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8 Subtle Signs A Woman Is Giving Up On You

8 Subtle Signs A Woman Is Giving Up On You

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I will always remember the day she said the worst words to me…

“I no longer love you. It’s not like I hate you, but I believe what I feel for you is what I could feel for a brother”.

I felt pain well up from deep within me that I could almost taste it on my tongue, and I remember doing the one thing I had sworn I would never do.

I begged her to love me…

With tears running down my face, I pleaded to be loved the way I wanted to be loved.

Not as a brother or a friend.

I wanted to be loved as a lover, but that ship had already sailed.

When a woman is done, she is truly done.

However, you still stand a chance of winning her love back if you can identify the signs that she is giving up on you.

You shouldn’t expect her to sing “Say something, I am giving up on you“.

But there are subtle signs that you can always look out for to know when she is giving up on you.

So, you don’t have to grovel and beg for love like I did; I have compiled a list of those signs that show a woman is giving up on you.

Pay attention to them; they could be what saves you from a terrible heartbreak…

Let’s go!

8 Subtle Signs A Woman Is Giving Up On You

1. She doesn’t argue with you anymore

signs a woman is giving up on you

There is this peace that you sometimes feel when a woman is giving up on you.

I call it “peace” because I have no better adjective to qualify it.

At best, it is an uneasy peace.

Things are peaceful, but if you are really observant, you will realize that there is something uneasy about it.

The fact is, it is a woman who still cares about the relationship that bothers to speak up.

When women argue with you or express their disagreement, it is a sign that they still care enough about you to want you to do the right thing.

It is a sign that they still think the relationship is something to fight for.

When she suddenly becomes quiet and doesn’t give voice to her difference in opinion, you may be tempted to feel relieved.

At least she is no longer nagging you to change some of your bad habits.

She no longer complains about how irregularly you communicate with her.

You disappear for a week, and she accepts you back like you weren’t gone?

Bro, you shouldn’t be happy about this.

You should realize that there is something wrong, and you need to find out what it is.

When your partner starts exhibiting indifference in the relationship, it is a sign that things are beginning to come to an end.


2. She is easily irritable with you

signs a woman is giving up on you

I know you have explained away the fact that she is usually irritable with you as just a response to the fact that you are naturally annoying.

Well, according to all my female friends, I am the human manifestation of annoying, so I know what it means to be annoying.

Even while my female friends speak about how annoying I am, they don’t always act irritable around me.

In fact, they may complain about how annoying I am and still laugh at my antics.

If she is occasionally short or snappy with you, that can be explained by the fact that you are naturally annoying, or maybe it’s that time of the year.

However, if it occurs frequently, it could be a sign that she is giving up on you.

When she snaps at you, don’t just back down.

Sit her down and find out what’s eating her up.

You may just realize that she is giving up on you and doesn’t really think of you as she used to.


3. She seems too busy for you

signs a woman is giving up on you

Of course, we all want high-value women in our lives.

Gone are the days when men were just content to be the sole provider for the family.

Now, they ask what you bring to the table.

So, your woman works and brings a paycheck to the table.

Good things always come at a price, and the price of the paycheck is that she is usually very busy with work.

However, regardless of how busy you are, you can always make time to spend with someone you love.

Perhaps not as much as you would want ideally, but enough to convince them of your love for them.

Your woman may be ambitious and driven, with high career goals, but that’s not the reason she seems too busy for you recently.

When a woman doesn’t feel like she is being appreciated in her relationship, she may just invest all efforts into her career or other areas of her life.

She is busy with work during weekdays and volunteers her time on weekends with various projects.

She’s gone most of the time, and whenever she is around, she is usually too tired to be involved in anything else.

You are gradually losing her, man, and you need to snap out of your slumber to fight for your relationship if you still love her.


4. You are not included in her social life

signs a woman is giving up on you

Your woman may be busy at work when it comes to you, but she sometimes makes time out to hang out with her friends, and of course, you are not invited because it is supposed to be a “girls’ night out.”

You should be alarmed if you used to attend social events with her, but now she only drinks with coworkers after work before coming home.

You may want to excuse this by saying that she knows you only attended those functions because she made you.

You are extremely introverted and don’t like going out much, after all.

Well, I don’t like going out much, but I remember my ex always making suggestions of cool dates, and I would go along grudgingly…

Until she actually stopped doing that.

I felt relieved.

Little did I know that I was experiencing the calm before the storm.

Take note of the signs, Kings!


5. She no longer asks for your opinion

I know she is an independent person.

However, what love does to an independent person is that it makes them ask for your opinion even when, normally, they wouldn’t have.

And if you think about it, you will realize that she actually used to ask for your opinion in the past.

I know you don’t remember, but at some point, it just stopped.

She now makes every decision herself without caring about what you feel.

The fact is that she no longer values your opinion, and it is a sign that she is giving up on you.

It could be very small decisions like cutting her hair, wearing a certain outfit, or going on a particular date with a “friend.”

When these start happening, it is a sign that she is giving up on you.


6. Your communication takes a hit

signs a woman is giving up on you

Communication has always been smooth between the two of you until recently.

You have always tried your best to stay in touch with each other…

While there have been some challenges, things have been going relatively smoothly.

When a woman gives up on you, your conversations are the first thing that takes a hit in your relationship.

It just seems so forced.

That is what it seems like…

Until she takes it to stage two.

This is the stage when y’all go days without much communication.

At this point, your ship is already leaking and in danger of sinking.

Even when she talks to you, the usual enthusiasm just seems so absent.

She sounds like she is basically talking to a stranger, and her responses are usually the kind that stops even gifted conversationalists in their tracks.

They say, “All good things must come to an end“.

While I disagree with that quote, this is a sign that your relationship is ending.


7. She doesn’t appreciate you

Is she now so critical of you that she seems to see none of the good things that you do in the relationship?

It is a sign that she may be giving up on you.

Appreciation is an important aspect of any relationship, even friendships.

When friends don’t appreciate each other, it becomes quite toxic.

This is the same with a romantic relationship.

When she overlooks all the things you do for her in the relationship, it is a sign that she is giving up on you and has probably made a decision about the relationship already.


8. She stops sharing personal stuff with you

signs a woman is giving up on you

You know that intimacy that lets people in relationships talk about their most private thoughts to their partners?

It seems like it is now lacking in your relationship.

You probably haven’t thought about it, but do you really know what is going on in your woman’s life?

Do you remember those days when she would share every little detail of her day with you?

She would even tell you about those guys who tried to woo her and you will laugh at her responses.

She would tell you about who made her angry and how someone made her laugh later.

Now that you really think about it, you can see that you are in the dark about your woman’s life.

It is a sign that she is giving up on you…

You could also add the fact that she is selectively single, depending on who asks, but you probably won’t know about this unless you are the nosy type who goes through your partner’s phone.


Now that you know the signs, you must decide if you love her enough to fight to get her back.

If you have made that decision, I have a few tips for you.

The first thing you need to do is to introspect deeply.

Where have you gone wrong in the relationship?

What did you do in the past that you no longer do again?

This will help you realize what is going on with her.

For me, I think I got too comfortable in the relationship that I no longer put in much effort.

I think she got tired of doing all the work.

After introspecting, you need to communicate with her.

You need to find out why she is behaving the way she is.

To confirm what you have already deduced from your introspection.

Discuss with her and find out if she is open to allowing you to win her heart.

Then, start doing all those things you have stopped doing.

I know you don’t like going out.

Make the effort to take her out on dates…

The effort is what makes it even more special.

Improve your communication, and express your love for her with words, actions, and thoughtful gifts.

Make her fall in love with you again.

To save you from being a practical example of Passenger’s song…

“Only know you love her when you let her go.”

Don’t lose something good before you can appreciate that you have it.


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