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If He Does These 13 Signs, He Will Never Love You

If He Does These 13 Signs, He Will Never Love You

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You’re in love with him, but he doesn’t seem to be showing the same level of emotion.

You keep hoping and wondering if one day, the story will change, and he’ll start to develop some romantic feelings for you.

Perhaps signs that the relationship will never work out are starting to pile up, and you can feel your heart breaking more and more each day.

You’ve been trying everything you know how to do without success.

No one wants to be in an unreciprocated relationship, so I get it if you’re looking for signs he will never love you.

It’s heartbreaking, but don’t worry!

This article will explain some signs he will never love you so that you can get on with your life before it’s too late.

If He Does These 13 Signs, He Will Never Love You

1. You lack an emotional connection with him

If He Does These 13 Signs, He Will Never Love You

When you are in love with a guy, you feel an emotional connection between the two of you.

It’s this connection that bonds you and helps you understand each other’s feelings without saying a word.

But if you notice that you have no emotional connection with him, then it’s a sign he will never love you.

Without that emotional bond, your relationship will always feel one-sided and lacking in depth.

An emotionally distant individual is unlikely someone capable of committing to a long-term relationship.

Yeah, he might have sexual feelings for you because, let’s be honest, some men don’t need to have any emotional connection to sleep with someone.

But if you are looking for true love, sis, this is definitely a red flag.

Some of the signs that he lacks the ability to form an emotional connection include being unable or unwilling to share emotions with you, never opening up about himself and his feelings, lack of empathy towards others, mainly yourself. 

These are all signs that he is emotionally unavailable and not ready to truly love someone.

If you have the luxury of time to wait for him to see if he will ever change, well, that’s your choice.

But if you are ready for a real, committed relationship, he might not be the answer ti your prayer. 


2. He doesn’t look at you with love

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Sometimes, you can tell how a man feels about you through his facial expression.

If you catch him looking at you with disgust, he is probably not in love with you and may never be.


3. He doesn’t like spending time with you

If He Does These 13 Signs, He Will Never Love You

Who doesn’t love spending time with the woman who has captured their heart?

Definitely, a guy who isn’t into you and might never be.

He never wants to be alone with you, except maybe for physical intimacy.

You feel like a burden when you’re around him.

You have to beg him to hang out.

He always has something more important he could be doing.

He loves spending time with other people but not you.

This makes it very easy for him to get over relationships because when the relationship ends, all of his friends are there waiting for him while you feel completely alone.


4. He is with you for all the wrong reasons

A guy who will never love you probably is with you for all the wrong reasons.

Maybe he’s using you as a rebound, for sex, money, or even just out of convenience.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that his heart is not in the right place, and he is definitely not looking for a real connection with you.


5. He doesn’t make an effort to get to know you

If He Does These 13 Signs, He Will Never Love You

One sign that a guy will never love you is if he doesn’t make an effort to get to know you on a deeper level.

Sure, maybe he knows your favorite color and what kind of movies you like, but does he really know who you are as a person?

Does he ask about your dreams and aspirations?

Does he care about your past experiences and how they have shaped you?

A guy who loves you will be interested in knowing all these things and more.


6. You can’t talk about the future with him

It feels impossible to have a real conversation about the future of your relationship with him because he shuts down every time.

After months of dating, if your man still doesn’t know where his relationship with you stands, he probably has no intention of committing to you, and this means he might never love you.


7. Communication with you is not a priority

If He Does These 13 Signs, He Will Never Love You

Communication is the soul of a relationship.

When you are in love with someone, you want to keep in touch with them, bond with them, and feel close to them.

But you don’t get this from a man who will never love you.

He doesn’t ask about your day, or how you’re feeling, or if there’s anything new happening in your life.

Honestly, this alone is enough to make you realize where you stand in this guy’s life. 


8. His words don’t match his actions

How someone treats you is a reflection of how they feel about you.

No cliche has ever been truer.

If a man tells you he loves you, but his actions don’t align with those words, then it’s time to question his true intentions.

Words are easy to say, but actions speak louder.

He says he loves you but never makes time for you.

He says he cares about you but never shows it.

He says he wants a future with you but doesn’t make any effort to create one.

Don’t be fooled by sweet words and empty promises.

Pay attention to how he treats you, and let that be your guide to knowing his true feelings for you. 


9. He never says “I love you”

If a guy loves you, he will let you know.

I don’t care how shy or reserved he may be; if his feelings for you are genuine, he will find a way to express them.

There’s no excuse for him not saying those three words that mean so much.

If he can’t verbalize his love for you, then there’s a chance that he doesn’t truly feel it.

Actions may speak louder than words, but sometimes, those three little words hold the most weight. 


10. He tells you about his past heartbreaks when trying to explain why he can’t commit

If He Does These 13 Signs, He Will Never Love You

I understand that everyone has a past and has been hurt before, but if he keeps bringing up his ex or past relationships as an excuse for not wanting to commit, it’s a problem. 

It shows that he may not have moved on from his previous heartbreaks and is still carrying emotional baggage. 

A man who truly cares about you will be willing to work through any fear or hesitation he may have toward commitment instead of using his past as an excuse.

Don’t let him use his past as a shield to protect himself from getting too close to you.

If he can’t fully open up and trust in your relationship, then it may not be worth pursuing. 


11. He says you deserve better than him

This may sound like a sweet and selfless gesture, but I don’t think any woman will want to be with a guy who constantly reminds her that she deserves better. 

No one is perfect, and we all have our flaws, but a man who truly cares about you and sees a future with you will strive to be the best version of himself for you instead of constantly putting himself down. 


12. He checks out other women

It’s normal to appreciate beauty, but when a man is constantly checking out other women in your presence, you’re yet to find a man who is totally satisfied with you.

It shows that he doesn’t have the respect or self-control to focus on you and only you.

He is not satisfied with what he has and is always looking for something better. 

You don’t have to be the most beautiful or perfect woman in the world to be the most beautiful in your man’s eyes.


13. You know it’s not right

Sometimes, your intuition speaks louder than words.

You may not have solid evidence or proof of his intention toward you, but deep down, you know that something isn’t right.

If something feels off, it probably is.

Because if a man loves you, you’ll know it, and if he doesn’t, you’ll be confused!




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