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”10 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me” 

”10 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me” 

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Physical intimacy is one of the ingredients of a happy marriage. 

So, it’s such a big deal if your wife is no longer attracted to you sexually. 

If things have not been going on fine in the bedroom and you are wondering what the problem is, it might be because your wife has lost her passion for intimacy with you. 

If you’re not sure, below are signs your wife is not sexually attracted to you anymore. 


“10 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually attracted to Me” 

  1. She is not initiating sex 

 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me

Sometimes the mere sight of my husband makes me want to grab him right there and then. 

If the timing is right, I follow my desires and initiate things. 

It’s because I’m sexually attracted to him. 

So if your wife doesn’t make a move on you anymore, clearly she has no sexual desires towards you. 


2. She doesn’t participate

This is another sign that she doesn’t find you sexually attractive. 

Maybe you make effort to initiate but she doesn’t participate. 

She just lies there like a wet noodle while you do all the work, then all is not well in the intimacy department. 

When a woman is into you, she’s motivated and participates actively in bed or wherever you’re doing the do. 


3. She argues a lot about sex

 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me

Whenever you bring up the subject of sex in your home and your wife keeps arguing about it, that’s a sign that your wife doesn’t find you attractive. 

She might talk about the different reasons why she shouldn’t and couldn’t have sex at that moment.

The topic of sex is a debate in your marriage and you keep going back and forth without a common ground.

This means her interest in you has gone cold and she doesn’t find you attractive anymore. 


4. Her body language is a turn-off

 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me

When you make advances toward her, she repels you even before you go any further. 

Her body language shows no form of acceptance of your advances.

When she is with you, it’s either her hands are crossed over her chest or her legs are crossed.

She takes defensive stances either consciously or unconsciously.

Even when in bed, she might turn her back to you or even distance herself from you.

All of these are major signs that she is no longer attracted to you and she doesn’t want to say it out.


5. There is no affection or PDA from her end

 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me

Women are natural empaths and are very affectionate towards the people they love.

If a woman who has been all over you suddenly stops showering you with love and affection, the attraction she has for you might have waned. 

A woman who loves you and is attracted to you will always show it no matter how shy she is.

She wants people to know who is hers and to who she belongs.

However, the story changes when she is not as attracted to you as she used to be.

She’d avoid being seen with you in public, let alone display her affection publicly for you.

She wouldn’t even show you her affectionate side in your privacy.


6. Your wife isn’t taking care of herself

When your woman knows the exact things that make you drawn to her, yet she stops doing them, then she is no longer attracted to you.

She leaves herself without caring for her looks or general well-being. 

She pays no attention to her body or herself knowing fully well that her appearance means a lot to you.

She could go weeks without changing her hairstyle.

She might even tone down on personal hygiene thereby keeping you away from her.

This shows she has no interest in seducing or attracting you because she no longer finds you desirable. 


7. She prefers sleeping alone or with the kids

 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me

Oh this! 

A major sign a woman is no longer sexually attracted to you is when she begins to create physical distance between you two.

She’s more comfortable being alone or when she craves company, she’d rather be with the kids.

Your presence becomes a burden to her and even makes her anxious or irritated. 

She finds solace in being away from you and your presence.

All of these happen because she is no longer attracted to your touch anymore.


8. She’s usually not in the mood

 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me

Whenever you bring up the subject of intimacy, she’d always tell you she’s not in the mood.

It’s always one tale or the other on how one issue or the other has ruined her mood.

She could even bring up issues or non-issues from the past just to validate her stance.

Nothing you do will put her in the mood because it’s usually from one story to the other.

She might give excuses that she is too tired or sick or has a headache. 

This is a clear sign she’s no longer into the bedroom games with you. 


9. She rejects your sexual advances all the time

Anytime you make a move on to her, she rejects you outright.

A woman who rejects a man’s sexual advances on her is definitely not attracted to the man.

If a woman finds you attractive enough, she’d want to get down with you time and over again.

Where the opposite happens in your own case, just forget it, your wife no longer finds you attractive sexually. 


10. She doesn’t flirt with you

Women are generally very expressive with how they feel and do not hesitate to make it known.

A woman who is attracted to you will point out all the features she finds fascinating about you and will make you feel good about it.

Flirting is a healthy part of every union and yours is no different.

When your wife stops flirting with you and doesn’t do all she used to do with words or actions, she probably doesn’t find you sexually appealing anymore. 


If these ten points resonate with you, it can be quite upsetting but remember things were not like this at the beginning. 

You need to find out why your wife is no longer sexually attracted to you. 

Women lose their passion for their husbands for so many reasons such as stress (house and work), unresolved conflicts, pregnancy, childbirth, child-raising, husbands becoming physically unappealing, etc.

Through communication, you’ll be able to find out what went wrong and how to go about fixing things. 

Be open-minded and don’t get defensive if you want your wife to open up to you. 

This is a phase in your marriage, and with your willingness to make things work, it’ll definitely pass. 

 Signs My Wife is Not Sexually Attracted to Me

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