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10 Signs His Ex Broke His Heart

10 Signs His Ex Broke His Heart

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How do you know a man was hurt or emotionally bruised in his last relationship?

You may have met a guy you’re considering going into a relationship with, or maybe you are already dating him, but you can see some signs that confuse you.

He seems not to be over his last relationship or not completely healed from it.

How do you know this for sure?

What are the signs his ex broke his heart?

It is important to know this, especially if you have not started a relationship with him.

The knowledge you gain will help you decide if you’re ready for the responsibilities of being his rebound.

If you already are in a relationship with him, knowing the signs his ex broke his heart will equip you to respond to him better.

It will also help you understand his actions and how to handle them.

Many varying signs show a man was heartbroken in his previous relationship and has not healed.

Below are a few of them:


10 Signs His Ex Broke His Heart

1. He Talks About His Ex With Pain Or Bitterness

Signs His Ex Broke His Heart.

If every time he talks about his ex, there is pain, anger, or resentment in his voice or choice of words, you can tell that his ex broke his heart.

While some men may prefer not to talk about their ex at all, on the flip side, others find themselves constantly talking about their ex.

Every time they remember her or her name comes up in conversations, the pain comes back, and you can hear it in their voices.

Some relationships end, leaving both partners happy and at peace, but others end as a result of hurt and betrayal.

If the latter is the case for a man, and he is the one who got hurt in the relationship, you’ll hear it in his voice whenever he talks about his ex.



2. He Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore

Signs His Ex Broke His Heart.

If the man is saying things that imply he no longer believes in love, that’s a sign.

Heartbreaks have a way of leaving people in a terrible emotional state.

Sometimes, the situation surrounding the breakup may make the heartbroken person not believe in love anymore.

When a person loves completely and gets betrayal and hurt in return, their mindset about love may be affected.

They become cynical about love, but not about everything else.

So your man may be cynical when it comes to relationships and dating, but he’s probably an optimist in other areas of his life.

All because of his experience – how his ex broke his heart.



3. He Has Trust Issues

Signs His Ex Broke His Heart.

Trust issues come from somewhere.

They stem from people’s experiences and observations.

A man whose ex cheated, lied to, or disappointed him may find it difficult to trust someone else.

You may notice that he’s asking too many questions, wanting to know where you are at all times, trying to keep you away from other men, or demanding that you give him details about your interactions with people.

These are signs a man has trust issues, and they exist because he was heartbroken in his past relationship.

Where there’s no trust, no relationship can thrive.

So, this is a serious issue.



4. He Avoids Talking About His Ex

Signs His Ex Broke His Heart.

While some heartbroken men talk about their ex often, yours may adopt the coping mechanism of avoiding conversations that involve her.

When you ask him what happened between him and his ex, he might say something vague like, “She wasn’t the one.”

A man avoiding everything that has to do with his ex can be another sign that she broke his heart and he’s just trying to heal.

Talking about his ex or seeing her can affect his healing process, so he consciously avoids it.

It may even become subconscious where he acts like his ex does not exist or the relationship never happened.

This is a deeper level of hurt that needs to be unveiled and dealt with through therapy.



5. He’s Afraid Of Commitment

Signs His Ex Broke His Heart.

Another sign that his ex broke his heart is a fear of commitment.

A man, who has loved and been heartbroken, will be afraid to commit to loving another woman.

He may not express this as outright fear.

Sometimes, it is shown in the evasion of commitment in a relationship or by becoming a playboy.

So if you have a feeling he doesn’t want to let go of you or lose you, but whenever you mention commitment or the future, he avoids it, he may have been heartbroken in his previous relationship.

Although many men may generally show signs of avoiding commitment, if a man shows special fear for it, he may have suffered heartbreak.



6. He Acts Shady

Signs His Ex Broke His Heart.

He acts mysterious and shady, and you can’t get him to share certain information with you.

You may find it impossible to figure him out no matter how you try.

Men who are hurting try to shield their hearts by keeping a lot to themselves.

Opening up may lead to them getting hurt again, so it’s somewhat natural for them to want to keep you out.



7. He Compares You With His Ex

Signs His Ex Broke His Heart.

A man whose heart got broken by his ex may constantly compare you with the woman who broke his heart.

Sometimes, this is a good thing because he makes you see that you’re treating him better than his ex did.

But when this becomes frequent, it may start affecting your self-esteem and make you too conscious of making the same mistakes his ex made.

You may feel like you’re competing with her – even though they’re broken up.

Watch out because you might begin to walk on eggshells in your relationship.


8. He Gets Jealous When You Talk About Your Past Relationships

It’s normal to get jealous when your partner talks about their exes — even if those relationships happened years ago.

But if he gets really angry or upset when you bring up something that happened during an old relationship, it might be because you remind him of his ex who broke his heart.

Here you are talking freely about your old relationships but he can’t bring himself to do the same because he’s still heartbroken.


9. He Keeps Tabs on Her Social Media Profile

If he’s still following her on Instagram and Facebook, she still has a place in his heart.

He may be trying to keep an eye on her so he knows what she’s up to and who she’s hanging out with.

Just because he’s heartbroken by her doesn’t mean he no longer has feelings for her.


10. He Still Has Old Photos of Her/Them Together

Even if they’re not on his phone or hanging on his wall anymore, he might still have pictures of you her/them together stashed away somewhere in his apartment.

He might be keeping those photos as reminders of what could have been.


Generally, the signs his ex broke his heart vary depending on the situation and the man.

However, many heartbroken men exhibit these signs provided above.

It is your responsibility to pay attention to the signs a man shows and interpret them accurately because a man who has not healed will bleed on you from wounds a different woman inflicted on him.

 Signs His Ex Broke His Heart


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