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140+ Painful Things a Wife Should Never Say To Her Husband

140+ Painful Things a Wife Should Never Say To Her Husband

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Things a wife should never say to her husband… 

“Words are free. It is how you use them that may cost you.” – J. Martin

Yes, your words can cost you your marriage. 

The most important lesson I’ve learned so far in marriage (glad I learned it early into our marriage) is that, words can ruin or build a home. 

Funny thing is, you don’t even have to mean those words. You only have to spill them. 

I didn’t mean the words I said to my husband three weeks after our wedding, but they caused a serious argument that threatened our union. 

We were both wrong but I said too much. Or I typed too much. It was a text message in response to his. 

Downsides to being a fiction writer—the words kept flowing, even though I didn’t mean them. 

There’s no perfect marriage on the planet. 

Even the sweetest couple have their moments of conflicts

However, there are some things you shouldn’t say to your partner—if you still care about them or your marriage—things a wife should never say to her husband. 

This is because words are like eggs, once said, can never be retrieved. 

Again, you don’t have to mean them. 

No matter how much you try to convince your spouse that you didn’t mean the hurtful thing you spewed to them, the fact that you thought it up is enough to bother them. 

Just as there are some worst things a husband could ever say to his wife, there are some things a wife should never say to her husband. 

Below are 150+ things a wife should never say to her husband :

150+ Things a Wife Should Never Say To Her Husband 

1. You are a loser

2. You are so weak

3. You are not man enough

4. I wish you were dead

5. You’re a terrible husband

6. I wish I didn’t marry you

7. I curse the day I met you

8. I don’t love you, I never did, and I’ll never do

9. You are such a disappointment

10. I don’t trust you and will never do

11. You don’t deserve me

12. I hate you

13. You are a sissy

14. Stop crying/don’t cry. Real men don’t cry

15. Your children hate you

16. You are the worst husband on the planet

17. You don’t deserve anything good

18. Just look at your mates

19. You’re a weakling

20. You’re simply the worst

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21. Just die!

22. I married you out of pity

23. You can never amount to anything good in your life

24. I should have married my ex

25. You disgust me

26. You’re so dumb/stupid

27. You can’t get anything right in your life

28. You are my worst nightmare

29. You don’t deserve my respect

30. I’m never going to respect you

31. You’re a poor man and you’ll ever be

32. No woman deserves a living nightmare like you

33. Your existence makes me so sad

34. You don’t deserve to breathe in the same air I do

35. The world is unfortunate to have you in it

36. You disgust your children 

37. You will never be a good father

38. You don’t deserve to be married 

39. You don’t deserve to be a father

40. I’ll make sure your children want nothing to do with you

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41. You’ll never be successful, no matter how hard you try

42. No wonder your family hates you

43. I hate your family.

44. It runs in the blood (negative)

45. You’re sick in the head

46. You keep getting worse

47. You deserve all the bad things that life has to offer

48. I don’t wish you well

49. You’re ugly

50. I don’t find you attractive

Things a wife should never say to her husband

51. You’re so lazy

52. I hate being at home with you

53. Your absence makes me happier

54. I can’t stand you

55. I don’t want anything to do with you

56. You’re so shallow

57. Your life is empty

58. Nothing about your life is desirable

59. I don’t care about you

60. You’re just like your father. You’re not different from him

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61. You’re not the head of this family. You’re just a figurehead

62. Why can’t you just be like…. (a friend or colleague)

63. I should have known better than to end up with you

64. My family warned me but I didn’t listen

65. I wish you were smarter

66. You’re problematic

67. You lying piece of sh*t

68. You are a killjoy

69. The world is better without you in it

70. Nobody likes you

71. You’re not wanted

72. I’m done with you

73. I want a divorce/I should divorce you right now (don’t ever mention the D word if you don’t want it)

74. I don’t care what you think

75. Don’t you ever think?

76. You have no talent(s)

Things a wife should never say to her husband

77. You’re a fool

78. You can never change

79. You’re terrible in bed (You’ve ruined his ego! There are better ways to make your displeasure about his bedroom skills known)

80. I’m only managing you

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81. I only need to provide for this family. That’s what I need you for. Nothing else

82. I can’t stand your touch. 

83. Don’t touch me with your filthy hands

84. Go and make your food; I’m not your maid

85. You don’t have a good family

86. I don’t love your family

87. Your family is the worst

88. I’m the only good thing in your life

89. Why do you always ruin everything?/You’re so good at ruining everything 

90. You don’t think of anyone but yourself

91. You’re my life’s greatest mistake

92. There’s nothing desirable about this marriage

93. This marriage is over

94. Do the world a favor. Disappear!

95. You’re not useful to yourself, your family, or society

96. I don’t value you

97. You add nothing to my life

98. Oh, you’re not that important

99. I hope my kids never take after you in any way

100. I let down my kids by choosing you as their father

Things a wife should never say to her husband

101. I don’t care how you’ll do it. Just get it done!

102. My kids are my husband

103. I’m still married to you because of the kids

104. You’re jinxed

105. Nothing you do ever works out

106. My kids come before you

107. Your opinion doesn’t matter

108. You’re the weakest man I’ve ever been with

109. You call yourself a man? Oh please

110. I’ve met better men

111. It’s better to be alone than being with you

112. You drain me in every way

113. You’re ridiculously petty

114. You’re not that smart

115. You’re the worst husband of the century

116. I don’t miss you ever

117. I don’t care what you do with yourself

118. You’re a pig

119. You’re not that good looking

120. You’re wasting your life

121. I don’t believe in you

122. Of what good are you?

123. You don’t deserve my love

124. My family is better than yours

125. You have no right to tell me what to do

126. I earn more than you; I have equal rights as you do (of course you have equal rights, but it’s not because you earn more)

127. Our s*x life is the worst!

128. I lead, you follow

129. You make me miss my ex

130. You can’t tell me who to befriend

131. I can/will never forgive you

132. I want a man like my dad

133. My dad is a better man than you are

134. My friends don’t like you

135. Men like you are the worst!

136. I can’t count on you for anything

137. The only thing you are good at is letting me down

138. You have nothing

139. You’re just a bitter man

140. You’ll die alone

141. This marriage is a mistake…

These are some of the things a wife should never say to her husband, and this list is not exhaustive.

If you utter any of these hurtful words to your man, don’t let it end there.

Apologize and make efforts towards reconciliation, so peace can reign, and you can move forward. 

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