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”My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas”: Regain Your Respect Now!

”My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas”: Regain Your Respect Now!

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”My husband always shoots down my ideas!”

It is a big red flag if your husband always shoots down your ideas.

If such behavior is not well-handled on time, it can cause irredeemable damage to your marriage.

Whenever your husband stops paying attention to your opinions and begins to think he is always right, have a conversation with him to tell him how his actions affect you.

If he does not hesitate to put you down at any opportunity, it probably means you have a selfish and abusive husband on your hands.

Things can quickly become hard if you are married to an emotionally abusive partner.

When you find yourself in such a situation, you need to act carefully and view things from a wider angle before taking any steps or arriving at any conclusions.


”My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas”

Let’s see why this is so:

The two popular reasons why your husband always shoots down your ideas are:

  • He does not love you anymore
  • He has begun to take you for granted

We will discuss these and then look at other reasons below.

1. He Doesn’t Love You Anymore



When your husband stops loving you, you’ll notice that your relationship with him keeps degenerating as the days pass.

Typically, men don’t tell you directly when they stop loving you, and this is true if they still have some feelings left for you.

He used to be the man of your dreams, yet, these days, you hardly recognize him anymore.

The loss of feelings didn’t happen overnight; it is a gradual process that occurred over time.

Both of you used to talk with each other for hours on end every day when you two newly married, but now, you barely speak to each other except when necessary.

You have a strong hunch that your marriage is about to hit the rocks, and you’re not far from the truth.

If your husband always shoots down your ideas, it may mean that he no longer respects you and doesn’t respect your opinions anymore.

Acceptance and mutual respect are essential parts of every relationship and, by extension, marriage.

It’ll be hard for you to have a smooth and productive marriage if he doesn’t respect you and your opinions.

When your husband respects you, you feel appreciated and safe within your marriage.

Partners often feel resentful, angry, and dissatisfied when there is no respect in the relationship or marriage.

There are many ways your husband can disrespect you, but there’ll always be one result.

A breakup may look very attractive whenever you feel disrespected in your marriage.

However, opening up to him about how he’s hurting you with his actions can make him rethink, which would change things within your marriage for good.



2. He Has Begun To Take You For Granted

My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas

Whoever said relationships or marriages are easy?

You must invest appreciation, respect, and effort to make it work for you two.

It’s common for your partner to start taking you for granted.

Most times, his behavior will make you frustrated and disappointed, and you’ll wonder what you did wrong that made your partner act in such a manner toward you.

All his actions scream that you’re no longer equal in the marriage.

It would not matter what you do or say because he will always find faults and disagree with you.

When he doesn’t value and appreciate you enough, it’s indicates that he’s not encouraged to show his gratitude, appreciation, and love toward you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the giving and selfless one in the marriage; at some point, you’ll need him to show you the same love and appreciation.

But then, you feel trapped and suffocated in the marriage when he constantly belittling you and shooting down your ideas.



3. He Is Controlling

My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas

Your life can become a living hell if your husband is very controlling.

You may want to remain in the marriage and make things work at all costs, but this comes with a price.

You’ll feel helpless and guilty constantly because of his controlling behavior.

If your husband is controlling, he’ll always want to be in charge of all aspects of your life.

He’ll disagree with your opinions and dissuade you from making any decisions by yourself in the marriage.

Marriage to this type of partner will make you feel powerless and trapped as long as you remain married to him.



4. You Give Him Power Over Your Life

My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas

He’ll feel bolder to take you for granted if you always appear too weak before him.

Many people, especially women, subconsciously become over-dependent on their spouses for survival and happiness.

And as a result, these partners get all the power to make them sad, happy, or angry.



5. You Show That You Love Him Too Much

My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas

Your husband may start taking you for granted if you will stop at nothing to show him how much you love him.

He’ll feel too relaxed and secure in the marriage because he knows you love him too much.

He thinks that you’ll not leave him no matter what he does because of your love for him.

Is this your dilemma?

You need to rethink and change the dynamics of your marriage if your answer is yes.

Let your husband know how you feel about him taking you for granted.



6. You’re Not Self-confident

My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas

You give others the power to rule over your life when you lack self-confidence.

There are a lot of reasons that can be behind your lack of confidence.

It may be due to his controlling nature, his abusiveness, or trauma from a previous relationship.

You must improve your self-confidence if you desire a fulfilling and peaceful life. Plus, if you desire professional help, please pay for it.



”My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas”: What To do

  1. Talk To Him About It

If you’re among the women who say, “my husband always shoots down my ideas,” I suggest you have a heart-to-heart conversation with your husband concerning this to fix it.

Open up and bare it all to him, if you feel he’s not giving you the love and appreciation you deserve.

He’s your husband, after all.

Your mental health will suffer in the long run if your spouse always works so hard to prove you wrong, always shoots down your ideas, and you do nothing about it.

You won’t have a satisfying, productive, and fulfilling relationship with him.

In every healthy relationship, there is need for effective communication, and it happens when both partners listen to each other and feel heard in their relationship.

When your husband listens to you, you’ll have a sense of belonging and security that he understands and respects you.

However, you’ll feel ignored and neglected if he takes you for granted and always shoots down your ideas.

It is crucial to address issues as serious as this in a timely fashion, as it can be a breeding ground for resentment between two of you if left unresolved for a long time.


2. Share Your Opinions Anyway And Ignore Him

Another thing most women in this situation do is, they share their ideas anyway and let their husband do whatever he likes.

If his ideas fail, the wives can boldly say, ”Didn’t I tell you?”

I don’t blame them.

Some wives also keep their ideas to themselves and let their husbands ask them for their opinions, especially if the husband’s ideas keep hitting the rocks.

You can’t force a man to listen to you, you can only share your opinion and let him decide whether he would listen or not.

Just because a man shoots down your ideas doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Some men just have egos the size of an elephant.

So, it’s not that you are not intelligent or your ideas aren’t brilliant; some men think they know it all and a woman’s ideas can never be better than theirs. 

To be honest, the best solution is to never to marry a man like this; prevention is better than cure.

However, if this is your situation, there’s no point crying over spilled milk, so I hope this article helps.

My Husband Always Shoots Down My Ideas

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