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9 Fascinating Reasons Women Like Tall Men

9 Fascinating Reasons Women Like Tall Men

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Tall men have been winning when it comes to women for a very long time now, and you may wonder why.

I’m sure you’ve come across the phrase “tall, dark, and handsome“ somewhere before.

Perhaps in a novel, movie, or even real life, used to express someone’s idea of a perfectly attractive man.

Many times, women may not be particular about the dark or even the handsome, but the “tall” is almost like a non-negotiable for them.

Let us consider some of the reasons why women like tall men.

9 Fascinating Reasons Women Like Tall Men

1. They’re attractive

Reasons Women Like Tall Men

One fact we can’t deny is how attractive tallness makes men.

I don’t know if it’s because they can see the tops of most people’s heads, so they’re like mini gods, but they just have a compelling aura and carry themselves with such confidence that you can’t help but look at them twice.

I mean, have you taken a look at some of those NBA players?

Just watching them randomly stroll across the basketball court, they look so ridiculously appealing.

Tall guys have an unfair advantage because of their genes.

It gets worse when they know how gorgeous they are and put more effort into their gait and behavior.

Towering at 6’2 of handsomeness, they make the ladies’ heads swoon.

They just have a magnetic force that makes women like them.

2. Protective instincts

Women are usually drawn to men who exude security and stability, and tall men do this effortlessly.

Because they’re tall and, in most cases, bigger than the average woman and man, they seem like a shield to them.

A lot of women tend to be attracted to men who are above them and this includes physically too.

I had a friend who used to date a very tall guy.

She’d always jokingly say she loved him because she could look up to him (pun intended).

The relationship didn’t last long, and now she’s with a shorter man, and they’re doing fine.

That just goes to show that sometimes the standards we set for ourselves aren’t really what we need, but that’s by the way.

Many women see tall men as sturdy, especially when they’re well-built.

Aside from the fact that these men are ravishing for them to behold, they also give off a sense of safety that many women love.

It’s a biological instinct.

My partner is a tall man, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that when we’re together, I always feel like I don’t have to worry about my security or protection.

He just lets me be a baby girl while he uses his brain for the both of us.

3. For aesthetic reasons

Reasons Women Like Tall Men

Believe it or not, some women like tall men just because they’ll look good together.

That’s a very flimsy reason to like someone, but it’s many women’s reasons.

They think about how nice they’d look together walking hand in hand or how cute their Instagram pictures would be when the man is considerably taller than them.

They get excited thinking about how they’ll be many single people’s “couple goals,” which makes them want tall men even more.

For them, it’s 6 feet or nothing.

4. Personal spec

Reasons Women Like Tall Men

For some women, there’s no reason other than the fact that tall men are their spec.

Everybody has a type, whether it be one quality or a range of qualities and characteristics. We just have a kind of person to whom we’re attracted.

And I mean physical qualities.

For you, it may be body type, skin color, or size.

Some women simply find tall men more physically attractive based on their tastes and experiences.

5. Cuddling with them is fun

Reasons Women Like Tall Men

Some women like tall men because cuddling with them and hugging them is fun.

As a woman, cuddling and hugging someone you like is an enjoyable experience that eases off stress, but when that person is a tall man, it’s a whole new experience.

I’ve heard someone say that the only reason she wanted to date a tall man was because she once saw a girl stretching to kiss her tall boyfriend in front of her school hostel.

According to her, that image never left her head, and she wanted to experience it so badly.

How interesting is that?

I couldn’t help but laugh when she told me that, but that’s her truth.

I’m sure she isn’t alone; there will be other women who share that mindset.

6. They’re trying to help their children

Another biological instinct that makes women like tall men is reproduction.

Let me explain.

You know your children are a product of your and your partner’s genes, right?

Some women want tall children, especially if they have the gene for shortness in their family.

So, the ideal thing to do is to find someone to fight that shortness gene.

Off they go in search of a tall man who’ll break the cycle of shortness in their lineage.

Aside from that, some people liken height to health and well-being, so they believe that having kids with a tall man is a way to have healthy children.

7. They’re likely more endowed

Reasons Women Like Tall Men

This point is rated 18, so if you’re younger, this is the time to click out.

Thank you.

So, adults, let us talk.

One vain and interesting reason some women prefer tall men is that those men are likely more endowed.

I’m sure you understand what I mean.

Oh, you don’t?

Do I have to expressly spell it out?

Okay, I will.

Since tall men usually have bigger hands, heads, digits, etc, it is believed that their private areas also come larger.

I know that’s wild, but I didn’t make it up.

This is one reason why some women gravitate towards tall men: the likelihood of getting a better sexual experience.

This thought may fuel female hormones and the desire for intimacy.

8. Status and success

While I was doing research and asking some women questions about this topic, I discovered that another reason some women like tall men is because they think they’re more successful.

Although I didn’t quite agree with this, they argue that tall men may have access to more opportunities and advantages in their careers, which can make them more successful than men of average height.

And, of course, success is appealing to women – not just women, but everyone.

I don’t understand how someone’s height can translate to success in life or finances, but some people seem to believe it does.

I know a lot of short men who are very successful and quite wealthy.

I always jokingly say that if those men were to stand on their bank account, they’d be taller than most tall men.

9. Herd mentality

Reasons Women Like Tall Men

If many women were to be honest with themselves and take an introspective look down within, they’d confirm that this is true.

Some women like tall men because they’ve been conditioned to believe that they’re the best kind of men.

Deep within, they’re not necessarily drawn to tall men or find anything special about them.

However, media, culture, and social norms often romanticize tall men.

They portray them as more masculine or desirable, and this has influenced many women’s preferences.

Nine times out of ten, a woman will choose a tall man over a shorter one because she doesn’t want to be seen as dating “down.”

She wants to fit in and conform to societal expectations.


Reading all of these reasons should help you self-assess and understand your preferences.

As a woman, it’s okay to prefer a tall man, but what are your reasons for that?

You have to be sure that they’re good enough, and in addition to his height, he also has the inner qualities you seek.

At the end of the day, your man’s height is not a guarantee for a successful relationship or marriage.

It’s just one aspect of who he is and should not be the sole factor in your decision to date or marry someone.

Instead, focus on qualities that truly matter in a relationship – trust, communication, respect, compatibility, and shared values.

These are what will make a lasting relationship, not how tall your partner is.

In fact, many studies have shown that height has little to do with overall happiness in a relationship.

What really matters is the quality of the connection between two people.

So next time you find yourself swiping left on a dating app because a potential match isn’t above 6 feet tall, take a step back and ask yourself why height is so important to you.

Is it because society tells you that taller men are more desirable?

Or because you feel insecure about your own height and think a taller partner will make you feel better?

Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to reevaluate your priorities in a relationship.

Physical attributes are temporary and can change over time, but a strong emotional connection built on trust and respect is what will truly stand the test of time.

Don’t let superficial standards dictate who you choose to date or marry.

Instead, focus on finding someone who makes you happy and supports you in all aspects of life.

Height may seem like a big deal now, but in the grand scheme of things, it pales in comparison to the qualities that truly matter in a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


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