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Is It Weak To Forgive Someone For Cheating?

Is It Weak To Forgive Someone For Cheating?

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Is it weak to forgive someone for cheating?

Cheating is one of the most heartbreaking crises that can befall a family.

Although some people have tried to make cheating seem normal because of the increase in moral decline for many individuals.

The fact remains that when people go into relationships, they expect faithfulness.

Even for people who act like they’re not bothered if their partners cheat, the truth is that nobody goes into a relationship desiring to be cheated on.

Many things happen in their partner’s head and heart when someone cheats.

A wide range of emotions and chaotic thoughts.

Particularly if the partner didn’t see it coming.

But when it’s all been said and done, the partner may choose to forgive them for cheating.

This decision is usually not easy and will be accompanied by another roller coaster of questions and emotions.

People who forgive their cheating partner may be confronted with questions on whether they did the right thing or if it is weak to forgive someone for cheating.

Someone or something in their head may have suggested that cheating is an unforgivable offense in a relationship, and nothing should ever make a person forgive their cheating partner.

Or that you have to take your pound of flesh by cheating back before deciding if you would forgive them or not.

They may even go as far as saying that if you forgive a cheating partner without hurting them back, it is simply because you are powerless and lack options for another partner.

While their opinions may have some valid basis, are they hundred percent right?

This begs the big question, “Is it weak to forgive someone for cheating?”

Before I answer that question, I want us to look into why people forgive their cheating partners in the first place.

Why Would You Forgive Someone For Cheating? 7 Reasons

1. They’re remorseful

Is it weak to forgive someone for cheating?

Although cheating can be very painful for the legitimate partner, when the cheater recognizes their wrong, shows remorse, and apologizes, the partner may choose to forgive.

No relationship can thrive without forgiveness.

Some offences are more difficult to forgive than others, no doubt, but the fact remains that even for the big offences, when the offender recognizes their fault and is sorry for it, they may be forgiven.

The legitimate partner may have sworn at the beginning of the relationship that they could never forgive infidelity because it is a deal breaker for them.

But after time has passed and their love bond solidified, they may find themselves choosing to pardon the cheater after seeing their sense of remorse and genuine apology.

The choice to forgive is theirs, and they are not forgiving because they don’t have a choice or because they can’t simply move on from the relationship.

It may just be from the understanding that erring is human nature and forgiveness is divine.

2. They have changed

Is it weak to forgive someone for cheating?

If the cheater has genuinely changed, even if their partner didn’t want to forgive them before, they may decide to do that eventually.

There is no hundred percent guaranteed way to confirm that a cheater has changed.

However, after they show regret for their actions and apologize, certain signs in their conduct, lifestyle, words, and actions can reveal that they are choosing to do better.

If the partner of the cheater notices their sincere efforts to respect them and do better going forward, they may consider them and choose to forgive them.

This also is not because they do not have any other options but because they are choosing to give them another chance.

3. A lot is at stake

Is it weak to forgive someone for cheating?

Sometimes, people do things for the sake of other people or other factors.

When a person is cheated on or left to them, they may walk out of the relationship or marriage and never return.

But when they consider other factors and things at stake, they may have a rethink and choose to forgive their cheating partner.

The things at stake vary from person to person.

For some people, it may be the kids produced from the relationship, an establishment they’ve built together, or a form of public reputation that makes separation difficult.

They may decide to forgive and move on despite the hurt because that is more profitable for them.

4. No other option

Is it weak to forgive someone for cheating?

As sad as it is, some people forgive their cheating partner because they think they have nowhere to go or no one else to go to.

While for some people, it’s just a thing of the mind, and they haven’t explored other available options, for others, their honest reality is that they have nowhere to go.

Their life is very dependent on their partner financially, emotionally, physically, and all round.

So regardless of the offence the partner commits, they can’t do anything other than forgive them.

This kind of forgiveness is not really borne out of the sincere desire to give them another chance.

It didn’t come because they saw the cheater’s regret and willingness to do better going forward.

It came because that was all they could do.

5. Family and friends

Is it weak to forgive someone for cheating?

When things get heated and difficult in people’s marriages, sometimes, outsiders have to intervene.

Some people forgive their partners for cheating because of the intervention of family and friends.

The cheater may have realized their partner’s deeply hurt and decided to plead with family and friends to speak calmness and forgiveness.

After some time, the partner may choose to forgive.

6. Cultural and religious orientation

People may choose to forgive a cheating partner because of their cultural and religious ideologies.

For instance, in marriage, some religions permit polygamy, which might make the partner who was cheated on more tolerant.

Similarly, some cultures advocate that you can have more than one partner.

If the partner buys into these ideologies, they may forgive the betrayal of trust.

7. Love

“Love is blind,” some people say.

This might hold true as some people may choose to forgive a cheating partner because they are still hopelessly in love with them.

They’ll rather stay in the relationship than leave apart from this person they have come to love so dearly.

Similarly, some might opt for forgiveness and bury the hatchet because they are hopeful the erring partner will change.

This is common with the female gender, and some people say a man changes when he is done sowing his wild oats.

How true is that?

Well, some people believe it and forgive, hoping the cheating partner will change someday.

Is It Weak To Forgive Someone For Cheating?

If you’re asking, “Is it weak to forgive someone for cheating?”

The answer is NO.

In fact, it is a courageous thing to do.

To genuinely forgive someone for cheating requires a lot of strength and willingness to let go.

Particularly if you were very hurt and felt betrayed by their actions.

If you decide to let the past go, work with your partner to fix your relationship, and look forward in hope, it shows a great deal of inner strength on your path, and you deserve a lot of respect for it.

However, if you forgive because you want to keep the relationship because of convenience, fear of being alone, or you’re just tired of fighting, then it’s not strong either.

In such cases, it is important to be honest with yourself about your motives and make sure that you are making the decision for your own well-being.

Ultimately, whether or not forgiving a partner for cheating is weak or strong depends on the context and why you are choosing to forgive them in the first place. 

Forgiveness does not necessarily mean forgetting; it’s more about having a willingness to give your partner another chance and start fresh. 

This will help you move past the hurt and breach of trust while also allowing you to grow and become stronger as a couple. 

Forgiveness might be a difficult process, but it can also be a really powerful one if done for the right reasons and if the guilty partner is willing to take responsibility for their actions. 

So, there are no exact right or wrong answers when it comes to forgiveness; only you can determine what is best for yourself and your relationship. 


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