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8 Signs You Mean A Lot To Him

8 Signs You Mean A Lot To Him

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“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” – Maya Angelou.

Who doesn’t want to be loved the way Maya described?

In a world where it seems like crappy relationships are the order of the day, many of us have been blinded to the presence of the good guys out there.

Maybe the issue is that most relationships are on a surface level, and while the singles mingle, there is no sense of value for the said love of their lives.

Dear reader, ‘breakfast’ (heartbreak) is not a national cake regardless of what Burna Boy said in his song “Last Last.”

When you experience love with the right person, it is devoid of the painful heartbreaks you may have come to expect in relationships.

The right guy who values you is out there waiting for you, and you just need some help recognizing the signs.

Let’s go over the signs together!

8 Obvious Signs You Mean A Lot To Him

1. He will always tell you

signs you mean a lot to him

It’s not just enough to love; it is also crucial that love is expressed in words.

Sometimes, this is an issue that ladies have with guys.

Most guys believe in showing how much they love you through their actions but neglect saying the words “I love you.”

However, when a man truly loves you, he tells you that he loves you regularly just to show how much you mean to him.

The words of affirmation he speaks are not necessarily for himself.

He speaks them because of you, to assure you that his feelings for you haven’t changed.

When you mean a lot to a man, he will constantly remind you of how much he loves you, even during the most unexpected of moments.

Talk is cheap, they say, so alongside his words, his body language and actions harmoniously scream, “YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!”

2. He shares his goals and aspirations with you

signs you mean a lot to him

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction”- Antoine de Saint -Exupéry.

The hardest thing for a man to do is to open up about himself to anyone, especially a woman.

It’s just like that with most men.

When a man truly loves you so much, he opens up to you.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but gradually, he gets to that point that he has completely bared his soul before you.

He tells you of his goals, aspirations, ambitions, and worries.

He shares these dreams with you because he loves you, and you mean a lot to him.

He shares them with you because he values your input.

He shares them with you because he wants you to be a part of his future.

After all, what is love if it doesn’t involve growing and developing together?

3. He listens to you

signs you mean a lot to him

“The first duty of love is to listen”- Paul Tillich

When a man loves you, he also listens to you.

Listening isn’t as easy as it seems, and most people rarely ever listen truly.

A sign that you mean a lot to him is that listening to you becomes easy.

He shows curiosity about everything related to you and would rather spend his time listening to you talk about both important and not-so-important things.

I remember a time in my life when I was convinced I had met my future wife.

I was ten years old at that time, yet I couldn’t help sitting beside her, listening to her prattle on about the movies she watched, her favorite TV show, and any other thing she considered important.

What happened to our love?

Well, one day, a new boy came to school and seemed to sweep her off her feet.

I suffered my first heartbreak at the age of ten, but I am thankful that we don’t look like what we have been through. Lol.

Similar to my puppy love experience, a man who loves you will listen to you intently because he wants to know more about you.

4. He motivates you

signs you mean a lot to him

When you mean a lot to a guy, he is always ready to support you.

He motivates you, especially when you are at the lowest point of your life.

He displays a willingness to help you out with any problem, irrespective of how tasking it may be.

Your happiness becomes his priority, and he does everything he can to see you happy.

He will motivate you at your weakest and cheer you on at your strongest.

5. He compliments you

signs you mean a lot to him

When you mean a lot to him, he notices even the slightest changes and details of your appearance.

He notices when you try a new hairstyle or a different outfit.

He will not just notice the changes; he will also tell you how those changes make you look better.

He is not insecure about your achievements and success, and he is your biggest cheerleader.

He celebrates every one of your little wins like they are his.

When he does all this, there should be no doubt in your heart that you mean a lot to him

6. He spends quality time with you

signs you mean a lot to him

When a man spends quality time with you, it is a sign that he enjoys spending time with you.

Quality time is quite important in relationships as that is one of the major ways that partners can get to know each other and bond even more.

When you mean a lot to him, he makes an effort to spend quality time with you even when he is busy.

This is because he enjoys interacting with you.

My sister’s husband, while they were dating, defied distance, network issues, and his intense work schedule just to consistently connect with her because she meant a lot to him, and he couldn’t afford to lose her. 

They would talk for many hours over the phone, just enjoying each other’s company.

Isn’t it said that we always make time for whatever is important?

Funny enough, there are times of precious companionable silence you will spend with your boo.

To me, this is a higher level of intimacy, the ability to spend time in silence with someone without feeling uncomfortable.

It depicts a bond that goes beyond the ordinary.

7. He apologizes when he is wrong

signs you mean a lot to him

It is not uncommon knowledge that many men find it a little difficult to admit when they are wrong.

This is because of how egoistic society has stereotyped men to be.

However, when you mean a lot to a man, he breaks the mold of society’s stereotypes and does things he won’t do normally.

He makes every effort to apologize for anything he does wrongly.

There are times that he may even apologize for being right.

When did being right become an offense?

Well, in relationships, there are times when being right is wrong, and you must apologize for being right to maintain peace.

After all, what gain is there to win the battle and lose the war?

8. He makes you feel safe

There is this protective streak in males when it relates to females.

It is a product of social construct, and it is even more pronounced in a man when you mean a lot to him.

He has this irresistible urge to protect you, even to the point of putting himself at risk just to save you.

I should know this because I have female friends that I have put myself at risk to protect.

If you feel safe because he is with you, it could be a sign that you mean a lot to him.

Perhaps you haven’t met him for long, and you are wondering how it is possible to develop such a protective streak for someone he just met.

Then, I need to remind you of “Titanic”.

Jack sacrificed his life for that of Rose, a woman he had just met aboard the ship.

There are other examples of men doing the same thing in history, risking their lives to save the women they love.

Any guy can be with you during the pleasant times.

It is tough times that prove whether you mean a lot to him.


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