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10 Heartbreaking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

10 Heartbreaking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

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How do you know you mean nothing to a man?

I’m particularly excited to talk about this because if there’s one thing I detest, it’s women staying with men who do not value or appreciate them.

Girl, you were made for so much more!

You weren’t placed on earth to stick with a man who doesn’t see your worth.

But I understand that these things are not as easy as they sound, and recognizing the signs that you mean nothing to him may not be the easiest thing to do.

But guess what?

That’s why I’m here.

I’m here to help you recognize the signs so you can choose to walk away and choose better for yourself.

10 Heartbreaking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him 

1. You beg for his attentionSigns You Mean Nothing To Him

I was itching to write this because the number of women who fail to recognize this undeniable sign is quite shocking to me.

Whenever I see a woman begging for a man’s attention, pleading with him to call her, entreating him to notice her, and initiating all the dates, I feel sad.

Thinking about it alone makes me cringe.

After all your efforts, he still takes ages to respond to your texts.

Girl, if you have to beg for the man’s attention, then you’re already doing too much.

He means something to you, which is why you desire and crave his attention greatly.

If you have to beg for it, then you know where that places you – the feeling is not mutual.

But as bad as this sign is, it isn’t even the worst.

Just keep reading.

2. No listening ears for you

He does not listen to you; when he does, the best you get from him is unhealthy listening.

Don’t bother your pretty head going to ask Google what that means; I’ll explain it to you.

Unhealthy listening is when a person claims to be listening to you, but what they’re doing is just hearing you speak.

So you’re speaking with him, and he can hear you, but he’s either interrupting you all the time, on his phone, playing video games, or watching TV.

You’re sitting on the couch, explaining your heart out, but he’s chuckling at a reel on Instagram!

He’s absent-minded.

He can hear you, but his attention is divided; he’s detached and aloof.

Does that sound familiar?

If he practices unhealthy listening when you’re talking about random stuff, or he does it once in a while, it’s somewhat understandable.

However, if he does that when you’re saying something vital, then it shows that you’re of little importance to him.

3. Zero patience with youSigns You Mean Nothing To Him

Generally, people are more patient and tolerant with those they love and care about.

You are likely to be accommodating when your loved ones are wrong and slow to anger when they make mistakes.

That is what people do for people that mean something to them.

If he’s always on the edge, ready to flare up at every opportunity, and always angry, that is just the pits.

He’s not patient enough to understand your perspectives or help you figure things out when you’re getting them wrong.

Even when you have some reservations and communicate them, he’s immediately defensive and ready to attack you.

He doesn’t take your words carefully or work on the feedback that you give about his behavior.

Writing this alone exhausts me; how much more experiencing it?

Sis, you need to get out of that situation.

4. You’re always on your own

Something is wrong if you have known each other for some time or are even dating or married, and things are still as though you are both strangers.

He doesn’t let you into his life or actively get involved in yours.

He doesn’t want to hang out with you, does not introduce you to family members, and does not want to meet your friends.

His absence in your life is always palpable.

I know that if you matter to a man and he values you, he will be present and want to show you off.

Even if he doesn’t show off to the entire world, he will show you off to people who matter to him, like his friends and family.

You can tell that you mean absolutely nothing to a man by the way he behaves to you.

Honestly, ask yourself these questions:

“Is he present and attentive to me?”

“Does he pay attention to my needs or just forget everything about me?”

I mean, if you constantly have to remind him of important things such as your birthday and you have to force him to celebrate you, then he’s not serious about you.

On days when you’re down and need someone to talk to, can you call him and be sure that he’ll respond?

Or will he fail to show up or show up very late without any genuine reason?

Masculine instincts naturally make men want to help the women in their lives.

They want to be there for her and do all the heavy lifting.

If he’s not doing that for you, it’s because he’s not into you.

5. He’s a promise breakerSigns You Mean Nothing To Him

He never keeps his word and never commits to his promises.

Girl, it’s because that man does not care about you.

He’s comfortable making and breaking his promises to you because you’re not a big deal.

The last time he said he would show up at your graduation ceremony, what did he do?

He called at the last minute to say he had very important things to attend to.

I would have interpreted that statement to mean that you’re not important, but I’ll allow you to do it yourself since you are in the situation, so you’ll understand things better.

He promises to show up for you or do stuff for you, but every time he is supposed to fulfill the promise, something magically comes up, and he’s unable to.

Because you don’t mean much to him, he’s comfortable with disappointing you.

He may even take it a step further and introduce lies.

If he’s constantly lying and spinning you tales, that’s an alarm, RUN!

If you mattered to him, he would not want to risk losing your trust through lies.

6. He’s meanSigns You Mean Nothing To Him

Acting gentlemanly towards you is foreign to him.

He does not even try to appeal to your feminine side by trying to be soft and calm with you.

He’s harsh and unfriendly, heavily criticizing you and acting like he’s always right.

Like Nigerians like to exclaim, God abeg o!

When women talk about how their men adore them and show them gentleness and care, you simply can not relate because, with you and this man, it is constant bad energy and toxicity.

He doesn’t show any form of curiosity towards you or try to inquire about your feelings.

He is abrasive and speaks to you in unkind ways.

I’m spelling these signs out clearly so you don’t have trouble recognizing them.

These are sore points, and it would do you a world of good to recognize them for what they are early enough.

7. He disrespects your body

It may manifest in his attitude towards your physical appearance if you mean nothing to a man.

He will display nonchalance or even act repulsive towards your body.

You know for sure that you’re getting zero compliments from him about how you look, so don’t even expect it.

And if the man in question is your husband, it may even be worse because he may say unpleasant things about your body.

He may make you feel bad during intimacy or even refuse to get intimate with you.

This is a very unhealthy situation, and it needs to be addressed as such.

8. He doesn’t try to impress youSigns You Mean Nothing To Him

You know how people try to put their best foot forward when it comes to people they fancy?

They want to show their great sides and minimize their flaws as much as possible.

You know you mean nothing to him if he doesn’t do this.

He’s wholly lethargic and has zero motivation to show you his good sides.

He doesn’t try to do nice stuff for you or impress you by doing stuff like opening doors for you, taking you on dates and looking his best, or trying to show you a skill he’s learned.

It doesn’t even have to be any of these things I mentioned.

It can be anything that shows you that he’s trying to impress and dazzle you.

But you don’t get any of that.

All you get instead is his raw, unrefined self.

He may even be badly behaved and not even try to hide it from you.

It’s because he doesn’t rate you; he’s not trying to win you over, so he sees no need to market himself.

9. You feel like a second optionSigns You Mean Nothing To Him

If you feel like you’re not a priority, it’s because you’re not.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment: If you had an emergency and needed him to show up for you and his friends, call him for a hang out at that same time; who would he go with?

I hope to God that your answer was not “his friends,” but even if that is your answer, it’s great because at least now you know where you stand.

A man who picks other people and things over you is not a man you matter to.

10. He can’t make sacrifices

When someone makes sacrifices for you, what they’re saying is, “This thing means a lot to me, but because you mean so much more, I’m willing to lay it down for your sake.”

Sacrifice is the hallmark of love and commitment.

It shows how much you’re valued.

Men sacrifice their time, money, and sometimes, even their ego for the woman they cherish.

They buy gifts, take time out of a busy day to call, and take on responsibilities that would be burdensome to their woman.

She means a lot to them, so they do not hesitate to do it, sometimes even risking looking like a fool.

Sacrifice becomes less burdensome when the person is worth it.

So, you don’t mean much to him if he cannot sacrifice for you.

Scratch that; It’s because you mean nothing to him.

There’s no point sugar-coating the words because if you can relate to more than three of the signs highlighted in this article, then it’s a serious situation.

If you mean something to a man, you will know.

The feminine intuition doesn’t lie.

So, carefully assess the situation, be honest with yourself, and choose what’s best for you.

I am rooting for you.

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