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12 Signs A Guy Is Nervous Around You

12 Signs A Guy Is Nervous Around You

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What are the signs a guy is nervous around you? 

Different things make people nervous around others.

They could either be intrinsic or extrinsic.

If a guy is nervous around you, it could be because he likes you, is trying to ask you out, is hiding something, or is just a shy person.

You may find him acting weird or funny around you, making you wonder if he has gone nuts

Men are less emotional than women; when they feel certain emotions, they may try to mask them.

They do not always reveal it like many women would, which is why it may be hard for you to know the reason for his nervousness. 

Yet, your ability to identify the signs he is nervous around you will help you demystify his behavior.

That is the first step to knowing the reason for his nervousness. 


8 Signs A Guy Is Nervous Around You

1) He Talks Too Much

Signs A Guy Is Nervous Around You

It could not be more obvious.

Since men like to speak more for information than connection, it is unusual when he starts to talk about a hundred subjects at once.

He seems to have so much to say and never keeps his mouth shut.

Sometimes you find him babbling and not making much sense, even if he is an intelligent chap on a regular day.

The guy may even be a quiet person naturally, but his nerves make him seem like he has taken on a new personality.

He may talk about the weather, the food, a show on TV, the recent news, and his grandmother at once. 

Some of the things he talks about may be unnecessary. 

His talks may also get you irritated or tired, but it is just a sign he is nervous around you.



2) He Barely Talks

Signs A Guy Is Nervous Around You

While some men become chatterboxes when nervous, it is the reverse for other men.

Some guys get quiet when they are with someone they feel nervous around, especially if it is a girl they like.

They may have a lot to say, but the fear of speaking the wrong things and revealing their true feelings makes them keep shut and remain unusually quiet.

If he is strangely silent each time you are around, there is a high chance he is nervous.

Keeping mute is an attempt at hiding how he feels.

But his attempt has failed because now you know. 



3) He Stutters

Another sign that a guy is nervous around you is he stutters whenever he attempts to speak.

Now, this is a sign if he is a good speaker.

You will notice his words do not seem to be doing him good as he struggles to voice his thoughts coherently.

He may be struggling to speak and even avoid eye contact with you.

It will feel awkward and weird but don’t give up on him yet. 

He is just nervous. 



4) He Can Not Look You In The Eye

A man avoiding eye contact does not always mean he is lying or hiding something from you.

It could just mean he is nervous around you, probably because he likes you.

Many times, this is true for shy guys.

They feel nervous around the lady they like and can barely look her in the eye.

If the lady is bold and flirts with her eyes, she has even given him more reasons to avoid eye contact.

When a guy avoids eye contact with you, it is one of the signs he is nervous around you.



5) He Gazes At You

Signs A Guy Is Nervous Around You

Another sign that he is nervous around you is he gazes at you often. 

While a nervous guy will avoid eye contact with you, he will still steal glances at you when you are not looking.

If you have ever been in a situation where the guy stares at you when you are not looking but immediately averts his gaze when you catch him staring at you, you will understand this better.

It is a sign he is nervous around you.

He may be shy to make eye contact, but he will stare whenever he gets the chance.

But he does not want you to see him doing so. 



6) Sweaty Palms

The sweat may not appear on his palms alone.

He may sweat every and anywhere, and it will be visible.

One of the visible signs seen when we are nervous is sweating.

It is okay for people to sweat under exciting, stressful, and frightening conditions.

Or situations that make us anxious.

So, this may be the case with him.

His profuse sweating may not be due to a medical condition.

It is an indication that he is nervous around you.



7) He Asks You Too Many Questions

Because being nervous makes him talk too much, you may find him asking you too many questions.

For every question you answer, he asks another question.

His endless questions are due to two reasons: he wants to know everything about you and is afraid of silence.

These two reasons have the same source – he likes you and feels nervous around you. 

You have to understand and not snap at him. 



8) He Acts Weird

Signs A Guy Is Nervous Around You

When a guy is nervous around you, you will notice he generally acts strange and different.

He may smile and laugh awkwardly; you may find him fidgeting, playing with his fingers, or just speaking and acting differently.

If you know how he behaves, you will find that his behavior changes when he is around you.

It is almost as if he is a different person. 

His mannerisms and speaking are weird, and he tries to make it perfect when he is around you.


9) He Laughs Nervously or Making Awkward Jokes

When a guy is nervous around you, he may resort to making awkward jokes in an attempt to break the tension and lighten the mood.

You know the jokes that make you cringe and laugh at the same time?

Yeah, exactly.

But you gotta give the guy credit for trying, right?

Making awkward jokes is a common sign of nervousness in men (and people in general, really).

So, just try to play along and appreciate his effort.


10) He Has Trouble Sitting Still or Seems Restless

Fidgeting is a telltale sign of nervousness in people and it’s no different with a guy who might be into you.

So if you notice that he has trouble sitting still or seems restless, he’s not trying to be rude or disinterested.

He might be feeling a bit on edge and doesn’t know what to do with himself

He may fidget with his hands, shift in his seat, or tap his foot, as if he’s just itching to jump up and run away.

You must have experienced nervousness at different points in your life, so you can relate to this feeling of fidgeting.


11) He Fiddles With Objects

You might notice him absentmindedly twirling a lock of hair, adjusting his tie or collar, tapping his pen on the table or playing with his phone.

These little actions might not seem like a big deal, but they can reveal a lot about a person’s emotional state.

When a guy is feeling nervous or anxious around you, he might resort to these small physical gestures as a way of soothing himself.

It’s almost like a nervous tic, something to occupy his mind and keep him from getting too worked up.


12) He Compliments You Frequently

When a guy is into you, he might try to impress you by showering you with compliments.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing; after all, who doesn’t love a good ego boost every now and then?

But if the compliments start to feel insincere or forced, it could be a sign that the guy is feeling a bit out of his depth.

You are with him and he starts complimenting you on every little thing – your hair, your outfit, your laugh, etc.

At first, it might feel nice to be praised so much.

But if the compliments start to feel like they’re coming too fast and too furious, he’s surely feeling nervous around you.


All of these signs show that he is nervous around you.

The most likely reason for his nervousness is that he likes you.

A great way to respond to this is to make him feel more comfortable and let him open up to you.

Now, this does not mean you automatically like him back or embrace him, but it helps to make him feel more relaxed. 



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