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7 Surefire Signs He Is Getting Ready To Ask You Out

7 Surefire Signs He Is Getting Ready To Ask You Out

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One tiring thing about being in a relationship is being able to deduce what the guy you like wants.

Does he romantically like you?

Will he make a move on you in the nearest future?

It’s these questions that will lead you to look for signs he is getting ready to ask you out.

There are a lot of obvious signs that a guy is interested in you romantically and will likely ask you out soon.

The simplest way to get the answer to your question is by paying close attention to his actions, body language, and words.

On this page, you’ll read some of the most obvious signs he is getting ready to ask you out.

Let’s get to it!


7 Surefire Signs He Is Getting Ready To Ask You Out

1. He Is Interested In Knowing You More


Through physical and virtual conversations, you can easily tell when a guy wants to know more about you.

Is he questioning you on your hobbies, habits, friends, childhood experiences, and even your job?

Does he like old pictures of you posted on your social media handles?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then he probably likes you a lot, and is interested in you.

If someone enchants you, you will want to know everything about that person.

His digging into your life and wanting to know more about you is one of the clearest signs he is getting ready to ask you out.


2. He Wants To Know More About Your Love Life

signs he is getting ready to ask you out

When it comes to issues of love, everyone is generally curious.

You can tell when a guy is interested in you romantically by the way he’s curious about your love life.

If he’s not sure of your current relationship status, that is, if you’re seeing someone else, he’ll try to find out by asking you many direct and indirect questions about the state of your love life.

To know if you’re in a relationship presently he may ask about your previous relationships.

He may even ask if you’re seeing someone directly or the type of men you’re attracted to.

While he’s asking all these questions may come off as merely showing concern for a friend, have it in mind no guy will probe into your love life except if they have plans for you.



3. He Wants To Know Your Timing And Schedule

If he asks you in person or sends you texts asking about your schedule or your plans for the day or weekend, it is for a reason.

Nobody gets curious about what someone else does with their time without a good reason.

So, if this guy is interested in how you’re spending your free time and how your schedule works, he might be waiting for the right opportunity to ask you out.

The truth is, no one wants rejection.

By asking about your schedule, you will give him a picture of your typical day, and let him know if you’re usually busy or have flexible time on your hands.

He’ll want to make his request known in your free time to avoid rejection.

He can even go as far as asking your friends about your schedule and make his plans based on his findings if he doesn’t want to meet you directly.



4. He Pays Attention To Details And Listens To You


One of the biggest signs he is getting ready to ask you out is he listens to you attentively, remembers even the tiniest things you tell him, and pays attention to details when it concerns you.

It’s true that guys hardly pay attention to details, but when they begin to like someone, it changes.

They tend to notice everything and pay attention to all your actions and words when they like you.

Because a guy is interested in you, he’ll want to know the type of person you are and the things going on in your head.

And the only way he can get answers is by watching you closely.

Even if he hasn’t asked you out, expect him to do so shortly.



5. He Maintains Extended Eye Contact With You

signs he is getting ready to ask you out

As the saying goes (and is true) eyes are a window to the soul.

When someone maintains eye contact with you for a long time, it is one of the first signs they like you.

The best thing is that no matter how hard you try to hide the affection in your eyes, you simply can’t.

If a guy is making eye contact with you for longer than normal periods, know that he doesn’t even know he’s doing it.

It’s a subconscious action; his actions are a result of his mind and body being smitten by your personality and appearance.

When he’s staring deeply into your eyes, he’s trying to create a bond with you- the essence of your existence.

He feels at peace and excited whenever he gets lost in your eyes.

Maintaining eye contact with you for a long is one of the signs he is getting ready to ask you out because he wants the moment he pops the question to be perfect, just like your eyes.



6. You’re One Of His Priorities

A guy, who is interested in you, will always make an effort and never make excuses.

One of the biggest signs he is getting ready to ask you out is if he’s making efforts regarding issues that concern you.

It means that you’re one of his priorities.

By being one of his priorities, it means that he chooses to be with you over hanging out with his friends; he apologizes without delay when he’s wrong, and he’s only one phone call away whenever you need him.

Doing all of these things is his way of showing he cares about you and is ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Any guy who goes to this extent to please you is hardly a player.

You should expect him to ask you out sooner than later.


7. He Has Started Acting More Protective of You

If he has been acting more protective than usual, it could be a sign that he’s getting ready for something big in his life — like asking you out on an official date.

A guy who is interested in asking you out will want to ensure you are safe and happy.

He might be asking via texts if you are fine, healthy, and safe. 



So, there you have them – the seven obvious signs that a guy is interested in you and is getting ready to ask you out.

While patience is acknowledged as a virtue, encouragement can come in handy too.

If the guy you like shows any or most of the signs listed above, you’re in luck.

Be ready for the ship to move to the next level.

However, if he’s not forthcoming in asking you out, it may be that he’s too anxious or shy to pull it off.

I believe a guy who really wants to ask you out will summon every courage to do so.

This is especially true if you have been friends or in the talking stage, and have gotten comfortable with each other.

Signs He Is Getting Ready To Ask You Out


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