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”He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me!” 7 Reasons Why

”He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me!” 7 Reasons Why

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”Why is it that he always answers my calls but never calls me?”

If you’re in the league of women asking the question above and seeking an answer to your question, you’re in the right place.

One thing that gets on the nerves of a woman badly is being the one always to start a phone call with her man, crush, or whoever she’s talking to.

The more frustrating thing?

Him always being available to take your calls but never the one to call you.

Oh, the pain!

Do you think it’s a ploy on his part to get you to open up about how you feel toward him?

In the same vein, he could be using this to show you that he’s not interested in having anything to do with you without being straightforward.

There are many reasons why a guy always answers your calls but never calls you.

Let’s look at the most obvious seven: 

”He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me!”

1. He wants to have a lot of options

he always answers my calls but never calls me

One of the most likely reasons he always answers your calls but never calls you is that he wants to have a lot of options to choose from.

He is playing safe and wants to keep his options open.

He may be keeping you by the side as an option.

If things go south with the girl he’s with, you’ll gladly welcome him with open arms without suspecting a thing when he comes running to you.

Even if you’re in a ‘situation’ with him, he has a lineup of other girls who will replace you if things go wrong.

Mind you, these girls may or may not know about the games he’s playing.

The truth is that this guy is not into you as you’re into him, and in such a relationship, you’ll be begging for attention and other accompanying emotions.

If he doesn’t call you, he’s not interested in what you have to say.

It’s as simple as that.


2. He’s only being nice to you

If you’re team ‘he always answers my calls but never calls me’, you might be dealing with a nice guy who is not yet used to the dating scene.

All he wants to do is have a casual and friendly relationship without getting to the point where they’ll have to do something extraordinary for you.

Simply put, they work so hard to have things under control.

There are some things you have to do to change this kind of guy.

Here they are:

If he ever calls you, don’t be in haste to return the call.

Playing hard to get is not a bad idea.

Let him see that you need him only as much as he needs you.

Guys do not like being toyed with this way, and it’ll make him want to get close to you and discover your layers.

If he has grown a real liking for you, it’ll make him step up and acknowledge his feelings for you.

You might even be the one to help him overcome his fear of dating.


Most nice guys usually fear dating since they have never dated anyone before.


3. He’s not over his ex yet

He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me

You might be shocked to find out that he is always available to answer your calls but never calls you because he hasn’t gotten over his ex.

He’s just waiting for the right time to return to her and try to win her back to himself.

And he’s only using you to practice how he’ll approach her for their reconciliation.

If she says no to him and you’re still in the picture, he can now focus on you.

But till then, you’ll remain a second fiddle for him.

It’s easy to tell if he hasn’t gotten over his ex by these signs:

He can’t stop talking about his ex.

He treats you the way he treats his ex.

He even takes you to where he used to hang out with his ex and more.


4. He likes to be in charge

This guy might have a lot of women going after him and wanting to be an item with him.

For him, it’s all fun, and he doesn’t want to let it go.

It makes him feel powerful and desired.

He’ll do anything to keep feeling this way, including stringing you along.

He may call you once in a while when he senses a decline in the way you call him; anything to keep you woven around his fingers.

His energy and attitude are bad for you because you’ll feel worthless after each call and around him.

If you refuse to remove yourself from the situation, you’ll be the puppet he keeps around when all the other women figure out his game and move on.

Remember that there are no rules for relationships and matters of the heart.

When you decide you’re tired of being treated less than your worth, you’ll cut off giving him every attention that makes him feel powerful.

You are enough, and you deserve to be loved wholly.

You deserve a man who will love, respect, and treat you well, and this guy is far from being that man.


5. He’s just looking for a hookup

He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me

Another reason why he doesn’t initiate contact but picks up when you call is because he’s just looking for a hookup.

Guys big on hook up hardly put all their cards on the table when they start a new relationship.

They play safe till the girl is deeply into them before they strike.

He’s not calling you because he’s not in a serious, defined relationship with you, even if you’ve hooked up with him several times.

The moment you let him know that you want more than just sex in the relationship, watch him withdraw, lose interest in you and begin to hunt for other prey.


6. He finds it difficult to commit

A guy with commitment issues will do everything within his power to avoid being the one to approach you.

He’ll not want you saying he led you on if things don’t turn out as you expect.

It means he won’t call you, check up on you, or do other things that might suggest that he’s interested in you.

He may push for marriage or an exclusive relationship without really meaning it.

Worse still, you might not even be the only woman in his life.

Another angle is that he might see you as good enough to hang out with but not good enough for a serious relationship or marriage.

Bear in mind that men who have issues with commitment hardly ever change, no matter how long you remain with them.

It’s best to avoid them to avoid touching stories in the future.


7. He’s not attracted to you

The guy may not be attracted to you.

While this might hurt you a bit, it is the truth and can be why you find yourself wondering, ‘he always answers my calls but never calls me’.

The guy you’re pining to have may not think that you are a good match for him, and consequently, he won’t be interested in the signs you’re showing him and generally being with you.

People usually go for who they like and hope that those people like them in return.

So, no hard feelings here.

He’ll go after the ladies who meet up to his taste, making him stop calling you to avoid sending you mixed signals.

Nobody wants to be entangled in a complicated love situation.

If you ever find out that he doesn’t think you are good enough for him, you should move on.

You shouldn’t have any business with a man who you should be guarding your heart against.

Last I checked, love does not mean wanting to be with someone because they are perfect but because they are perfect for you.

He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me

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