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How to Have a Fun (First) Date

How to Have a Fun (First) Date

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My idea of a fun date is good food and good conversation with someone I fancy. But, that’s just me. Fun is relative, also, a fun date.

A first date is the first step to getting to know a prospect better.

Although no one plans on having a bad date, life happens and things don’t always go as wished or expected.

Even if it wouldn’t lead to something, having fun on a date is highly desirable.

The following tips will save you from having a terrible date:

#1 The other party

First of all things, ensure you are going on a date with someone whose company you enjoy or likely to enjoy or someone you’re interested in or might be interested in.

This will eliminate the awkwardness of most sorts.

It is typical to agree to go on a date to escape loneliness or idleness, but it will only make things worse.

Why be miserable when you can just stay in and binge on movies?

#2 Agree on venue

It is important to reach a conclusion with your date on where to meet up.

If you would rather go bungee jumping and your date prefers an outing at the arcade or museum, it puts you both at loggerheads and would definitely ruin your date.

So, make sure you both agree with the venue and you both are okay with it.

#3 Choose the activities you are comfortable with

If you are a Netflix and chill kind of person, don’t go camping, especially not on the first date.

That might not make for a good memory.

Doing things you are not comfortable with will ruin your mood, the date and any hope of future dates.

On the other hand, if you feel like you should try something new, keep it cool and do just that.

#4 Time

What time are you most alive?

Are you a nocturnal being and would naturally have a good time in the evening or you are more alive during the daytime?

Choose a time when you’re more likely to be yourself and not when you’ll be drab.

#5 Choose a comfortable outfit

When it comes to choosing a date outfit, comfort should be your watchword.

Wear something comfy.

No, flats and sandals are not prudish if you are the kind who wobbles on heels.

Unnecessarily tight, overly-exposing attire would only make you self-conscious and ruin your chances at having a good time.

#6 The rules

While going out on a date, basic date etiquettes and dating rules still apply in having a fun date:
. Be punctual, and if you’re late, apologize.
. Don’t be critical. It’s a date, not a job interview.
. Don’t talk about yourself only. Be interested in your date.
. Ensure your date is also having fun.
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#7 Just have fun

Loosen up and enjoy yourself. Look forward to having a fun date and you will.
Know this however, that you’re allowed to bring a date to an end politely if you are not feeling it. This is better than being bored or being a crashing bore.

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