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17 Signs of An Uncaring Husband

17 Signs of An Uncaring Husband

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If you’re beginning to see signs of an uncaring husband in your man, this article is for you.

Your husband doesn’t ask you questions about your day and how you feel when you go through hard times.

He is uninterested in what you do, and you’re wondering why.

At what point in his nonchalant behavior do you confirm that he’s an uncaring husband?

What are the signs of an uncaring husband?

That might seem a pretty obvious question, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell when you’re in the middle of the situation.

Many times as a wife, you crave your husband’s attention and care, but it doesn’t seem to be coming forth.

If this has happened a couple of times, you’re probably wondering how long it should happen before you conclude he is an uncaring husband.

In this article, we’ll share with you signs that he’s an uncaring husband.


17 Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

1) He Doesn’t Listen To You


Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

One of the signs of an uncaring husband is that he has no listening ear.

Your husband should be the shoulder you lean on and the one you talk to frequently.

You should be able to confide in your man and bear your heart out to him.

But you may begin to notice that every time you’re sharing your thoughts, and communicating your heart to your husband, he does not listen.

Listening is different from just hearing you speak.

He may be sitting down and looking at you speaking but not listening to you. 

You could be talking about your pains, interests, or just random stuff around the house. 

You know a man has not been listening to you when you have to keep repeating the same information to his hearing because he does not remember. 

Another way to know that he does not listen to you is that he is usually absentminded when you talk to him.

He may even be on his phone or playing games while you’re talking and trying to get his attention.



2) No Compliments

Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

Another sign that you have an uncaring husband is that you don’t get compliments from him.

You wear a new dress? He doesn’t tell you that you look nice.

You make new hair? *crickets*

An uncaring husband barely notices your new look or the efforts you put into looking better.

This may be heartbreaking, but it points to one fact – your husband is uncaring.



3) He Doesn’t Remember Special Occasions

Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

Another sign that your husband does not care is that he never remembers special occasions.

He doesn’t remember your birthday, wedding anniversary, the day you got promoted at work, etc.

You have to remind him every single year.

It is true that sometimes, there may be valid reasons, such as his busy schedule or the fact that he’s not good with dates.

However, if you have mentioned it a couple of times already, a husband who cares will put in some effort to set systems in place to ensure he remembers next time.

Systems like setting reminders, and alarms on his phone and buying gifts ahead of time.



4) He Doesn’t Remember Details About You

Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

This is spilling from the fact he does not listen to you.

An uncaring husband pays little attention to you; therefore, lots of information and details about you fly over his head, and he simply can’t remember.

An uncaring husband does not remember your favorite colors, your favorite food, how you want to be treated, where you said you’d be at a particular time, and so on.



5) He Doesn’t Notice When You’re Unhappy

Ordinarily, your husband should be the first person to notice a change in your mood and emotions.

If you get hurt by a friend, boss, or loved one or you encounter some challenges or difficulties during your day, when you wear a long face or have a bad mood at home, your husband should notice.

Not only should he notice, but he should also be willing to listen to you and try to make you feel better.

If your husband does not notice when you’re sad, unhappy, or gloomy, it is a sign he is an uncaring husband.



6) He Does Not Show Affection

Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

Some people generally do not know how to show emotions even when they care.

They have love and affection for you within them, but they cannot demonstrate it.

One way to differentiate this from him being uncaring is by observing to see if he shows affection to other things and others.

If he is affectionate to his children, colleagues, secretary, parents, and siblings but doesn’t do the same with you, it is a sign.

He can be a caring father, sibling, colleague, and child and not be a caring husband.



7) He Gives No Regard To Your Emotions

Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

An uncaring husband trivializes your feelings and emotions.

He always tells you things like:

“You’re overreacting.”

“You need to calm down..”

“You’re too emotional,” etc.

He doesn’t care to understand how you feel and help you through it.

This is a sign he doesn’t care about you and your relationship.



8) He Doesn’t Appreciate You

An uncaring husband does not appreciate you or show gratitude for the things you do.

You can bend over backward for his sake, or the family’s sake, and he still will not appreciate you.

Gratitude is an important part of marriage, but an uncaring husband does not live up to the expectations of being a husband in that area.



9) He Prioritizes himself

For an uncaring husband, it’s never about his wife but always about him. 

Instead of prioritizing his wife’s and family’s needs, he’d rather attend to his. 

You need help with something in your life or the family, but your husband would take care of himself than attend to your need. 

This is a sign that he is uncaring. 



10) He Makes all the decisions by himself


This is another sign of an uncaring husband.

He makes all decisions himself because he does not care about your idea, desire, or input. 

A husband who cares about his wife will involve her in the decisions he makes about her, the family, and even himself. 

He does that because he understands and respects the fact that those decisions affect her too, and she has desires and preferences. 



11) He Does Not Understand You

Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

He simply does not get it and is not making any effort to. 

One classical sign of an uncaring husband is his inability to be touched by his wife’s feelings. 

He is always unaware and oblivious. 



12) He Doesn’t Protect You 


Naturally, men are providers and protectors.

They are territorial and will fight to keep and protect anything they care about.

An uncaring husband, on the other hand, will show signs of not caring about your safety.

He will not stand up for you or seek to protect you.

He does not care about your safety and security. 



13) He Does Not Seek To Sexually Satisfy You 

He does this because he does not care. 


As long as he is satisfied and feels happy, that is all he cares about. 

If you have been feeling used in your marriage and you have communicated your dissatisfaction to your husband, he is meant to start seeking ways to satisfy you.

He needs to start asking you questions and putting in the effort to make you happy. 



14) He Abuses You 

A man who cares about you would not abuse you. 

Abuse happens in many marriages; it includes but is not limited to physical abuse. 

Abuse can be physical or emotional. 

If he’s manipulating you, beating you, blackmailing you, and so on, he doesn’t care about you. 



15) He Is Never There For You

When you need him, he’s never there. 

You have to go through life alone all the time because your husband does not grant you his shoulder to lean on. 

He is not there for you in difficult times; he sees nothing wrong with that. 



16) He Does Not Apologize 

If he is always defending his poor decisions and shortcomings but never sees the need to apologize even when his actions hurt you, you already know that he does not care about your feelings. 

He feels like he is a perfect person, and everything he does is right without regard to your feelings. 



17) He Does Not Put In The Work

Signs Of An Uncaring Husband

Another sign that shows that he is uncaring is he is lazy

He is just relaxed and indifferent about his responsibilities in the marriage. 

Your marriage needs both hands on deck to work, but your husband is not pulling his weight

He has left everything to you. 

It shows that he does not care. 




Having an uncaring husband is a difficult place to be.

As a woman, you need a lot of love and care, and it is your husband’s job to provide that.

Some of these signs may appear simply because your husband is busy or dealing with some issues.

It may be something that needs time or counseling to fix.

But sometimes, it simply just lets you know that he is uncaring. 

If you have seen signs that your husband is uncaring, it is important to face reality and seek ways out.

You know your husband better than we do, and you know if he is worth fighting for and if he’s willing to do better. 

Communication and seeing a therapist or counselor are good options to fix things.

Most importantly, care for yourself even if your husband is uncaring. 

No one can care for you like you. 

Signs of An Uncaring Husband


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