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8 Powerful Signs Your Wife Is Bored In Bed

8 Powerful Signs Your Wife Is Bored In Bed

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The anticipation and the adrenaline rush accompanying sexual intercourse when you newly marry may die down gradually.

One of the things that makes sex exciting in a new marriage is that everything is new.

You are both exploring each other and constantly practising the outcomes of your explorations.

Over time, however, you find out that in marriage, excitement in sex is not automatic; it is provoked and sustained.

If you stick to the new things you learnt about each other for too long, sex becomes routine and boring.

As a man, you certainly would want your wife to look forward to the good things you plan to do to her in bed.

If your wife exhibits any signs we will highlight in this article, you may need to step up your game.

8 Powerful Signs Your Wife Is Bored In Bed

1. She never initiates sex8 Powerful Signs Your Wife Is Bored In Bed

There are a number of reasons why some women rarely ask for sex from their partners.

They give but hardly ever ask.

If you observe that your wife never asks for sex, this may be a sign that she is bored in bed.

She wants sex but does not like it as it has been.

She desires a change in the ‘modus operandi’.

If sex never happens except you ask for it, it could be a sign that your wife does not see anything to anticipate.

There is a good feeling that comes with being desired, and if you are not getting this feeling, it may be because sex with you is unappealing to her.

2. She stops you in the middle of the act

If your wife suddenly stops you in the middle of sex and does not wish to continue, this is a sign that she is bored stiff.

If you have confirmed that she is not in any form of pain, then it may be that you are not touching or hitting the right spots, and she cannot hang on.

You are probably not watching her responses or following her prompts.

You are likely to find this embarrassing and hurtful.

Hopefully, you channel the embarrassment towards finding out what you are doing wrong.

3. She does not participate actively8 Powerful Signs Your Wife Is Bored In Bed

It takes two to tango.

If sex must be great, the two people involved must be involved.

However, if either of them is unwilling to flow in the same direction, the other may get bored and do less.

She may remain silent and distant all the way.

A clear sign of boredom during sex is passive participation.

If she does not want to exert energy during the act, it is a sign that she is tired of the predictability of the intercourse.

4. She does not reach orgasm8 Powerful Signs Your Wife Is Bored In Bed

This is a reason as well as a sign.

If your wife constantly does not reach orgasm, it could be a result of the monotonous moves you make during sex.

As long as she remains bored, orgasm will be impossible.

Truth be told, it is easier for men to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse than women.

This is where love should come in, and beyond getting satisfied in sex, you should seek the same for your spouse.

As a man, you need to study your wife’s body painstakingly to master the moves that tickle her fancy.

And this also applies to her.

Please don’t assume you know; ask her.

Also, do not underestimate the power of foreplay for a woman.

It is a total game-changer!

5. She never invites you when going to bed

If you observe that your wife sneaks to sleep instead of announcing her retirement for the day so that you can come along, as is the practice of many couples, it is a sign that there is nothing to look forward to.

Therefore, she would rather sleep than “sleep with you”.

It may seem as though she is avoiding being asked for sex.

If you have confirmed that there are no other plausible reasons for such, you should consider the possibility of her being bored in bed.

6. She avoids feedback

8 Powerful Signs Your Wife Is Bored In Bed

After sex, does she ever express to you how you made her feel?

Does she commend or correct you about something you did while at it?

Or she avoids giving you feedback, even if you ask for it?

Does she avoid eye contact with you?

There, you have it.

She is likely not enjoying it and remains silent because she does not want to bruise your ego.

She is probably hoping that you will take a cue from her silence.

7. She is cranky after sex

A sexually satisfied woman will be unable to contain her satisfaction after lovemaking.

You would see it in her glow, the smiles, the giggles, the added spring to her steps etc.

If your wife’s mood does not change for good after sex, or it worsens, then it is a sign that the sex was not relaxing for her.

Who gets cranky after having fun?

It definitely was not fun enough.

She may even disconnect immediately after sex and refuse to be cuddled.

8. She fakes an orgasm


8 Powerful Signs Your Wife Is Bored In Bed

If you observe that your wife fakes orgasms just in order to get it done over with, it could be an indication that she is bored.

If she looks like she looks forward to the end of the sex too early, she is probably used to everything you are doing and is not thrilled.

She probably even moans more than usual to mask her disinterest or keeps quiet.

You should know her well enough to tell that something is off.


As married folks, sex is beyond mere copulation.

It is a deliberate act that fosters bonding between you two.

It is a beautiful time of intimacy.

Therefore, you both should be thoroughly invested in it.

Communication is very key in every aspect of marriage, sex inclusive.

You may be able to study your wife’s non-verbal suggestions.

However, she also needs to communicate verbally sometimes, as you are not a mind-reader.

You both should not be scared or shy to introduce new things. Be open to learning and evolving.

Tell her about your fantasies and ask for hers.

Explore new styles.

Change the venue occasionally.

Get away from the kids and all other familiar factors.

Make love and not just babies.

It is ironic how the world today seems to be agog about sex, whereas sex is getting boring and causing discords in some marriages.

Even if there are pending issues in the marriage, an exciting sex life opens the door for better communication to resolve them.






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