, engagements, and marriages.

While marriage is a beautiful thing and weddings are an absolute delight, marriage is not the hallmark or the peak of someone’s life.

There are other achievements that a single person can make and live a fulfilled life.

If you notice that the thoughts of marriage keep filling your mind and your desire to marry becomes intense, it may not be bad.

But when it gets too frequent, it is harmful because it can lead you to make wrong choices and affect the stability of your mind.

If you’re in this state, you need tips on how to stop wanting to get married, and you are in the right place.

This article will give you ten tips to help you stop wanting to get married so desperately.


How To Stop Wanting To Get Married

Marriage is a beautiful thing but if it is consuming your mind, do the following:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparison, they say, is the thief of joy.

One reason the desire for marriage may be filling your heart, soul and body is that you keep comparing yourself to your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances who are getting engaged, proposed to, or married.

Some of them may have kids already and seem to be living the life of their dreams.

To keep the thoughts of marriage and obsession with it out of your mind, stop comparing your life to others.

Everybody has a unique path in life, and no two persons are the same.

To stop obsessing about marriage, stop comparing your life to your friend’s or colleague’s because their lives differ from yours.

Every time you feel the temptation to compare your life to theirs, stop it immediately.

Reaffirm that your path is different, your life is beautiful, and you will do great things whether you are single or married.



2. Stop Thinking About Marriage

How To Stop Wanting To Get Married

Another way to stop wanting to get married is to flip the switch- unthink those thoughts.

Yes, it might be hard but whoever said this was a child’s play?

Replace the thoughts of marriage in your mind with thoughts of other beautiful things.

Channel your mind towards other aspects of your life and focus on all the beautiful things that do not involve two people coming together to become one.

Instead of sitting back and letting the thoughts of wedding rings, a wedding gown, a husband, and children fill your mind, get a self-help book or a novel and read it.

You can also see a movie – not romance – or hang out with your friends.



3. Read About The Responsibilities Of Marriage

Another great way to stop wanting to get married is to face the reality of marriage.

You do not need to get married, but you can read the experiences of people who share the reality of their marriages instead of the fun and butterflies.

Marriage is a lot of work and requires great intentionality.

It also requires sacrifice and selflessness.

It is easy to keep obsessing over marriage when all you see are the glitz and glamour.

But getting face-to-face with the not-so-beautiful parts of marriage will make you hit the brakes.

Not all marriages fail, however, but not all marriages succeed.

Many marriages end in divorce, and many become worse versions of themselves just by getting married.

Not everyone can meet up with the demands and responsibilities of marriage.

So one quick way to calm the desperation for marriage is to understand that marriage is hard work.

Remind yourself that being desperate to get married will likely lead you to make a wrong decision which leads to a frustrating marriage.



4. Focus On Your Career

How To Stop Wanting To Get Married

Focusing on your career or your business is another way to stop wanting to get married.

It is easy to desire marriage, companionship, and everything that comes with it when you have a lot of time.

You can fix this by focusing on your career, giving yourself to work, and achieving new feats.



5. Set New Goals

To stop your mind from looking forward to getting married, give it something else to look forward to by setting new goals.

It can be financial goals, career goals, body goals, travel goals, or any goal that does not involve marriage.



6. Unfollow Love And Marriage Pages On Social Media 

These days, even if you do not desire to get married, the mushy pictures on Instagram will make you want it.

Every day, someone is either getting proposed to or getting married.

Daily, hundreds of pictures of beautiful engagements, wedding dresses, engagement rings, bridal parties, etc. all over social media.

If you want to stop the desire to get married, then unfollow the love, marriage, engagement wedding rings, and proposal-related Instagram pages.

And this is not just for Instagram.

Apply this to all your social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Hit the unfollow button and block pages if you need to.

Follow more people who do the things that you want to do.

You can follow fitness pages, health pages, career-related pages, spiritual pages, and so on.



7. Enjoy Your Relationship

How To Stop Wanting To Get Married

You may even be in a beautiful relationship at the moment, but your obsession with marriage makes it difficult for you to focus.

What you need to do is take your mind away from marriage and enjoy your relationship at the phase that it currently is.

If you are still dating, enjoy meeting new people and don’t obsess over marriage.



8. Understand That It Is Never Too Late

It is never too late to get married.

Always remember this.

While it is natural to desire to do stuff with your friends, life will not always happen like that.

Some people will do stuff earlier than others.

One of the most effective ways to stop wanting to get married is to remind yourself that it is never too late and there is no one right time to get married.

Your time will surely come.



9. Take Care Of Yourself

How To Stop Wanting To Get Married

One of the reasons people want to get married is companionship.

Another is getting someone who will take care of them.

Fill this vacuum by taking care of yourself now.

Don’t wait until someone comes into your life and marries you before you enjoy care.

Take yourself out, be kind to yourself, do nice stuff for yourself, and offer yourself some tender loving care.



10. Be Proud Of Every Season

To stop wanting to get married, you must enjoy and take pride in every chapter of your book.

You can take it a notch higher by giving every chapter a title.

Not every chapter is bliss.

Your current chapter may be blossoming, growing, transforming, learning, etc.

Have fun, and enjoy your seasons.

Many people who rush into marriage are left with regrets years later.

They wish they enjoyed their single lives more.



11. Get Married

How To Stop Wanting To Get Married

Another way to stop wanting to get married is to get married.

If the thoughts of getting married can not leave your mind, maybe it is a sign that you should do it.

If you have met the right person and the time is right for you, go ahead and get married so you can stop wanting it.




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