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29 Obvious Signs He is Lazy: Don’t Snooze!

29 Obvious Signs He is Lazy: Don’t Snooze!

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If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered your fair share of lazy guys.

But how can you tell if he just has a relaxed personality or if he’s actually just plain lazy?

Here are some signs that he might be too comfortable with taking the easy way out.

Read on to spot the 29 signs he is lazy:

29 Signs He is Lazy

1. He doesn’t have a lot of energy or ambition

Lazy guys aren’t the most energetic people in the world.

There is no ambition in him and nothing seems worth pursuing passionately.

If he’s always complaining about being tired, you might have a lazy guy on your hands.

2. He needs a lot of instructions

Being lazy isn’t just about not having any energy to get things done.

It’s also about getting direction from others because they can’t figure out how to do it themselves.

If you find yourself constantly giving him instructions on how to do things, he might be too comfortable with not having to work hard.

3. He’s perfectly content watching Netflix all day

signs he is lazy

If you’re with someone who would rather stay in bed all day and watch Netflix or play video games rather than go out with you, he might be too lazy to make an effort.

You may also catch him watching TV all day on his smartphone.

Lazy people like taking things easy.

That includes doing “lazy” tasks like surfing the web on their phone while watching TV.

If you see him spending hours at a time doing exactly this, he might be too comfortable with taking the easy route through life.

4. He gives up easily

It’s one thing if he doesn’t want to try something because it sounds boring or if he knows there’s no way he can finish with good results.

But if he starts something and after the first attempt decides it wasn’t worth trying?

That may mean he is just plain lazy—or at least lacks discipline.

5. He minimizes his efforts

While being lazy means not trying as hard, minimizing your efforts means finding ways to do things without expending a lot of energy.

If he’s always looking for the easy way out or his excuse to not make an effort is because he doesn’t know how to do something, you may have a lazy guy in your life.

6. He makes you feel like you’re inconveniencing him

If every time you ask him to do anything he moans and groans about how much work it looks like or how tired he is, you shouldn’t stick around to see if things change.

A good boyfriend will be willing to help out his girlfriend even when she knows that it might take some effort on his part.

7. He never follows through with promises

Now we all make mistakes and forget the occasional appointment, but if your man is always promising something and not following through to the point where you’re starting to get frustrated, this could be a sign that he just can’t be bothered to do anything that requires effort on his part.

8. He doesn’t seem enthusiastic about anything

If your man seems unenthusiastic about hanging out and never wants to help pick dates and activities to do together, there might be a reason why: he doesn’t want to put in any effort for you.

While some men might be introverts who need time alone after a long day at work instead of going out with friends or family, if they regularly don’t express enthusiasm for spending time with you, it might just be laziness.

9. He doesn’t take care of his appearance or hygiene

signs he is lazy

A man who doesn’t take care of himself, or his hygiene and appearance, is lazy.

A lazy man might not bathe as regularly as he should; he might also let his skin become blemished and not go to the doctor if needed.

He’s probably going to be too tired to put on nice clothes for dates as well.

10. He’s always ready to put work off until tomorrow

While this might not be the best thing in the world, it’s better than if he never wants to do anything.

If your boyfriend is responsible and always willing to get things done, but just tends to procrastinate every now and then, he might have a trait of laziness in him.

11. He’s constantly taking advantage of your time and energy

If you’re always giving him your time and energy, but he doesn’t ever want to give you his, it might be because he’s too lazy.

You should only have to do so much before someone returns the favor.

That means if he wants something from you, but doesn’t ever seem to want to help out with anything you need help with, it could be a sign of laziness.

12. He does not work at all or that no one knows what kind of job(s) he has

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

A lazy person doesn’t usually have a stable job or any kind of income to speak of.

Lazy people are not motivated to put in the work necessary to manifest results.

They may flit from one source of temporary satisfaction, pleasure, or entertainment to another without ever really committing to something long enough to see it through.

Lazy people will often use their charm and sexual nature as tools for personal gain rather than actually applying themselves in life.

When the chips are down, they tend not to be willing or able to come through on promises or commitments that require real effort on their part.

13. He blames others for his problems

This is a big one.

People who are lazy and shiftless tend to blame others for their problems and shortcomings rather than attributing them to personal responsibility.

They don’t like to take responsibility for their lives, but they will readily point fingers at everyone around them as reasons why they aren’t getting what they want or why things aren’t going well in the relationship.

14. He’s always looking for ways not to contribute anything

If there’s a task that he can find to contribute to, he won’t contribute, even if it would be easy for him and you’re willing to help out.

A man should also be willing and able to step up when necessary and do his part so that the team (i.e., you and him) can reach your goals.

15. He’s content to let the relationship stagnate

If he doesn’t seem interested in making things better personally or through effort, it means that he either doesn’t care about who you are as a person or how well you work together, or else he lacks the mental toughness necessary to overcome his personal shortcomings.

A lazy man will make no effort whatsoever to help maintain intimacy by taking time to share what’s going on in his life with you, talking through issues when they arise, renewing your commitment to each other, etc.

16. He has low self-esteem

A person who is truly confident will put forth their best efforts into striving for success in all areas of his life, not just the ones that he’s passionate about.

A lazy man will put in a minimal effort at best and won’t try to better himself or become a better person because to do so would be too much work.

17. He tends to make excuses for his mistakes

If he keeps making excuses for his mistakes or errors in judgment, that’s a sign of laziness.

People who care about their future make time to reflect on what went wrong when things go sour and how they can do better the next time around.

18. He treats his friends like crap

A man with no ambition is also unlikely to be interested in becoming an honorable person who treats others well regardless of the circumstances.

Lazy people tend to feel most comfortable with other lazy people because it allows them not to have to put in any effort into maintaining relationships or friendships.

19. He doesn’t care if you call him lazy

signs he is lazy

While this may seem obvious, there are some men who really don’t care if you call them lazy and let it roll off of their backs.

They just enjoy the easy life and don’t want to work for anything because they think they can rely on other people to do their work for them. 

20. He always waits for someone to do something first

Lazy men typically like to sit back and watch until someone else does something first.

A lazy man typically likes to let other people take the lead when it comes to doing anything; he won’t make any move unless someone else initiates it.

This can be a problem in relationships because women will often feel like they’re taking the initiative all of the time instead of working together equally.

If he never even bothers moving towards his own happiness in life, is there hope for the two of you?

21. He always wants you to pay for things

You find yourself always paying for dates or for food; you can’t remember the last time your boyfriend paid for anything.

A man who won’t even buy you dinner is not only demonstrating laziness but also selfishness – both of which are traits that shouldn’t be overlooked in a relationship.

If he’s always expecting you to pay, then there’s no way that he would ever even start to pay for the household in the future.

22. He’s not trying to better himself

If your guy doesn’t seem interested in doing things that could improve his life, this is a bad sign.

If he isn’t trying to take care of his health, improve his life circumstances, or nurture himself in any way for the sake of becoming a better person, then what you’re dealing with is pure laziness.

People who are motivated and proactive about getting ahead in life will put forth effort into improving their situation so they can become more knowledgeable and capable of attracting what they need in life.

A lazy man will put in just enough effort to get by and nothing more than that.

23. He doesn’t take any initiative when things go wrong

If there’s a problem, he’ll expect you to figure it out on your own because he won’t lift a finger to help solve it, even though he probably could.

24. He feels entitled

If he thinks that the world owes him something, even when it comes to his relationships, what you’re dealing with is someone who has no sense of appreciation for anything.

A person who gives thanks and appreciates what they have in life will be more likely to use their resources (including time) effectively whereas a lazy man won’t make an effort to put those resources toward something productive.

25. He’s got a bad temper

signs he is lazy

A lazy man is also more likely to be irritable and short-tempered because his lack of motivation and drive means that he has no problem with expressing destructive emotions like anger and frustration.

Anger and aggression are signs of laziness because the person is acting out of spite.

24. He’s not straightforward about what he wants in life

Lazy people are often dishonest with themselves and others about their true desires, which is why you’ll often see them blaming everyone around them for everything that goes wrong.

A man who has his priorities in order is more likely to be truthful with you about what he’s looking for in life, no matter how disappointing it may be.

If he refuses to tell you what his true goals are or if he tells you that they don’t involve anything more than enjoying himself, then keep walking because this is a sign of someone who doesn’t give enough of a damn about his future to do anything about it.

25. His apartment is a mess and he never seems to want to clean it up

signs he is lazy

Lazy men tend to be messy as a way of feeling like they have no control over the state of the world around them.

This is why they’ll often leave their physical and emotional clutter lying around for everyone else to deal with.

26. He complains a lot without actually doing anything to change the situation

He complains a lot without actually doing anything to change the situation

Lazy people tend to complain a lot even though they don’t really bother to take any steps or make any changes toward making things better.

27. He’s always late

Being on time is just one of those things that lazy men don’t really think about and they’ll always put themselves first, even when it comes to timeliness and punctuality.

They also tend not to be able to manage their own time very well, so they’re not very reliable when it comes to things that require punctuality.

28. He’s always asking for favors

A lazy person is always looking for someone else to do things for him, whether at a job or in a relationship because he doesn’t have the drive and determination within himself to get stuff done on his own.

29. He doesn’t like conflict

Lazy people tend to avoid conflict because it takes work to deal with problems, but this means that they don’t like to face what’s really going on in their lives or do anything about it.

It also means that you won’t be able to resolve any unresolved issues because he’ll keep putting off having a real conversation with you about them just so it doesn’t inconvenience him.


What Should I Do if I’m With a Lazy Man?

Is there hope for a relationship like this?

Can a relationship with a lazy man work?  

Relationships with lazy men are very difficult to maintain, but it’s not impossible.

If your boyfriend is lazy but works hard when he has to, then there might be hope for your relationship.

While it may seem like laziness is the worst trait that a man can have, it isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker unless his laziness affects your life in some significant way.

It’s all about weighing the pros and cons of your relationship with him; how much of an effect does his laziness have on you?

If it doesn’t affect you very much or at all, then there may be hope for you yet.

Also, if you’re with a lazy man, you need to look within yourself to see why you want things to be working out so badly.

You may have fallen for him because he’s attractive or nice but it can’t just be about that forever.

If he’s not willing to do what’s necessary and put in the effort, then it’ll be better in the long run if you end things with him because it’ll only lead to further unhappiness.

Whatever your reason for staying together is, make sure that it’s worth sticking around for when you consider all of the other negatives that come with being in a relationship with a person who’s lazy.

Many women tend to stick around in unfulfilling relationships without realizing the toll it takes on them mentally and emotionally over time.

If you don’t think that things will change with this guy or if his actions are truly detrimental to your well-being, it might be time to address the issue and take action.

The only reason why he would be willing to work on things is if you show him that there are consequences when he neglects important tasks or fails to fulfill his promises and commitments.

If this doesn’t work, then I wouldn’t suggest staying in a relationship with him.

signs he is lazy

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