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8 Unmistakable Signs She Will Never Forget You

8 Unmistakable Signs She Will Never Forget You

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There are a few people in my life whose bond with me is so great that I can never forget them.

Two of such people are my parents; you may feel this strongly about your parents, too.

My bond with them is so dear, and the experiences we’ve been through together are so intense that no matter how far life takes me, I’ll always find my way back to them.

This special feeling is one that people want to have with their partners.

They want to know that they will never be forgotten.

One of the greatest needs of every human is the need to feel loved, valued, and appreciated.

Everyone wants to be cherished, especially by specific people whom they consider important.

Sometimes, even when you’re no longer with someone, you want them to remember you and the great memories you had together.

This can happen, especially if you are very special to them.

As a man, you may be looking for the signs that indicate that she will never forget you.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

8 Unmistakable Signs She Will Never Forget You

1. She constantly communicatessigns she will never forget you

Some people have to beg their partner to communicate with them, but that’s not the case with you because you never even have to ask her before she carries you along.

She tells you about her day, what went wrong, and the good things that happened to her.

If you both are physically apart, she makes use of phone calls, video calls, and text messages judiciously, talking to you about her life and asking questions about yours.

I can’t fail to mention that she’s never ignored your calls or left your messages unread before because she’s always more than happy to respond to your calls and texts.

This level of commitment to communication can be a strong indication that she will never forget you.

She may even go the extra mile by involving you in her plans and decisions.

This very likely means that you have a profound effect on her, and you’re not someone she can let go of in her mind.

2. You were exceptional to hersigns she will never forget you

The sign you’re looking for may be with you and not her.

Sometimes, you can easily tell if someone will forget you based on how you treated them.

I’m sure you can’t remember every single person you have met since you became an adult.

That’s because some people come into our lives, and just like passersby, they’re gone in no time, leaving no memory.

But the people you remember did something to make it that way.

It’s either that you see them constantly so you can’t forget them, or they were exceptional to you in one way or another.

People seldom forget people who were exceptionally kind to them.

They’re etched in their memory, and nothing can take it away.

Maybe you stuck with her through a difficult season in life or helped her overcome something major.

Chances are very high that she will never forget you unless she’s naturally forgetful or ungrateful.

3. You hurt hersigns she will never forget you

Being exceptional is not restricted to a positive way; it can also be in a negative way.

If you have hurt her in a way that no one else has, then you can be sure that you live rent-free in her head.

A proverb in my local dialect is translated literally as “The one who defecated may forget, but the one who had to clean up his mess will never forget.”

This means that people who hurt others may forget, but those who felt the impact may never forget.

This is why people must be careful how they interact and behave with others; some people never recover and heal from certain hurts, depending on the gravity.

Some may heal, but never forget who made them go through that.

So, if you’re wondering if she’ll ever forget you, and you have hurt her in a serious way before, you can be sure that she won’t.

Of course, her memories of you will not be pleasant ones.

4. She tells you

“I love you; you mean so much to me, and I can never forget you.”

Sometimes, it’s as easy as that; she tells you how much space you occupy in her mind and how unlikely it is for her to forget you.

This can be due to a host of reasons – known to either her or both of you – that compel her to give you that assurance.

Although such words and promises, especially when made when emotions are high, may not always be to be relied on a hundred percent, many times they are.

5. She’s very dependent on yousigns she will never forget you

Women love to be cared for and pampered, and for many of us, finding a man who does an excellent job makes us happy.

If you have done a great job caring for her and being there for her, she may have grown dependent on you in many areas.

She may let go of her strength and rest in yours, letting you take the lead in many areas of her life.

If she has gotten to this level of dependence on you, the chances of her forgetting you are very slim.

6. You were her firstsigns she will never forget you

First boyfriend, first touch, first kiss, first sexual partner. Whichever of the firsts you were to her, it could hold great significance in her heart.

Many people do not forget their first because they attach some level of emotional sentiments to it.

This is true, especially if you didn’t just run along after being her first; you stuck around, further solidifying your presence in her mind.

Many women who remain with their firsts for long become attached in a special way.

That is why, in many cases, even if such relationships don’t work out eventually, she may choose to remain single for a long time.

She refuses to move on because your memory can’t easily leave her.

7. She stalks you

Stalking can be creepy, but it can also be a sign that someone is finding it difficult to forget you.

Out of the blue, one random afternoon, you receive a notification that she has liked a photo of you from months ago.

Perhaps she didn’t even know when she did that; she was just stalking you quietly only to mistakenly expose herself.

Her stalking may even upgrade from social media to actual real-life stalking.

You may “coincidentally” bump into her often and wonder why you’re usually at the same place.

Sir, she probably has been monitoring your movement because she can’t get you off her mind.

8. Friends and family involvementsigns she will never forget you

When family and friends are involved many times, it’s an indication that things are getting pretty serious.

Perhaps she often communicates with your friends and family and maintains a good relationship with them.

You know that she’s in your life for good.

Her friends may also be good sources to help you find out.

They may tell you how she feels about you and how special you are to her.

Relationship bonds can get very deep and tightly knit that partners become unforgettable to each other.

The signs are usually very clear when this happens, but if you can’t pick them up or aren’t sure, this article is your guide.

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