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11 Signs A First Date Went Bad

11 Signs A First Date Went Bad

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First dates can be a mixture of nerves and excitement.

There’s always the hope that you’ll hit it off and want to see each other again, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

First dates gone bad aren’t as hurtful as the second and subsequent dates because there are only expectations and no commitments.

If you’re looking for signs a first date went bad, you’re in the right place.

I’ve put together a list of some signs a first date went bad.

Read through and see if you can relate.


11 Signs A First Date Went Bad

1. You’re happy that the date is over

 Signs A First Date Went Bad

One of the signs a first date went bad is if you heave a sigh of relief when the date comes to an end.

You’ll feel the excitement running through your veins when you think of arranging another date with this person if the first date was successful.

If you’re feeling relieved that you survived the date, there is a high chance that a second date with them will not happen anytime soon.

Most times, you feel this way after looking forward to when the date will end.

There are also times when a series of events will occur, and you just want to get as far away from this person as possible.


2. You feel it within yourself

Sometimes, you have a feeling that things could have gone much better than they did at the end of a first date.

If you have already developed a liking for the person, this could be a horrible feeling.

Some dates fizzle out, and you both go your separate ways at the end.

Perhaps both of you had fun, but the connection just wasn’t there.

You can’t describe the feeling, but notwithstanding, it’s there.


3. They kept talking to everyone else but you during the date

If your date kept talking to everyone else but you during the date, it is one of the signs a first date went bad.

You’ll notice that they make small talk with the waiter/waitress at the restaurant, laugh at funny parts with people sitting around them at the movies, and talk with other people when you are both waiting in line before your date.

There’s a thin line between being friendly with people you just met and ignoring and being rude to your date to appear friendly to others.

Let’s say it’s a result of nervousness, but if there’s no eye contact even, the date is dead on arrival.


4. You forget your date’s name

Who forgets the name of their date right after the date is over?

Someone who doesn’t care!

One of the most obvious signs a first date went bad is realizing that you can’t remember their name at the end of the date.

If the date goes well, you will not only know your date’s name, but you’ll also know extra personal details about them.


5. They’re in haste to drop you off

 Signs A First Date Went Bad

Perhaps your date had their eyes glued to their wristwatch all through the date, and it seemed that they couldn’t wait for the date to end.

It could even be that the date ended in a hurry.

They seemed distracted or uninterested in what you had to say during the drive home.

You rushed your goodbyes, and they were already driving off even before you shut the car door.

The picture above depicts a date that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Whatever made your date act in such a manner, this is still the least of ideal first dates.


6. No one talks about another date in the future

Is there no mention of another date in the future, like no plans of seeing each other again?

It is one of the characteristics of a first date gone bad.

If two people on a date have a great time together, it’s not out of place for them to talk about nothing and everything and finally plan on when and how they will see each other in the near future.

When all you do is stare at each other in silence all through the date, I bet that there won’t be any second date between you two anywhere.


7. The silence during the date is loud

People who are conversant with date disasters have talked continuously about how the lack of what to say during a date is a strong sign that the date is not going as planned.

Is there a lot of silence between both parties during the date?

It usually gets boring if you can’t seem to find anything to talk about during the date.

Generally, most dates that do not have anything significant happening in them failed.

Even the silence will make the date drag on forever.

You’ll surely have a very boring story to tell about this type of date.


8. There’s no eye contact when you both want to part ways

I know I mentioned eye contact briefly somewhere on the list, but it is just as important as the other signs.

Eye contact is very important.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lady or a man, but a bad date sign is if your date won’t establish eye contact when both of you are parting ways after the date.

Let’s say they dropped you off at your house at the end of the date but won’t look you in the eyes to bid their farewell before zooming off.

It doesn’t come off as a good sign.

At least, your date should be courteous enough to make eye contact while saying goodbye and also to ensure that you’re well away from the car before they drive off.


9. Lack of interest

 Signs A First Date Went Bad

Interest is one of the signs of a great date.

You and your date are genuinely interested in each other and what you have to say.

But if you or your date seem disinterested in each other or are constantly checking your phones, it’s a sign that the chemistry is not there.

We usually seek solace in our phones when our environment isn’t stimulating enough.


10. Disagreements

Disagreements on a first date are not necessarily bad, as it is normal to have different opinions and viewpoints.

But if you and your date constantly disagree or bicker on the date, it’s a sign that you are incompatible.

Constant disagreement or bickering is also a sign of a lack of respect or understanding.

You and your date should be open and respectful of each other’s opinions on a first date, and if you are unable to do that, you won’t have a second date.


11. They want you to pick up the bills

Have you ever experienced this?

Someone asks you on a date and then tells you to pick up the bills at the end of the date.

A very awkward thing to do, I must say.

It comes off as if the date didn’t go as expected, and the person is asking you to pay for wasting their time.

Indeed, some people do this.

It is one of the signs a first date went bad, but it is a terrible thing to happen to anybody.

Normally, anyone who puts out the invite for a date should pay for the date, but if both of you planned the date, splitting the bills should come into play.


So, there you have them – eleven signs a first date went bad.

If you ever see yourself in any of the situations listed above, it’s a pointer that you were on a bad date.

Now that you know better, you shouldn’t make a fool of yourself by asking for a second date, especially when they’re not interested.

 Signs A First Date Went Bad


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