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What Makes A Man Finally Propose? 10 Things That Make Him Pop The Question

What Makes A Man Finally Propose? 10 Things That Make Him Pop The Question

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What makes a man finally propose?

I saw a movie with my kid sister recently, and it was about two lovebirds, a young man and a pretty lady.

They were happy and in love with each other. 

The lady was eager to say “yes” to the young man from the moment he said “hi.”

She had envisioned a lifetime with this man from the day he asked her to be his girlfriend.

But the young man wasn’t ready.

He loved her fiercely, but he was unsure of his future with her.

The idea of popping the question made him scoff. 

Each time he offered to take her to their favorite restaurant or spend time with her at their favorite spot, the lady became excited and nervous because she felt convinced he would propose to her.

But sadly, the young man repeatedly disappointed her.

One morning, she lay on her bed and talked with her best friends on a conference call. 

With a sullen expression and a low tone, she asked, “What do I do to make him propose to me?”

Like this pretty lady, many women in relationships wonder when their men would propose to them.

“What will make him finally propose to me?” is their daily question.

Men are unique, and so are their approaches to proposals and marriages.

There’s no one-size-fits-all, but if you are wondering what makes a man finally propose, here are ten ideas or pointers to guide you:


What Makes A Man Finally Propose? 10 Pointers

1. He Has Found The Right Person.

What Makes A Man Finally Propose

A man can only propose when he feels he has found the woman who is right for him. 

Contrary to what many women may think, men are more logical than emotional.

They don’t like the hassle of going through a divorce or a broken engagement, so they like to take their time to think and decide who the right woman for them is

It must be a woman he considers special, someone he trusts and loves, and can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. 

If you’ve been in a relationship with a guy for a while and he’s yet to propose to you, chances are he doesn’t think you’re right for him. 



2. He Doesn’t Want To Lose The Woman He Loves.

Once, I saw a friend’s engagement pictures on Facebook.

I congratulated him and asked if he’d fixed their wedding.

He smiled and said he wasn’t ready for the wedding yet. 

He only engaged her so he wouldn’t lose her.

For some men, fear drives them to propose to the women in their lives. 

It’s the fear of losing her to others especially when a woman has given subtle hints, not-so-subtle hints, or made it crystal clear that if he isn’t ready, she would move on with someone who is



3. He’s In Love (But Not With You).

What Makes A Man Finally Propose

When a man says something like, “I love you but you are free to date other men and if any one of them proposes to you, you can go ahead and get married.”

Sis, take off your heels and run as fast as your pretty legs can carry you because he just showed you he doesn’t love you

When a man loves a woman, he wants to commit to spending the rest of his life with her. 

If he is afraid of losing her to another guy, he rushes to propose to her so he could have her all to himself.

She becomes his soulmate, and he can’t imagine his future without her.

If a man tells you how much he loves you, desires you, and can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with you, there’s a high chance he’ll propose soon.

But if he says you are free to explore other options, he will never marry you. 


4. His Finances Are Unstable And He Can’t Support A Family.

Whoever came up with the saying, “Love does not pay the bills” deserves a warm hug and a bottle of champagne because it’s so right.

Saying “I love you” won’t put breakfast on the table in the morning nor will it buy groceries and fix dinner.

Some men delay proposing to a woman they love because they are not financially stable.

They are scared of being unable to support a family.

When a man feels he’s financially stable, for example, he has a good job, earns a good salary, or has saved up enough money to take care of the ring and the wedding, he usually feels confident enough to propose to his girlfriend. 



5. He Sees You’re Also Ready To Get Married.

What Makes A Man Finally Propose

You two may have discussed marriage, and you told him in plain language you’re ready to take the next step.

He may see you as a responsible woman who has a good job and is mentally and emotionally mature enough to build a family.

If a man notices these things about you, he may feel it’s time to propose to you. 



6. He’s Under Pressure. 

What Makes A Man Finally Propose

For many men, pressure from family and friends is a big factor that pushes them to propose to their girlfriends.

It’s not like they’ll put a gun to his head and force him to pop the question, but mothers, fathers, and some elderly family members may be asking questions about his marriage.

They may be dropping hints for him to get married and build a family.

Some friends may tease, drop not-so-subtle hints, or give advice about being at the right age and time to settle down.

These may be all your boyfriend needs to ask you to marry him.



7. You’ve Been In A Relationship For A Long Time. 

A man may propose and marry you if you’ve been dating for a long time. 

The longer you spend in a relationship with a man, the more he feels you’ve known each other well enough to start a family, and the higher the chance he’ll propose to you. 



8. Many Of His Friends Are Married.

A man is likely to propose to you when he has close friends who are all married and raising a family.

Apart from the fact that they’re likely to tease him and encourage him to take the next step, he may start to feel left behind.

He may feel he is missing out on important life experiences.

This may serve as the gentle push he needs to propose to you and get married. 



9. He Wants To Please You.

A man may propose to his girlfriend simply because he wants to please her. 

It’s possible she has become impatient with him and is pressuring him to marry her, so he proposes to make her happy.

Some men do this even if they are not ready to get married.



10. He Feels Ready And He Tells You So.

It could be a strong feeling in his gut, or he may feel ready in a way he has never felt before with any other woman, but a man will propose to you when he is ready.

He may have planned a long time ago that he’ll get married at a certain age or when he hits a certain milestone.

When he is at that age or has hit that milestone, he feels it’s time to propose to you and start a family. 

When it comes to what makes a man finally propose, there’s no sure answer, but these are some factors that will influence him or weigh on his mind to propose.

If you’re in a relationship and the thought of your proposal is weighing you down, focus on living your best life, being your best self, and enjoying your time together. 

He will eventually propose when he feels ready.

Feel free to ask about his plans. 

It doesn’t mean you are desperate. 

It shows you are a responsible adult who cares about her time.


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