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10 Signs He is Losing Interest in a Long Distance Relationship

10 Signs He is Losing Interest in a Long Distance Relationship

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If you’re looking for signs he is losing interest in a long distance relationship; I presume it’s because there have been some ups and downs, or maybe a lot of downs, in your long distance relationship.

Long-distance relationships are a lot of work.

It takes a lot of love and intentionality to remain in a committed relationship with someone, especially when you’re cities or countries apart, and stay true to that decision.

Some people don’t believe in long-distance relationships because they find it difficult to accept that a relationship can work and thrive with both parties physically apart for an extended period of time.

However, long-distance relationships do work when the right effort from both parties is put in.

When one party loses interest, the other party needs to be able to recognize the signs and move on, to avoid investing time, emotions, and energy into a dead relationship.

10 Signs He is Losing Interest in a Long Distance Relationship

1. A change in his behavior

This is one of the earliest to detect amongst all the signs he is losing interest in a long distance relationship.

His behavior may not change immediately he starts losing interest, but it eventually will, and that is when you will begin to get the message.

Because you’re not physically together, you may not be able to immediately detect from the first day his interest begins to dwindle, but keen observation and paying attention to details will give you an insight into the fact that he’s changing.

A change in behavior covers different areas, and we will give deeper into these areas in the subsequent points below.


2. Less calls

 Signs He is Losing Interest in a Long Distance Relationship

This is one of the primary signs he is losing interest in a long distance relationship, especially if your partner was a frequent caller before.

However, just because the number of times your partner calls you reduced a little does not automatically mean that he has lost interest in your long-distance relationship.

People go through different seasons of life, and some phases are more demanding than others.

Your partner’s reduced calls may be because he’s engaged in something or dealing with a few things.

However, if the reduction in phone calls is drastic, that’s a definite sign that his interest is fading.


3. He always “has to run”

 Signs He is Losing Interest in a Long Distance Relationship

Something is wrong if “I gotta run now” has become more frequent in your relationship vocabulary.

A man losing interest in a relationship will always have an “important” reason to get off the phone with you.

Long-distance relationships thrive on communication.

That is the only way both parties connect; this usually happens through phone calls and texts.

Your partner being eager to get off the phone with you all the time is a sign that he doesn’t value the health or life of that relationship anymore.


4. The conversations become forced

When he was first in love with you, he couldn’t wait until the next time he could call you to give you exciting updates about his day.

Now, he seems to be struggling to find things to talk about and is eager for the conversation to end as soon as possible.

When your phone conversations with your boo become forced, boring or monotonous, it could signify that he’s distracted or even seeing someone else.

He has nothing new to tell you, just basic pleasantries for courtesy’s sake, and he’s off the phone.

For a long-distance relationship to thrive, both parties must always keep each other in the know about their individual life, friends, work, etc

Doing this reduces the impact of the distance on your relationship because your partner feels closer to you.

So in a case where your partner no longer tells you about his friends, the people he meets, work, plans, and so on is a sign that he’s distracted and no longer fully interested in your relationship.


5. He doesn’t text back

A distracted partner will begin to show signs like not responding when you text him.

And times when he does text back, he doesn’t do it on time.

If your partner no longer texts you back, that’s a clear sign that he’s losing interest in the relationship.


6. You’re putting in all of the effort

A sure sign of your partner’s lack of interest in your relationship is the withdrawal of efforts.

As mentioned earlier, both parties must put in sufficient effort for a long-distance relationship to work.

If you find yourself putting in all the effort alone and having to initiate everything, your partner has lost interest in your long-distance relationship.


7. He’s always busy

Your partner can be genuinely busy, but if he values what you both share, he’ll find a way to create time for you and not let his busy schedule take a toll on your relationship.

If he becomes busy all the time, having zero time for calls, texts, and FaceTime, you can say he’s beginning to lose interest.

You may also notice an increase in excuses.

He always has an important meeting or a reason why you both can’t talk.


8. He no longer talks about your future together 

Your partner will begin to reduce his conversations about your joint plans and aspirations for the future as a couple when their interest in the relationship declines.

You’ll find that he no longer mentions your plans together or shows interest in discussing them.

He may even say things about his future and not put you in the picture.


9. He’s not eager to see you

A partner losing interest in a relationship will no longer be excited about seeing the other party.

People in long-distance relationships always look forward to when the distance can finally be over, and they’ll be physically together, even temporarily.

It should go without saying that a partner losing interest in the relationship will not have this desire.

He will be laid back about making plans to visit or go on vacations so you both can see again.


10. He doesn’t want to see your photos and videos anymore

Signs he is losing interest in a long distance relationship

When you first started dating, he couldn’t get enough of seeing pictures and videos of you or hearing about your life with all of its new experiences and adventures.

If now he doesn’t seem interested in seeing any updates from your end, this could be another sign that his feelings for you have changed for the worse.

If you send him photos or videos and don’t hear back from him, the dude’s heart is no longer with you.


Long-distance relationships are hard.

There’s no way around that.

But it can be even harder if you’re in one and your boyfriend is losing interest.

The distance can make it difficult to communicate effectively and maintain the relationship.

So, if your long-distance relationship shows more than one of the signs above or is beginning to feel like a chore, that’s a sign that your partner is losing interest, and it is good to know this early so that you do not keep watering a dead plant.

However, don’t assume or jump to conclusions.

Ask your boyfriend what is going on to be sure he’s not going through a tough time that makes it difficult for him to be involved in your relationship.

However, don’t ignore these signs.

Even if he’s going through a tough time, he shouldn’t shut you out. 

He should keep you in the loop instead of leaving you to wonder where you belong in his life. 

Signs He is Losing Interest in a Long Distance Relationship

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