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24 Signs a Man is Using You for Money

24 Signs a Man is Using You for Money

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You’ve been dating this guy for a while and you’ve been noticing some red flags.

The affection is lacking.

He never pays for anything when you go out.

He never wants to see you or talk to you outside of bed.

You feel like maybe he’s using you for s*x, but you’re not sure what it is that he wants from you.

Understandable — men aren’t exactly renowned for their gentle, expressive ways.

However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate with their actions.

The fact is that most men who are using women for their money aren’t upfront about it.

They aren’t going to tell you that they’re only interested in your paycheck or bank account.

If he’s exhibiting any of these signs when it comes to money, then he probably is using you for money.

It’s also important to note that anyone can use you for money whether they are broke or rich.

24 Signs a Man is Using You for Money

  1. He is Dishonest

If there’s one thing men who use women for money have in common, it is that they’re dishonest.

They do not care about your feelings and will lie whenever it suits them.

This happens because men who use women for money know what they’re doing is wrong and so they have to cover it up.

So, if a man is using you for your money, he will be dishonest about it.

He may try to hide the fact that he is taking advantage of you or lie about how much money he has.

He may also avoid talking about financial matters altogether.

2. Lack of Respect

If he has no respect for you, then he will not be interested in your feelings or opinions when making decisions together with you.

He thinks of you as just a source of money and so he will treat you with little regard or respect.

He may even see your skills as useless and think that the only thing worth anything is what you can generate financially for him.

He may talk down to you or make you feel inferior. This is his way of justifying taking advantage of you.

3. He Talks About How Poor He Is

A man who wants to use you will make sure you know how poor he is.

He will make sure that you’re aware of how much money he has and how little of it there is to go around.

He’ll complain about how broke he is and how bad his financial situation is.

This makes him seem more like he needs your help, which gives him an advantage over you when asking for things like rides or other favors.

4. Talks About His Past Finances

If a man is using you for money, expect him to talk about his past finances quite a bit.

If he talks about all of the debt that he has or all of the problems that his finances have caused him in the past, then this is most likely a sign that he’s using you for money now.

5. He Has No Money of His Own

If he’s always borrowing cash from you, and never offers to pay even the slightest bill, then chances are that he’s not interested in being with you for who you are.

It’s easy enough for him to be with someone who doesn’t ask for anything from him, and it means that he can keep all of his financial resources to himself.

6. He’s Always Asking for Money

A man who is only interested in your money will constantly be asking for more.

Whether he needs help paying his rent or just wants a little extra spending cash, this guy never seems to have enough.

And when you say no, he accuses you of not loving him.

If your partner is always broke and begging for money, there’s a good chance he’s using you.

7. He Showers You With Gifts and Attention Especially at the Beginning of Your Relationship

A smooth talker knows that the best way to get a woman in his life is to make her feel special and make her feel like she’s the only one who can do this for him.

So he goes all out; buying you expensive dinners, picking up your dry cleaning, taking you on romantic getaways, until he has you hooked.

A guy who is interested in getting to know you will not just shower you with gifts. He’ll want to spend time with you and get to know what makes you tick.

8. He Uses You to Buy Things He Wants

If you notice that every time he comes to visit, his eyes are on everything in your house, and then the next thing you know, he is buying it, then this is one of the signs that he is using you for money.

9. He Spends More Time at Your House Than His Own

If a man spends more time at your house than his own, there is a good chance that he is using you for money.


It’s true; broke guys want to be comfortable where they hang out so just take a moment and ask yourself, “Why does this man spend more time at my house than his own house?”  

10. His Clothes

If you see him dressed like a clown or in expensive clothes, this may be a sign that he wants to keep up his image around other people and not let them know that he doesn’t have any money.

11. The Way He Talks About His Friends

If he says his friends are rich and don’t work, this is usually someone who thinks money grows on trees and doesn’t work for it himself.

His dad never worked: This is just a saying but if his dad was rich and never worked, there’s a good chance he won’t be working either.

12. He Ignores Your Friends or Family

A man who is using you for money won’t be interested in developing any relationships with your friends or family, especially if they are not wealthy.

He wants to keep his life and yours separate, so he’ll try to minimize the time that you’re all together, so they don’t suspect his true motive for dating you.

If he never seems excited about meeting your people, it could mean signs a man is using you for money.

13. He Avoids Talking About the Future

If a guy is using you for money, he probably won’t have anything positive to say about the relationship in the long run. The fact is that guys who are using girls for their money have no intention of making things last.

14. He’s Always Asking for Financial Favors

If a man is constantly asking you to loan him money or invest in his business ventures, it’s probably because he knows that you’re an easy target.

He knows that you want to help out your partner and won’t say no, so he’s going to keep taking advantage of you.

15. You Can Do Nothing Right in His Eyes

A quality guy will encourage you to be your best self and will be there cheering from the sidelines when you achieve something great.

But a guy who’s after your money will constantly have something negative to say about the things you enjoy doing.

He’ll tell you that those hobbies are frivolous and a waste of time, and then guilt or manipulate you into giving them up so he can spend more time with you (or vice versa).

16. He Expects You to Pay All the Bills

If your partner expects you to pay all the bills, he’s likely using you for your money.

A healthy relationship involves sharing responsibilities equally, but if he’s not pitching in, then he’s taking advantage of you.

17. He Has a Lot of Money and No Job or Very Little Income

A man who has money but no job may be looking for someone to support him financially.

He may have a lavish lifestyle that he can’t support on his own and he’s looking for someone to help him out.

If a man has little or no income, it’s also possible that he is using you for your money.

He may be unemployed or underemployed and trying to take advantage of you financially.

Either way, if he has a lot of money but no job, you should get to the bottom of it.

18. He Blames Everyone Else for Not Having Money,

He never takes any responsibility for his actions.

He always has some sob story about how he can’t make money or get a job, but you’ve never seen him try to do anything himself.

18. He Never Takes Initiative in Anything

If something is not benefiting him, there is no way that he would do it.

A man who is using you for your money only cares about himself.

He won’t want to spend his hard-earned money on things that don’t benefit him in some way.

He’ll be selfish with his time as well and will not offer to help out.

He only offers to help when it benefits him and then usually does a poor job of it anyways.

He doesn’t initiate any dates but is always free when you want to go out.

You’re the one who has to make the plans, pay for dinner and even ask him what he wants to do.

This is a sure sign that he sees you as his personal ATM.

What he says: “I’ll take you out soon.”

What he means: Never.

What he says: “Sorry I can’t afford that right now.”

What he means: But I’m going to charge it on your card anyway.

19. He Will Tell You What You Want to Hear to Get What He Wants From You

One of the hardest things about dealing with a man who only wants your money is the fact that if he can charm and manipulate you, then he will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

He will make promises of eternal love and devotion.

He will tell you how amazing it will be once he has money or all of your money and shares with you about his plans for the future, to have kids with and grow old with you.

His actions will speak louder than words because they are what matters most.

When the time comes to make a decision, he doesn’t care about your feelings or his promises or his plans; if it is financially beneficial for him, he will go ahead and do it.

He may even convince himself that he truly loves you, but all along his main goal is getting your money and your heart will never be involved.


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20. He’s Always Bragging About Money

He’s always talking about how much money he makes or how much money he’s going to make.

He gives you a hard time if you don’t have the latest fashions or the nicest car.

He tells you what kind of car you should buy, what kind of clothes you should wear and where you should go on vacation.

You feel pressured to keep up with his lifestyle.

The worst part is that he doesn’t seem to care about your feelings at all.

The only thing that seems to make him happy is when he is getting things, like new clothes or better cars.

So why is he with someone like you?

It’s because he wants to use you as a source of money.

When someone is using you for money, they usually don’t want anything more than that from the relationship.

There are two kinds of people who do this — those who don’t want a relationship at all, and those who just want a partner who will supply them with material goods without complaining about it.

21. You Spend More Than You Earn

It is okay to splurge every once in a while; however, if you find yourself spending more than you earn regularly due to your relationship with him, he might just be using you for money.

22. He’s Always Coming Up With Schemes to Get Rich Quick

If your man is always on the lookout for the next get-rich-quick scheme, he might just be using you for money.

If he’s always talking about the next big thing that could change his life and the lives of others around him, take it with a grain of salt.

The reason why: if he wanted to make a difference, wouldn’t he be doing so already?

If he’s never put into action any of his grand ideas, there’s a good chance that they’re only to get him out of a financial bind or to impress you.

23. Your Instincts

If you feel like he is using you for money, then he probably is.

Some men see women as a convenient way to get free meals or gifts.

When a man truly loves you, he will never try to manipulate you for his gain.

He will want what is best for your future and will not sacrifice your happiness for his own.

Aso, he will be honest with you even if it means hurting your feelings.

Telling the truth is one way to show how much he cares about your happiness.

If a man loves you, then he won’t keep secrets from you because it would hurt your feelings.

Secrets are often used to hide things we do that might make others think less of us, or worse yet, hurt someone in our lives.

If a man wants to be with you, then he should be comfortable enough with himself and with his relationship with you to be able to share everything, including his financial situation, with you openly and honestly.

24. He’s Not Interested in Your Financial Situation

It may seem like a no-brainer, but if he’s not interested in your financial situation, he’s probably just using you for your money.

This is a man who cares little about you or getting to know the person behind the bank account.

He only wants to get to know the woman who keeps the wallet fat.

As soon as you start showing signs of being frugal, he’ll be gone. 

It’s time to ask yourself, “Is this a healthy relationship for me?”

You deserve better than a guy who is just using you for money.

He may have been the perfect gentleman at first, but later realized how much financial gain he can benefit from you.

It’s not fair that someone would take advantage of your vulnerability and use it against you like this.

Get out now before it gets any more complicated – there are plenty of guys in the world who will want to be with YOU because they love YOU – not because they see dollar signs when they look at you.

signs a man is using you for money


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