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8 Proven Tips On How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

8 Proven Tips On How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

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If sex has become rare in your marriage and your wife is always dragging her feet when it comes to lovemaking, it’s high time you knew how to get your wife in the mood.

You are open to learning how to do that, so you are reading this.

Kudos to you for being intentional about your marriage!

This article will talk about how men can seduce their wives or, better put, make their wives want to have more sex with them.

Enjoy the read!


8 Proven Tips On How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

1. Have A Heart-to-heart Conversation With Her.

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

We don’t often understand that desire is not just about having a physical urge.

Usually, the physical urge is awakened by an active emotional connection.

That’s why women tend to reach orgasm more in marriages where the couples are emotionally intimate.

It is also why makeup sex is real and not going away anytime soon.

When you’ve bared your souls to each other, feel that you’re very close, and stay committed to one other, desire will be ignited.

So, try as much as you can to find out what is going on in her head and heart.

While it’s important to handle each day’s worries, drawing from the deeper stuff is just as necessary if you’re bent on fueling desire in her.

Find out some things about her, including her fears and insecurities.

Rather than expressly trying to fix things, calm down and learn more about these things first.


2. Help Her Unburden Her Mind.

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

If a woman has many things happening in her head and mind, it will be hard to get her in the mood not to talk about having sex.

Many times, the numerous things that occupy her head and mind are undone house chores, uncompleted tasks, and even details she needs to remember the following day.

Other times, it can be bad vibes and feelings from her negative conversations with loved ones.

Or she might feel things are not going well in some aspects of her life.

This is why you should help with the physical work as much as possible.

Learn how to play your part in the home.

Try to engage yourself in doing the housework as much as she does so that she won’t have much to do at the end of the day.

You can also speak to her and help her process whatever she has going on in her mind.

Some women need to spend time alone to process their thoughts and feelings.

If she’s in this category, form a habit of giving her time to herself and then reach out to her when she’s finished.

Some other women like to talk about everything.

You can take her on a stroll in the evening and let her open up to you.

If there are details she needs to remember for the following day, you can set up a calendar where you write her schedule, yours, and that of the kids.

Unfortunately, the mental load of child care and housework has fallen on women.

You can help her by taking responsibility for some of these chores so she’ll get them off her mind and not worry about them.

The more things you help get off her mind, the easier it will be for her to let go of her worries and settle in to have fun.


3. Share Laughter.

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

It’s easy to lose the friendship you shared with your wife when you were dating in marriage.

They say laughter is the best medicine and a fantastic way to get her in the mood.

There are many reasons why this is true, but I’ll start with the obvious: laughter is contagious.

When you’re laughing together, it’s hard not to get swept up in all that fun and energy.

And when you share laughter with your wife, you share an experience that brings you closer together.

Laughter also reduces stress levels, helping us relax into intimacy.

So if you want to get your wife in the mood, make her laugh any way you can.

Say a few jokes, remind her of something funny, share funny pictures and videos, and giggle.

Laughter will help to strengthen your bond in marriage.


4. Pour Out Your Heart To Her.

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

More than unburdening her heart, what a lot of women want is for you to pour out your heart to her.

More often than not, one of the keys to getting her in the mood is to show her that you can be vulnerable with her.

She wants to see that you want to be with her in a way that is more than physical and that you trust her.

If she’s going to be having sex with you, she’ll be giving you access to her body.

It’ll only be fair for you to open up to her too.

Let her into your emotions and not only your body.

She should know about your fears, dreams, and things you loved before but have let go of.


5. Let Her See How Much You Appreciate Her.

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

When you let your wife know and see how much you appreciate her, she’ll know how important she is to you.

It’ll help clear the doubts she has about herself as to whether she’s inadequate or not.

Find an area where your wife has been working on and improving lately, and let her know that you see the efforts she’s putting in.

Be specific; it’ll help her know you’re paying attention to her moves.

One of the things that cause arousal in many women is knowing that they matter to their men.

Let her know that she matters to you.


6. Handle Your Kids Gently
Always tell your kids how much you love them.

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

Kiss them.

Hug them.

Read bedtime stories to them.

Stoop to their level, stare right into their eyes, and occasionally have honest conversations with them.

Your wife likely loves the children more than life itself.

She’ll feel good and relaxed around you if you treat her children like she treats them.

Contrary to what many men think, it’s not about keeping an eye on the kids so their wives can relax, although it’s a good move.

It’s about creating an emotional bond that speaks these words to your wife — I am a haven, I can nurture, and I am strong and gentle at the same time.

You don’t expect her to deal with the kids all day and still muster the strength to make love to you at night.

It’s not fair or right.

She’ll be exhausted.

It’s a big relief if she finds out she doesn’t have to go down that road alone.

So dear daddy, sit up and play your part if you haven’t been doing so.


7. Look Good And Smell The Part As Well.

If you want to put your wife in the mood, consider looking good and smelling the part too.

Women tend towards guys who look good and take care of themselves.

Have a nice shower with soap with a nice fragrance, trim or shave your beards, and use a good cologne.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth too!


8. Establish Touching Throughout The Day

You see, one of the best things to help you get your wife in the mood is touching throughout the day.

Yes, it sounds simple enough, but did you know that most men fail at this task?

Touching throughout the day helps establish intimacy between couples and makes them more likely to have sex later, especially for women, who take longer than men to be in the mood.

Touching doesn’t have to be something fancy or extravagant.

Casual touches like a hand on the shoulder or arm while walking through a room together, putting an arm around each other while watching TV, kisses on the lips and cheeks, hugging her from the back while she’s in the kitchen (this is my favorite), random hugs occasionally, etc. will do wonders in getting your wife ready for you.


Practise these eight tips, I’m sure they’ll help.

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Friday 10th of May 2024

Wife has a vaginal dryness that causes her a painful ordeal so nothing for the last 10yrs. Married 58 yrs.


Monday 4th of March 2024

I wish you luck in teaching a majority of Amer. men those ideas. Too many consider those ideas to be Things WEAK men do.

Abdulmaleek Daniya

Saturday 15th of July 2023

This is a very enlightened article very understanding and interesting and found it very useful to me thanks for the good job keep it up

Mabel's Blog

Saturday 15th of July 2023

Glad you found it helpful!


Friday 30th of June 2023

I Am a touchy feely kinda guy.anytime I would walk by I would touch her.she said she was tired of me touching her all the time. It didn't last... 1,2, and 3 were all the same. I'm leaving it up God to find me a wife, that knows how to be one. (a Wife) I'm thinking a lot of girls don't know how.

Amy Gould

Wednesday 27th of September 2023

@Dan, I think in this day and age that goes for a lot of people and to say that the breakdown of the family unit and how television and social media portrays men and women and relationships says a lot! I have been married 3 times now. I’m not saying I’m innocent but I’ve never cheated, I have always gone above and beyond for my family but when I see the disrespect I will not tolerate it. It took a long time for me to get to that point. Now that I’m disabled my last husband said a few hurtful things he said he would never do. Like he swore and was angry with me like and treated me like my last ex. I’m not stupid and I’m a pretty good friend and fun to be around 😄this time he decided he couldn’t handle a wife with a chronic illness so 🤷‍♀️ there you go. His life went in a different direction and voila I’m single and extremely happy this time. I do wish for you to find happiness in your life. Me I am very happy, my stress has been cut by 80% since I moved out.

Amy 💜💜


Monday 12th of June 2023

Very edifying and enlightening. No marriage can be boring or unsatisfactory if this tips can be practiced.

Mabel's Blog

Monday 12th of June 2023

I agree. Thanks for reading.