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”My Husband Wants Everything His Way!” How To Get Him To Concede

”My Husband Wants Everything His Way!” How To Get Him To Concede

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If your husband wants everything his way, it means he is controlling.

No caps!

You may suspect your husband is controlling, but you’ve not confirmed it yet.

Let’s look at some clear signs that your husband is controlling.

A controlling pattern is a red flag.

So, if your husband shows any of these signs, please be bothered.

Let’s get started with the signs your husband wants everything his way: 


”My Husband Wants Everything His Way”

1. He Cuts You Off From Other People

My Husband Wants Everything His Way

One of the most exploitative ways a controlling husband can get his grip on you is by isolating you from others.

He wants you to himself, and he’ll ensure to cut you off from everyone around you, including your closest friends.

He can achieve this by creating a distance between you and others or gradually turning everyone you care about against you.

For instance, he can start by telling you that your friend is influencing you wrongly and that you need to stop associating with them if you want to be better.

If he succeeds in creating distance between you and your friends, he can find a way to turn your family against you.

By creating a scenario that paints you badly before your family, he’s successfully creating a rift between you and your family.

He aims to be able to be in control of you without anyone noticing so you don’t have a choice but do everything his way.

He might look like the perfect husband to outsiders and nobody will believe the ordeal you’re passing through in his hands.

He has won the moment you have no one to support you and look out for you.



2. He Blames You Every Chance He Gets

My Husband Wants Everything His Way


Your husband may want everything his way if he doesn’t pass up on any slightest opportunity to blame you.

Not only is he doing this to ruin your self-confidence and make you depend on him, but he’s also doing it to feel better about himself.

Criticism from a controlling partner usually begins subtly.

Perhaps, they’ll start by criticizing your opinions on certain issues and even how you get things done around the house.

You’ll realize that the criticism worsens with time.

And then, it won’t just be for a few things but almost everything you do.

You’ll find your husband talking down on your job, your dress sense, and even your appearance.

What this does to you is you’ll end up feeling inadequate and imperfect for your perfect husband.



3. He’s Very Jealous

My Husband Wants Everything His Way

One of the signs that your husband wants everything his way is that he’ll be jealous.

Don’t get me wrong; a little bit of jealousy is good for relationships and marriages.

It shows that affection and value are mutual between partners.

But as they say, too much of everything is bad.

So, if your husband won’t stop saying and showing he’s very jealous of you, it’s a huge red flag.

His type of jealousy is possessive and controlling.

Nothing is loving about it.

You’ll find that he’s not just jealous of any other guy checking you out, he’s also jealous of anyone who is spending time with you when he isn’t.



4. He Guilt Trips You

My Husband Wants Everything His Way

If your husband is a pro at guilt-tripping you, it is a sign that he wants everything his way.

Whatever you do that doesn’t suit him or make him happy, he finds a way to make you feel guilty about it.

He is simply trying to manipulate you and get you to do everything his way.

Whenever you do something he doesn’t like, he’ll employ guilt and continue until you do it his way.

For instance, if you hang out with your friends every week and it doesn’t sit well with him, he’ll nag endlessly and make you feel guilty for not staying at home and spending time with him.

When this scenario repeats itself over and over again, at some point, you’ll find it easier to sit at home and avoid his problems rather than go out with your friends.

And just like that, he’s won you, hands down.



5. He Shuts You Up And Doesn’t Listen To You

A controlling husband will shut down his mind from listening to you.

Especially when it concerns issues between you two, he’ll stop himself from understanding your point or hearing you out.

Whenever you want to talk to him about his attitude, he brushes you off like air and changes the topic.

He may even pretend not to have heard anything you said.

Worse still, he’ll get so furious at you that you feel you made a grave mistake by bringing up the topic.

Even when you’re having regular conversations, he’ll not want to listen to your opinion and talk when you’re talking.

He can even zone out on you and the conversation.

When this happens often, you’ll gradually see no need to express yourself.

Slowly but surely, he’s turning you into his doormat to walk over you.

Don’t be surprised if he treats you this way in the presence of other people too.

He’ll dismiss your opinions and belittle you when you’re outside.

Of course, your self-esteem will take a hit, and you’ll begin to feel alone, unsupported, and uncomfortable.



6. He’s Fond Of Threatening You

My Husband Wants Everything His Way

The use of threats is a mechanism controlling people use to enforce their will on you.

Whenever threats are mentioned, the mind tends to go to someone promising to kill you or hurt you.

While this can happen in a physically abusive relationship, such threats may not be used in your relationship with a controlling husband.

He may threaten to hurt you emotionally instead.

For instance, you’ll get threats like taking custody of your children and sending you away empty-handed, telling damaging lies about you to your family and friends, or even canceling a trip you’ve looked forward to.

Be aware that they’re ready to do whatever will hurt you deeply without lifting a finger, just to keep controlling you.

In some cases, your controlling husband may threaten to hurt himself, especially if you are hell-bent on leaving him.

Many people remain in controlling relationships and marriages because they’re afraid their partners will harm themselves when they leave.

If this isn’t the highest form of emotional exploitation, I don’t know what is.


”My Husband Wants Everything His Way”: What To Do

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can deal with a controlling husband.

1. Have A Conversation With Him About His Behavior

My Husband Wants Everything His Way

You must be open to him concerning this issue, even if he won’t listen to you or consider anything you say.

While you’re still strong and have your self-esteem intact, you need to tell him you won’t tolerate such behavior from him.

Telling him how you feel may get through to them and make him rethink.

Otherwise, you can suggest marriage counseling to him for both of you.

Let him know you’re willing to help him and make your marriage work.



2. Be In Touch With Your Loved Ones

My Husband Wants Everything His Way

Try to maintain contact with your loved ones and the people around you if you sense that your husband is controlling.

He’ll try to create a distance between you and your loved ones but ensure you keep them close even without his knowledge.

You should let them know the situation you’re dealing with in your marriage if you’re comfortable with them and feel you can trust them.

They can offer you comfort at this time or even be able to advise you on the best way to handle the situation you’re in.

Never let anyone, not even your husband, destroy the years of beautiful friendship you built with people just for his selfish interests.



3. Learn How To Set Boundaries

My Husband Wants Everything His Way

Set boundaries with your husband, if he still pays you a listening ear, or has started acting better courtesy of therapy.

State clearly, the things you will and will not take from him in the marriage.

Hopefully, he might see reasons with you.

Try as much as you can to reach a mutual agreement on how your marriage should be.

It’ll help you greatly.

Even if he’s not listening to you, set those boundaries within yourself so you’ll know when to react whenever you feel that he has overstepped his boundaries.



So, if you’re among the women who say, “my husband wants everything his way”, you can now see for yourself and tell if he’s controlling or not.

Seek help if you realize that your husband is controlling and you’re struggling in the marriage.

The best thing for you to do is to speak up, and the best time to do that is now.

You have more than enough strength to resist being controlled.

Don’t let yourself be boxed into a corner by another person.

You got this!

You’re enough!

My Husband Wants Everything His Way


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