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8 Clear Signs He is Not Sorry For Hurting You

8 Clear Signs He is Not Sorry For Hurting You

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When you begin to see signs he is not sorry for hurting you, there is a big problem in your relationship.

We all make mistakes because we are humans.

It is natural to step on people’s toes and offend them, even our partners.

In fact, people in relationships are more likely to offend each other more often than others simply because they spend the most time together.

More so, you only get offended and hurt when the person who hurt you means a lot to you.

You’re likely to take it like a pinch of salt if a stranger insults you, but the case would be different if someone you love did the same to you.

So, it is normal for little hurts and offense here and there to occur in a relationship.

However, they shouldn’t be too frequent, and when they occur, there should be remorse and apology from the person who’s at fault.

Therefore, it goes without saying that if you see signs that he is not sorry for hurting you, something is very wrong.

Hurts are bad enough.

Getting hurt by a nonchalant and uncaring guy is even worse.

You may be wondering, “What are the signs he is not sorry for hurting you?”

You’re in the right place because this article gives you seven sure signs.

8 Signs He Is Not Sorry For Hurting You

1) He never apologizes

Signs He is Not Sorry For Hurting You

The most obvious sign that he is not sorry for hurting you is that he does not say the word “sorry.”

He finds it difficult to genuinely mouth the words “I am sorry.”

You may have created all versions of excuses for him in the past.

“It’s the male ego.”

“He apologizes in other ways” and other similar lies.

We’re here to tell you what it actually is: He is not sorry!

While ego could be one reason he does not apologize, a responsible man knows to immediately put his ego aside when he hurts his woman.

So, if he treats you in an unacceptable way or does something very wrong to you and fails to apologize, you know for sure that he is not sorry for hurting you.


2) His apology is not heartfelt

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A man can apologize and still not be sorry for hurting you.

It is absolutely possible.

An apology starts with the words but doesn’t end there; the actions also matter.

A genuine apology is shown in the choice of words used.

Saying, “I’m really sorry I hurt you. I didn’t mean to. Please forgive me, and I’ll ensure it doesn’t happen again,” is different from saying, “If that’s how you feel, sorry.”

There is a clear difference between a genuine, heartfelt apology and a careless one.

You can discern the intention from words, body language, and actions.

A man who’s genuinely sorry for hurting you will do his best to prevent it from happening again.

Some men go as far as making grand gestures and buying gifts to show their level of remorse and desire to do things right.

However, this does not mean that getting gifts for you automatically translates to genuineness and means he’ll not repeat it.

You must pay attention to his words and body language.


3) He trivializes your feelings

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If there is anyone who should make you feel like your feelings are valid most, it is your partner.

He should value how you feel and do everything to make you happy.

Thus, if he constantly trivializes your feelings or even gets angry when you talk about them, you can be sure he’s not sorry for hurting you.

Some men have a habit of telling their woman things like “It’s not a big deal” and “get over it” when she shows signs of being hurt or emotional.

This is a sign that he is not sorry for hurting you.

It shows that he doesn’t see his wrong and isn’t remorseful about it.


4) He is nonchalant

If you hurt the woman you love, you should be concerned.

You should be very concerned.

You can’t tell me you love me and you hurt me and you are not even a bit worried about it.

If your man is not sorry, his attitude will be nonchalant.

He will be casual or dismissive about the whole thing.

He might shrug off serious conversations, change the topic quickly, or show no interest in discussing the issue further.

For example, your man forgot your anniversary, knowing how much you love celebrating anniversaries.

You share your hurt with him, and he reacts with a simple, “Oh, that was today?” and then switches topics to what’s for dinner.

This attitude simply reveals a lack of genuine concern and remorse.

To make it worse, he can go through his days unaffected while you are there, feeling hurt and seeking some acknowledgment of the pain he caused.

In fact, he might plan fun outings or hang out with his friends as if nothing has happened.

Dude is not sorry!


5) He blames you

To add insult to injury, an unapologetic man might even try to pin the blame on you for his mistake or thoughtlessness instead of taking responsibility for his actions,

He may say things like, “Well, if you had reminded me earlier, I wouldn’t have forgotten,” or “You should have mentioned it was a special day.”

You made me do it,” or “It’s your fault I acted that way.”

This kind of behavior shows a lack of accountability and an unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions.

Therefore, he is not sorry.


6) He doesn’t try to make up for his wrong

A man genuinely sorry for hurting you and regrets his actions will seek ways to make things right.

He’ll almost overcompensate to make you see how sorry he is for all he did.

When a man is laid back and doesn’t try to do anything right, even if he has apologized, you can tell he is not sorry for hurting you.

There should be some form of visible effort and attempt to fix things.


7) He apologizes to get down with you

Signs He is Not Sorry For Hurting You

Things like makeup sex sound nice to the ears, but they’re dangerous for the health of a relationship because it shows that you’re using sex to cover up the issues on ground.

Makeup sex only makes sense when issues have been truly sorted and addressed.

Therefore, if you notice that he only apologizes to you for naughty reasons like wanting to get in your bed, you know he is just saying sorry to get down with you, and he isn’t really sorry for hurting you.


8) He does it again

Signs He is Not Sorry For Hurting You

What sign is more obvious than him repeating the actions that hurt you?

He is not interested in becoming better and doing better.

The same action that hurt you before is repeated.

If he truly is sorry, regret is big enough to make him change his ways.

If he cheated on you, ghosted you, was mean to you, has a bad temper, emotionally abused you, was overly sex-obsessed, or whatever it is, he should be determined to make sure it does not happen again.

It is simple.

If he hurts you over and over again in the same way, he is not sorry.


People need grace because we’re all imperfect, but loving a person requires prioritizing their feelings and doing your best to avoid actions that hurt them.

Extend grace to your partner, but the moment you see signs he is not sorry for hurting you, it’s time to make a serious decision because the relationship is unhealthy.


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