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9 Signs A Woman Is Unhappy In Her Marriage

9 Signs A Woman Is Unhappy In Her Marriage

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Marriage is a world of its own.

Every girl dreams of a marriage where she lives “happily ever after” with her husband.

But reality has a way of telling us that fairy tales and movies are just scripts written and acted for our entertainment.

With the rate of divorce and separations soaring through the roofs, it is clear enough, sadly so, that those with the happily ever after are few.

There are some things that can make a woman unhappy in her marriage.

Let us look at some signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage:

a cheating husband

– a lying husband

– a broke husband

– an absent husband

– a sick husband

– an uncaring and unloving husband

an abusive husband

– a busy husband

– an inattentive husband

– a jobless husband

– an irresponsible husband

unloving in-laws

– no children, an unfruitful marriage.

– a more eligible ex or current suitor than her husband etc.

Women are usually more sensitive in a marriage than their husbands.

They have the tendency to become unhappy when their marriage isn’t going the way they had desired.

The sad part is that some men do not even notice their wives are unhappy.

They see the signs but may ignore them because they do not consider them serious.

As a husband, how do you know your wife is unhappy in your marriage?

Or as a woman, what signs do you notice you exhibit that could mean you are in an unhappy marriage?

Let’s walk through a few signs you may notice:


9 Signs A Woman Is Unhappy In Her Marriage.

1. She Nags

signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage?

Contrary to the stereotype that all women nag, when a woman is pleased with you, the last thing she’d do is complain or nag.

Do you notice that she nags about the slightest things?

Including the things that seem so trivial and could be ignored?

That’s a litmus test to know if there is something bothering your woman in the marriage, and it’s not her monthly period.

She tends to pick offense at everything, shouts at you or the kids, and doesn’t want to be told she should calm down or that she’s nagging.

That makes her even madder.

You have a sure sign she is unhappy about her marriage.


2. She Stops Complaining Completely

signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage?

This is the reverse of the first sign, but it is also a clear sign that a woman is unhappy in her marriage and tired of it.

She might have spent forever complaining about something, and you did nothing about it.

Some women result in negative feedback.

They don’t talk anymore.

You may ask what the matter is, and she would say nothing is wrong, but her body language, eyes, sighs, and occasional shaking of her head tell a thousand words she’s not saying.

While some go to the extreme of shouting and airing their sad thoughts all the time, others go to the extreme of keeping quiet.

You may notice the following: she replies to your texts late or not at all; she misses your calls and doesn’t return them; she doesn’t call or text you; she barely engages you in any conversation at home, and she is just mute around you.

When you notice unusual silence, she is unhappy.


3. She Stops Wanting Sex

signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage?

Your woman may never have had a libido as high as you do; but when she’s unhappy it gets worse.

She could turn her face away when you try to kiss her or shrug away when you want to hold her.

She could clearly say no to sex or be inactive throughout the intimacy.

A happy woman is more likely to be more sexually active and vibrant.

Does she always find an excuse not to get in the shower with you?

Is she always “tired” and needs to sleep?

You have a sign that something is on her chest.


4. She Thinks Or Talks About Getting Separated

signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage?

Many marriages get sour at some point, and spouses even begin to doubt if they married the right person.

You start imagining life with your ex, or away from your husband once in a while.

But when getting a divorce or living away from your spouse becomes part of your daily musings, you are unhappy in your marriage with him.

These signs manifest in little ways like preferring the office to your home, constantly imagining what your life would look like without him, seeking the next available trip just to get away from him, and doing every activity that keeps you away.

These aren’t mere thoughts; they are signs you are unhappy in your marriage.


5. She Enjoys The Company Of Others More

Whether in the company of other men or women or the TV, novels, or phone, she just doesn’t want to have a conversation with you.

She enjoys talking to others but suddenly is short of what to say to you when you want to talk.

It’s worse when you notice that she’s sharing her displeasure with others, like her friends, mum, colleague, ex, and everyone close enough to listen.

She’s finding their company more appealing than yours.

That there is a sign of an unhappy married woman.


6. She Compares You To Others

signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage?

Everyone wants something better, but some people are more satisfied with the candies in their basket than with a chocolate factory.

That’s not the case with an unhappy woman.

She compares your paycheck, expertise, looks, sex, house, the last time you went on a vacation, and everything else with other men or families.

It stings more when she’s wrong.

A good woman will accept her responsible husband over a thousand men.

So when you notice she’s comparing everything you do with other people, your woman is in a pool of unhappiness.


7. She Starts To Fall Ill

signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage?

Some ailments aren’t the results of heredity or old age; they are mind-made.

She may begin to develop some ailments with no direct cause other than a troubled heart and an unhappy mind.

When the mind is peaceful, the heart will be happy, and the body will be healthy too.

But when she’s never happy at home, it will tell on her body.

So when next she complains about a headache or her blood pressure shoots beyond normal, while seeking medical help, talk to her- she might just be bottling up unhappiness.


8. She No Longer Showers Her Husband With Affection

Affection is key to a happy marriage.

When a woman is in love, she will shower her husband with affection.

She will show him love through little gestures like holding hands or giving him kisses on a regular basis.

If she doesn’t seem to be affectionate anymore, she might be unhappy in her marriage. 


9. She Doesn’t Listen When Her Husband Talks Anymore

Maybe she used to be really interested in what her husband had to say, but now she seems distracted whenever he tries to talk to her about something important or interesting.

She might even stay up late at night surfing the internet instead of talking with him like she used to do before bedtime every night when things were good between them.


Dating and courting are beautiful grounds where some issues get sorted before marriage, but they can never compare to what happens in marriage.

Every marriage has its good days and rough days, and every home has its cotton candy moments and its mountain climbing days.

Although some of the above signs are normal when a couple is going through a rocky patch, it’s not normal for them to continue for long periods of time.

Do not give up on your marriage because you are unhappy.

Seek help if you’re willing for it to work.

Don’t bottle up your problems.

There is no new marital problem under the sun, and there is always a way out.

Signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage

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Cecelia morgan

Wednesday 26th of June 2024

It would take years of writing that leave a comment ! Everything is awful . Ur artical helped !


Monday 22nd of April 2024

Hi, I am also in this state where I no longer enjoy his company, nor enjoying sex , I am living in silence, he failed to treat me special and spend much time at work, not taking care of house, kids, not caring for me during pregnancy, using my car while I am using a taxi, taking my businesses , atleast if he is loving….


Sunday 3rd of March 2024

He doesn't know how to lead a family

He lacks spirituality/a relationship with God


Thursday 14th of September 2023

if she over expose her assets suddenly is ts a sign of unsatisfation

Norisa Suana Gunnarsson

Saturday 26th of August 2023

Many women are not happy their marriage because men didn’t understand their feeling and emotion specially when women had a bad hormone in her body,sometimes women are not in the mode.