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10 Obvious Signs A Guy Finds You Irresistible

10 Obvious Signs A Guy Finds You Irresistible

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“What makes someone irresistible is not their looks, but how they can make your mind tickle, your heart race, and your soul smile, all at once”–Drishti Bablani.

Growing up, I always wondered what it meant to be irresistible.

Did it mean I was so handsome that every lady just wanted me?

Or was it possible that being irresistible went deeper than physical good looks?

I wanted to be irresistible, but I never knew how to attain that goal. That is until I came across this quote by Drishti Bablani.

Many people are just like me… They wonder what it means to be irresistible and how to be irresistible.

They end up believing they are not irresistible because they are so focused on making the whole world fall in love with them.

The fact is that being irresistible doesn’t mean that the whole world wants you.

It simply means that there is this one person who finds you irresistible, whose heartbeat begins to race when they set their eyes on you.

The one person who considers you to be his world, even among the 3.95 billion females in the world.

What are the signs that help you recognize this one person?

We will be exploring the various signs a guy finds you irresistible.

Contrary to the popular belief that guys are mysterious, some of these signs are obvious.

10 Obvious Signs A Guy Finds You Irresistible

1. He loves to make eye contact with you

signs a guy finds you irresistible

I am a big fan of eye contact when I am conversing with someone.

It is a sign that I am fully interested in them and what they have to say.

The emphasis is on “conversing with someone.”

When I am not talking to someone, I usually don’t feel the need to make eye contact except… I am captivated by you.

Similarly, one major sign a guy finds you irresistible is that he finds it difficult to tear his gaze from yours.

He keeps on looking at you in admiration because, to him, you are too wonderful to be true.

You would occasionally catch him staring at you in public.

When you look away and look at him again, you may find him still staring.

I know how uncomfortable it may be for you to constantly feel eyes on you.

However, it is a sign that a guy finds you Irresistible and can’t take his eyes off you.

It doesn’t end in public.

Even in private, he still looks at you with such intensity that you can almost feel the heat of his gaze.

This is where I need to introduce a balance.

Finding a lady irresistible is different from being unnecessarily lustful.

In both situations, guys will stare.

However, the difference is that ladies can always intuitively tell when a guy is truly into her from when the guy just wants her in his bed or anywhere else he can have her.

2. He likes going out with you

signs a guy finds you irresistible

Another big sign a guy finds you irresistible is when he always comes up with innovative ideas for hangouts.

He always wants to spend his time with you in the most fun ways, not because he believes he can be bored regardless of how he spends it.

He does this because he wants you to have fun and perhaps begin to find him irresistible as well.

This may be why that particular guy in your life always seems to find a way to make every hangout better than the previous ones.

3. He loves creating fun memories with you

In this digital age, making memories has become very easy.

With just a click of your phone’s camera, you may have made a memory that could last thousands of years.

Beyond the need to spend time with you in fun ways so you can consider him an exciting individual, guys also want to create fun memories with a lady they find irresistible.

You will find that he loves to take pictures and videos of you.

He is keeping them as memories of his great time with you.

This is a sign that he cherishes every moment spent with you and wants to spend more time with you.

4. He is proud of you

signs a guy finds you irresistible

I remember a guy saying that he was not proud to display his girlfriend in public because she didn’t fit the hype and aura he had built for himself.

I felt very terrible for the lady because while she was happy to have a boyfriend and lapping up all his lies about how much he loved her, he admitted that he wasn’t proud of you.

Dear ladies, never settle for less.

No one deserves to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t proud of them.

One crucial sign a guy finds you irresistible is how he lets you know he is proud of you.

This means he doesn’t attempt to undermine or put you down when he feels like you didn’t do something well.

Instead, he loves to flaunt your achievements to the whole world and quietly corrects you if he feels you have done something wrong.

5. He appreciates you always

Growing up, I learned that appreciation is the key to getting the best out of people around you.

For some weird reason, as a kid, it was almost impossible for me to say “please,” “sorry,” and “thank you.”

I got the memo about the first two soon enough but didn’t learn the power of appreciation for a long time.

Finally, one day, I did, and it dawned on me that I had been foolish in expecting people to do things for me when I never showed appreciation for what they had already done.

In a relationship or friendship, we don’t do things because we want a “thank you” in return.

However, receiving deserved appreciation makes you feel like your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

If a guy appreciates you all the time, it is a sign that he admires you.

Everyone has flaws and inadequacies, but if a guy doesn’t dwell on them, it may be a sign that he finds you irresistible.

Rather than focus on your flaws, he appreciates even the little things you do to motivate you to do even more without trying to put you down.

When a guy finds you irresistible, it is almost like you can do no wrong in his eyes.

However, don’t push it because he isn’t blind to your flaws; he has just chosen to ignore them.

6. He doesn’t compare you with other ladies

When a guy finds you irresistible, he won’t try to compare you with other ladies.

This is because you are his world.

In fact, he doesn’t seem to notice other ladies for the most part because they all seem to pale in comparison to you.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything wrong.

It just means that even while he sees your flaws, it doesn’t even occur to him to compare you with anybody else.

I will use a football analogy to explain this even further…

I am a fan of Lionel Messi and believe he is the greatest man ever to grace the football world.

For this reason, I don’t attempt to compare him with anyone else.

I see his flaws just like his detractors do, but unlike them, I choose to ignore them and focus on his excellent qualities.

For this reason, he will always be my favorite footballer.

Similarly, a guy who finds you irresistible chooses to focus on your positive qualities.

Hence, he doesn’t attempt to compare you with anybody.

7. He communicates with you regularly

signs a guy finds you irresistible

Communication is the pillar of any relationship.

It can make or break a relationship.

Whenever a guy likes a lady, he tries to communicate with her more.

This is a default rule.

So, if you are looking for a sign that a guy finds you irresistible, all you need to do is check how frequently you communicate.

When a guy finds you irresistible, he calls texts, and even engages with you regularly on social media platforms.

He is so interested in you that he wants to know almost every little detail about you.

Even on the busiest days, he still finds a way to communicate with you.

8. He confides in you

When a guy finds you irresistible, he attempts to build intimacy with you.

He does this by being vulnerable and telling you things about himself that he has shared with no one else.

It is common knowledge that because of social stereotypes, vulnerability is not something that comes easily for guys.

However, if a guy finds you irresistible, he will want to be vulnerable.

His vulnerability with you would also encourage you to be vulnerable with him, increasing the intimacy in your relationship and strengthening the bond between you.

9. He compliments you

signs a guy finds you irresistible

Ladies love it when they are complimented… Well, everybody loves to be complimented.

A major sign that a guy finds you irresistible is that he notices what you wear and never misses an opportunity to tell you how beautiful you look.

I used to be the kind of person who hardly noticed any other person’s appearance.

I am still that way to almost everyone except a particular lady.

I met her five years ago and still remember exactly what she wore that day.

Since then, I have complimented her so many times that I have lost count.

My point is that most men are like me.

Whenever we notice a lady’s appearance and make an effort to compliment her, it shows that we care about her deeply.

10. He wants to be your hero

Most guys had their favorite superheroes as kids.

Mine was Superman… I loved Superman so much that I would tie a cape around my neck and jump around the house, pretending to fly like my hero.

As I grew up and realized that superheroes like Superman didn’t exist, I subconsciously started developing the protective streak that most men have.

We want to play the superhero role in the lives of people we love.

We want to be the first person they call when they need help.

If you notice that a guy is so selfless and tenacious in supporting and protecting you, it is a sign that he finds you irresistible.

The bottom line is that men wear their emotions on their sleeves, and if they fail to express themselves with words, just look at their actions, and you will have all the evidence you need that a guy finds you irresistible.





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