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5 Awesomely Amazing Benefits of Watching TV

5 Awesomely Amazing Benefits of Watching TV

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If I earned a dollar each time I came across an article on ‘productive things to do instead of watching TV’, I’d be a millionaire.

TV watching has been so demonized by writers and motivational speakers.

Isn’t there anything good about watching TV?

Even people who write these articles spend some time before the screen.

I don’t feel guilty whenever I watch TV because

I enjoy some awesomely amazing benefits of watching TV.

So, can anything good come from watching TV?

You’ll get an answer to this question after this quick read.

5 Awesomely Amazing Benefits of Watching TV

It relaxes you after a long day

I come across some articles that reel out other ‘productive’ things you can do after a long day instead of watching TV.

I don’t want to engage my brain in any other so-called productive activity after a really long day!

I just want to relax my head after a warm shower.

No, I don’t want to read because I’ll read a line over and over again.

I love reading, so don’t get me wrong.

Watching TV to relax after the day’s hustle isn’t such a bad idea.

I love to watch romantic comedies or anything that’ll make me chillax (chill and relax).

Watching TV sharpens your creativity

As a writer, watching interesting talk shows and movies on TV not only gives me inspiration, it also sharpens my creativity.

I learn from story lines and understand how plots unfold.

Even as a blogger, I get lots and lots of content ideas from movies and my favourite talk shows.

That’s why you won’t catch me reading an article that tells me not to watch TV.

TV is an inspiration source for me.

Career inspiration
benefits of watching tv

Do you know you can make a career out of watching TV?

If you are a movie fanatic, you can start reviewing movies, sharing your opinions on the movies you’ve watched, especially popular ones like Game of Thrones.

People are always scouring the internet for movie reviews, critiques, and recommendations.

You can start a YouTube channel or a blog where you review the movies, talk shows, red carpets, and even celebrities that you watch.

This is a way of making sense of out your passion or hobby.

Earn you some passive income
benefits of watching tv
Reviewing movies and popular shows on your YouTube channel or blog can earn you a passive income. This is a way to turn your passion into profit.

A lot of people are ditching their 9 to 5 job to pursue their passion and take charge of their time and finance.

People are becoming full-time bloggers and vloggers, and earning their dough.

This is not a joke or a sweet talk.

This blog you’re reading generates passive income for me. I’m also gathering resources to start my YouTube channel.

So, I know what I’m saying. This isn’t some empty motivational speech.

It’s real.

If you enjoy watching TV, start reviewing the things you watch through writing or speaking.

Screen Rant is one of the top movie reviewers on YouTube with 5.8M subscribers!

Five million and eight hundred thousand people!


Can you imagine?
I don’t want to imagine what their yearly income looks like.

Jeremy Jahns is another movie reviewer that does magic on his YouTube channel. His videos garner thousands of views within a few hours of upload.

Now I’m wondering what I’ve been doing with my life all these years.???

What are you waiting for if you really wanna do this?

Watching TV is a great way for a couple/family to bond
benefits of watching tv
There’s nothing wrong in a family bonding through watching their favourite movies.

Hubby and I enjoy watching movies and listening to sermons together. We laugh and analyze them as we watch.

TV time could be an amazing bonding time for a couple or a family.

Life is too serious. Let’s not make it more serious.

In conclusion, as with any good thing, excess is bad.

If watching TV disrupts your life in a way that makes it difficult for you to concentrate on other important activities, then you’re suffering from addiction, and you need to seek help.

But for a normal self-controlled individual, watching TV can be of immense benefits to you.

One funny thing is that people tell us on TV not to watch TV. If everyone is not watching TV, who will watch them?

People should stop telling others not to watch TV, instead, emphasis should be on how to live a productive life despite watching TV.

TV is made for humans. What makes the difference is what you are watching and why you are watching TV.

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Thursday 9th of May 2019

Thank you!!! I watch TV to relax and learn. I love watching Crime and Investigation. I watch Enews too. I can't watch a movie with hubby. We don't share the same movie interests.