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11 Clear Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me: How To Win Back Her Attraction

11 Clear Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me: How To Win Back Her Attraction

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 ”What are the signs my wife is not attracted to me?”

One of the best feelings in the world is being married to someone that finds you attractive.

If it’s been a long time, however, and you’ve started to feel like your wife is no longer attracted to you, then it can cause doubt, anxiety, and even depression.

Do any of these signs your wife is not attracted to you sound familiar?

Is she no longer looking you in the eye?

Has her affection for you diminished?

Has she stopped complimenting you on your clothing or choice of hairstyle?

These are all signs that you might have a problem on your hands.

If you are suspicious that your wife is not attracted to you anymore, many signs can give you an idea of where you stand.

Some of these signs might be very obvious, whereas some might be pretty subtle.

But when you put all these signs together, they will give you a pretty clear idea of the score between you and your wife.

What Are The Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me Anymore?

1. She won’t touch you

I’m not talking about sexual touching, although that’s also a problem.

Physical intimacy is more than just s*x; it’s caresses, hugs, and kisses.

Does she ever sit close to you or cuddle on the couch?

If not, it’s because she has no interest in being near you.

Women attracted to their husbands want to kiss them, hold their hands, and be intimate.

This doesn’t mean that they want to have s*x with their husbands all the time, but they do like being close.

If your wife is not attracted to you anymore, she might push you away when you try to kiss her or hug her, and she may not want to be intimate with you much.


2. She no longer makes an effort with her appearance

A woman who feels attracted to you will do things like wear make-up and dress nicely to seduce her husband.

A woman who’s lost interest will let herself go entirely.

If your wife used to be a fashionista, but now she’s happy to stay in the same old sweatpants for days, that’s a sign your wife is not attracted to you anymore.

At the beginning of a relationship, people tend to make an effort with their appearance because they want their partner to notice them as attractive.

If your wife doesn’t seem to care about how she looks when she’s around you anymore, that means she isn’t trying to impress you or get your attention.


3. She says mean things

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

A woman who is attracted to her husband will treat him nicely.

When her husband does something wrong, she will discuss it with him in a kind way, trying not to hurt his feelings.

On the other hand, a woman who is not attracted to her husband will say things that are intentionally mean and hurtful.


4. She makes you feel like you’re not worth her time

She is not interested in doing anything with you.

If you want to do something, she will try to find a way out of it simply because she doesn’t want to spend time with you.

Think about what she enjoyed doing with you or things you used to enjoy doing together.

Maybe it’s taking a stroll, playing board games, Netflix and chilling, eating together, or even going on a date.

If she doesn’t want to do it with you anymore, she’s no longer attracted to you.


5. She doesn’t talk to you very much anymore

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

When people are attracted to each other, they want to spend as much time together as possible, talking and sharing their lives.

Perhaps before, your wife couldn’t wait to share how her day went with you.

Before, you could gossip about friends, colleagues, and family.

But now, she no longer seems interested in talking to you or sharing stuff with you.

It could indicate that she’s not as attracted to you as she used to be.

This is especially true if she finds more and more ways to avoid being around you.


6. She has no interest in your life

Does she know what you did last weekend or how your big meeting went?

If not, it’s because she doesn’t care enough to ask.

You go on and on about your work, family, and friends, but she seems uninterested.

She doesn’t ask how your day was or if you met anyone interesting at work.

You tell her a joke, and she doesn’t even smile.

When a woman loves you, she wants to know everything about you.

She wants to know what you do all day long and who you do it with.


7. She talks about other relationships…a lot

Again, this means that something is missing in the relationship.

Your wife shouldn’t be comparing you to other people’s husbands or boyfriends unless it’s something positive that you should be doing more of.

If she’s frequently noting what someone else has and how much happier she would be if you were like him somehow, your wife is not attracted to you anymore.


8. She spends her free time with other people

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

If she would rather spend her free time with the kids, her friends, family, or even just by herself, it’s a sign that she doesn’t want to be around you.

It might not mean that she’s totally over you, but it does mean that there are some issues in your relationship.

A woman attracted to her husband will want to spend time with him.

If she’s lost her attraction for him, she would have time for everyone but him.


9. You’ve become a roommate rather than a husband

If your wife feels more like a roommate to you rather than a romantic partner, she might have lost her attraction to you.

You feel like you are just sharing a house, and there’s no more fun or spark between you two.

She might even leave the room for you when you enter it.


10. She doesn’t compliment you anymore

When was the last time your wife told you how attractive she thought you were?

If she doesn’t notice or comment on changes in your appearance, it may be because she doesn’t care enough to do so.

This could be because she doesn’t find you attractive anymore.


11. She avoids eye contact with you

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

Eye contact is one sign of attraction between two people.

When she is no longer interested in looking into your eyes, it could be that she has lost interest in you.

She may avoid looking at you altogether when talking to you by looking over your shoulder or down at her hands or the floor.


How Do I Get My Wife To Be Attracted To Me Again?

Now that you know the signs your wife is no longer attracted to you, you might be wondering, ”How do I get my wife to be attracted to me again?”

Below are helpful tips on regaining your wife’s attraction to you:

1. Find out the reason she’s no longer attracted to you

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

This is essential to regain your wife’s attraction to you.

Otherwise, you’d throw yourself into an ocean of guesswork which only guarantees a futile result.

One of the biggest mistakes I see men make is assuming that when their wife loses interest, it’s because she doesn’t find them physically attractive anymore.

But here’s the thing: many other reasons could lead to a loss of attraction in a relationship.

So before you go out and get a haircut, buy some new clothes, or hit the gym to bulk up, you need to ask yourself: why isn’t she attracted to me?

Is it because I’ve lost weight?

Got fat?

Is she sick of looking at me?

Or maybe she thinks I’m boring now and she prefers her exciting ex-boyfriend.

The only way to find out is by asking her.

But be prepared for the answer and don’t take it personally.

Listen. Don’t argue or try to rationalize things.

This is about what she wants, not what you want.

Because if she’s not attracted to you anymore, it’s either because of something you’ve done or some change in her preferences and desires.

If it was something you’ve done, you know what you have to do to fix it.

If it’s because you’ve gained weight or stopped working out and she prefers a more muscular physique, get a gym membership or exercise at home.

Maintain a healthy diet too.

If it’s because your hygiene has suffered, take daily showers, brush your teeth twice a day, wear a sexy perfume, get a haircut that suits you.

I know these sound like simple and obvious things, but when we get comfortable in a relationship, we tend to let ourselves relax in regards to our appearance as well.

If it’s because you are no longer going on dates, start planning them again.

If she feels hurt, neglected, and taken for granted by you, apologize for your wrongs and start putting her needs first.

Now, if those things don’t change her mind, and she still doesn’t feel attracted to you, I recommend talking to your wife about it and asking her if there’s anything specifically she wants you to do.


2. Show her you still have passion and romance for her

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

Tell her how much you love her, how in love with her you still are, and how special she is to you.

Remind her of all the little things that make her special to you.

Write her love notes.

Buy flowers or little gifts to tell her how much you care about her and appreciate everything she does for the family.

Women are very receptive when they feel cared for and appreciated.


3. Be the person she fell in love with

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

Remember what you were like when you first got together?

You might have been fun-loving and spontaneous, but somewhere along the line, you stopped.

Maybe life got in the way; perhaps you just forgot how much fun it was to be crazy together.

Make an effort to go back in time and start being that person again.

It will take some work – habits can’t be broken overnight – but it will help remind her of why she fell for you in the first place.


4. Do things that you know she finds interesting

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

You probably don’t want to watch the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but if it makes her happy, watch it with her.

If she wants to go for a walk or run in the park, do it with her.

Even if it’s not something you want to do, find the things that make her happy and do them with her for a change.


5. Smile more often around your wife

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

Nothing is sexier than seeing someone smile a lot.

It makes that person so much more attractive, even if they weren’t all that attractive, to begin with.

When she sees you smile, she will be drawn towards your energy and feel happier herself just by looking at you!


6. Go for counseling

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

If things aren’t changing for the better, seek counseling.

If you are both committed to working on your marriage and are equally committed to going for counseling, then there is a good chance you can save your marriage.

If one or both of you are not committed to saving your marriage, or you are not willing to go for counseling, then the chances are that things will keep going on a downward spiral.


Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me


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