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8 Signs Your Wife is Tired of You

8 Signs Your Wife is Tired of You

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In the course of a candid conversation with an intimate friend of mine, she mentioned to me that her greatest fear about marriage was waking up one day and realizing that she was tired of her husband.

I opined that a woman does not just suddenly get to that point.

There must have been some happenings and signs portending such feelings.

The signs must have been ignored way longer before she came to such a realization.

Marriage, no doubt, is a mélange of exciting and unexciting moments, and this applies to even the greatest of marriages.

The willingness of both partners in the marriage to keep believing in the union is what takes them through the rough seasons.

When a partner, in this case, the wife, loses the will to keep it going, then there is a huge cause for concern.

At this point, she sees you as the problem, and she is tired of putting up with you.

In this article, we will discuss some of the signs your wife is tired of you.

8 Signs Your Wife Is Tired of You

1. She gets easily irritated by your mistakessigns your wife is tired of you

Your darling wife, who used to lovingly tell you about your mistakes and probably fix them without making a fuss, is no longer interested in doing such for you.

If you notice that she is less tolerant of your shortcomings and acts irritated by them, it might suggest that she is tired of you.

It might begin to seem as though she is on the lookout for your errors, and she harshly points them out.

She leaves you to deal with the consequence of your mistakes even if she had the chance to prevent them.

When we are in love with our partners, we often overlook their mistakes and focus on the bigger picture, but when she stops doing that, there’s fire on the mountain.


2. She cringes at your touchsigns your wife is tired of you

When your wife is tired of you, chances are that her efforts toward physical intimacy will begin to decline.

For most women, offences have a way of affecting the way they perceive or entertain physical touch.

She might begin to keep a distance from you in the home.

She does not want to sit on the same sofa as you; even if you still share the same bed, she might keep you at arm’s length. 

She does not touch you, neither does she want to be touched.

This is not a good sign at all.


3. She gives you the silent treatmentsigns your wife is tired of you

If your wife stops to communicate her grievances toward you, it could be a sign that she is fed up.

She stops talking to you except when absolutely necessary (maybe about the children, bills, or groceries).

When you talk to her, she just gives you one-word answers in response.

She is not interested in engaging you.

She acts like you are non-existent in the home.

She relates well with everybody but you.

Her silence could mean that she is tired of fighting.

When women care, we want to talk things out, and express our feelings, and this could come off as nagging or complaining.

So if a woman is tired, she may just stop talking in order to avoid further arguments.

This is a very unhealthy attitude and should not be allowed to continue for long.

When two people live under the same roof as strangers, the marriage is under serious threat of breaking.


4. She doesn’t miss you while you are away

If you notice that your wife is unbothered about your absence in the home, this could mean that she probably prefers it that way.

 As married couples, even though it is possible that each partner may frequently crave some “me alone” time, in an ideal marriage, this craving often does not last for long before they begin to miss each other.

If your wife is tired of you, she might not check up on you while you are away, nor does she say or do things that imply that she looks forward to your return.

And when you return, she does not welcome you with excitement and warmth.

This suggests that companionship is dwindling in your marriage.

Your wife apparently no longer sees the need to spend quality time with you, and this is quite dangerous.


5. She does not make sacrifices for yousigns your wife is tired of you

Healthy compromises and sacrifices are expected in every marriage.

However, if you observe that your wife has stopped to go out of her way to do things for you, this might be a cause for concern.

If it is not convenient, she won’t be bothered.

If it costs her a little too much, she’s backing out.

She no longer prioritizes your needs.

These are indications that she is tired of you and does not care so much any longer.

Maybe she’s tired of making sacrifices for you and always compromising and wants to focus on herself.


6. She is indifferent to your decisions.

One of the benefits of being married is having someone to rub our minds with and share our burdens with.

You should not be married to someone who cannot tell you the truth even if you are not happy to hear it.

If your wife leaves you alone to make decisions and refuses to give her opinions, this could mean that she is tired of you.

As long as the decision-making has no direct effect on her, she does not mind.

This might be because she has not been feeling heard in the marriage, so she believes you wouldn’t listen or heed what she has to say anyway.


7. She does not care about your looks

Every wife who loves her husband wants him to look his best.

I always give my opinions about what my husband should wear, and I’m sure many other wives do the same.

I even buy him clothes and underwear sometimes, so I can make sure he looks his best. 

But if your wife does not care about how you look and does not even comment on what you wear, this could be a sign that she is tired of you.

If you wear a new look, she has nothing to say to you.

She probably doesn’t even notice.

Your hair and beard looking unkempt are not even a bother to her.

She no longer cares.

She no longer makes suggestions about what you should wear or how you should wear it.

She does not compliment you when you look good.

This is a sign that she is fed up with you.


8. She does not laugh at your jokessigns your wife is tired of you

A lot of women like men who can crack them up and make them smile.

This is probably one of the things that got her attracted to you.

But things have changed.

What your humor does to her these days is to piss her off.

She no longer finds your jokes funny.

She probably now reacts to them with a fake smile or chuckle or even with a deadpan demeanor.

If you catch her smiling, it would most definitely not be at you or because of you.


I am of the opinion that a marriage whereby a wife exhibits any or many of the signs above is in a state of emergency.

Urgent steps need to be taken at the earliest time possible.

These signs should not be ignored, else the marriage may be irretrievably broken in no time.

If it would require external or professional intervention, it’s best you explore that option before things finally get out of hand.

If her reasons for exhibiting these signs can be discovered, it’s a good start for working on the marriage. 

If you care about your marriage, you don’t want your wife to be tired of you.

Because if he’s tired of you, she’ll be tired of the marriage as well!

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