40 Things to Do Before 40

They say life starts at 40.
Oh well…
They also say a fool at 40 is a fool forever.
The kind of life that will start for you at 40 will be determined by the things you’ve done before 40.
At 40, some people look back with fulfillment and encouragement to continue living while some look back with regret and pain of wasted years.
“A fool at 40 is a fool forever”
That means there are some boxes you ought to have ticked before 40.
However, I’m not one who believes that you should do something because others are doing it. I’m a firm believer of mapping out your life according to your preferences, and not what people think.
So, this list of 40 things you should do before you turn 40 isn’t me telling you what you should do. It’s just a list of suggestions or something to inspire you to make your own list.
things to do before 40
Here’s a list of 40 things to do before 40:
1. Discover your passion
2. Pursue your passion
3. Learn a new skill
4. Learn how to drive
5. Read a minimum of 40 books
6. Get married or have a stable relationship
7. Have/adopt kids
8. Have meaningful friends
9. Stay away from toxic relationships
10. Visit another continent
11. Go skydiving
12. Learn how to swim
13. Have a stable source of income
14. Have an asset
15. Learn a new language
16. Prepare for retirement
17. Have a healthy lifestyle
18. Overcome your phobia
19. Have a good relationship with your family
20. Let go of your painful pasts
21. Have a productive routine
22. Do a professional photo shoot
23. Write your will
24. Overcome your addiction
25. Find a hobby you enjoy
26. Visit your favourite movie location
27. Have a mentor
28. Make a donation for humanitarian cause
29. Have a professional makeup
30. Go on a ship cruise alone or with your family
31. Write a book
32. Write a letter of each of your children
33. Plan a reunion party with your family members or your old friends
34. Go on a road trip
35. Start a blog
36. Volunteer for community service
37. Mentor younger ones and share life lessons with them
38. Start a YouTube channel
39. Start your own business
40. Have a meaningful relationship with God.
I hope this list will inspire on what to do before 40.
Always remember that life waits for no man.
Don’t put pressure on yourself. But don’t waste your life either.
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