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8 Signs Separation Will End In Divorce

8 Signs Separation Will End In Divorce

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Are you in a phase of separation in your marriage and wonder the signs separation will end in divorce?

Couples going through turbulent times in their marriages sometimes decide to go their separate ways in the quest for their individual peace of mind.

They sometimes get to a point where they can no longer tolerate each other’s differences.

This decision could repair or end the marriage.

They are not opting for divorce yet, but they no longer desire to live as a couple based on their present reality.

Marital separation could turn out to be either temporary or permanent, depending on how things played out between the husband and the wife while they were apart.

The separation could end in divorce eventually or, fortunately, end up in reconciliation.

In this article, we will discuss the possibility of signs separation will end in divorce. 

8 Signs Separation Will End In Divorce

1. You no longer communicate.

8 signs separation will end in divorce

If the two partners, while apart, refuse to contact each other and act like they both no longer care if the other still exists or not, this is not a green light towards reconciliation.

There is no effective conflict resolution without communication.

Hearing from each other occasionally is a sign of an existing amicability and civility even though you have grievances against each other.

Even if your communication does not turn out great, it at least shows that you are willing to still express yourselves to each other.

It also shows you care enough about each other to still reach out in each other’s interest.


2. You make no effort towards resolving the issues that led to the separation

signs separation will end in divorce

The time during which you are separated from your spouse could be a period of personal reflection and evaluation, which should gear you both towards making efforts to resolve the issues.

It should be a moment for a reality check on the current status of your union and what is likely to come.

However, if you both are not intentional about this while apart, the chances of you getting back together on good terms are slim.

If there is a need to visit a therapist, a pastor, a counsellor or a doctor, whatever the situation requires, and you are not taking any of these options, things might remain awry and probably get worse between you two.

If you do not desire a divorce, do well to explore all options available during this period.


3. You do not miss each other

signs separation will end in divorce

Absence should make your hearts grow fonder, shouldn’t it?

If during your period of separation, you both realise that you do not even miss each other, that is probably a sign that there is no hope that you are going to be able to cohabit in peace again.

Where there is no vacuum created in your period of separation, then it means their presence will not fill any space in your life.

You have shared your lives and done everything together in the past.

If this would count for something good, you should crave each other’s presence all over and be willing to make things right.



4. You both are unwilling to forgive and let go of the past

signs separation will end in divorce

Unwillingness to let go or forgive is a sign that this separation phase is not tending towards reconciliation.

Neither of you wants to acknowledge your shortcomings and apologise to the other.

You both want to be right at the same time on the issues or issues at hand.

You keep digging up issues that will clog the progress of your reconciliation instead of forging ahead and looking for a way forward.

If you do not grow past playing the blame game and clinging to past hurts, reconciliation will be hard.


5. You now both pursue different interests

8 signs separation will end in divorce

If in an effort to move on or find peace of mind, you both have taken different paths that cannot cross, then reconciliation may no longer be a possibility.

If your desires no longer complement each other, then you have probably grown more incompatible.

You are now travelling the world, but your spouse wants to settle down and build a family, and there is no compromise in view; you might have gotten to the end of the road. 

If you have gotten to a point where marrying your desires and wants out of life is difficult, then it may be time to let go.

It means compatibility and compromise, which are key to surviving any union, are no longer holding your relationship.


6. Either of you is seeing someone else

signs separation will end in divorce

Dating during marital separation will only make matters messier, of course, except you have no hopes of reconciliation.

The reason you are separated and not going ahead to file for divorce is most likely that you are giving yourselves room for possible reconciliation. 

If, however, either of you is seeing someone else, they will obviously not make efforts to work on the precarious state of the marriage.

Their attention will definitely be on the new relationship.

This implies that they are moving on and bidding the marriage goodbye.


7. You still resent each other

signs separation will end in divorce

If there are still feelings of hatred or animosity between you two, you may not be getting back together again.

You cannot stand each other’s presence or the mere mention of each other’s names.

You feel good when something negative happens to the other person.

This is not only injurious to your chance of reconciliation but also to your chances of moving on successfully.

Resentment and bitterness are enemies of progress and robbers of joy.


8. Your children prefer you remain apart

signs separation will end in divorce

Children desire a peaceful and balanced home.

No one would rather be happy to be a product of a broken home.

However, if your marriage was so bad that they would rather choose a broken home over the failing marriage, then this is not a great sign.

If your children dread the idea of you two coming back together because of the trauma that went through while you and your spouse lived under the same roof, you may need to consider the welfare of your children and make a choice that will not deny them of a peaceful childhood.

You should probably begin to map out a plan to co-parent as a divorced person.


To Conclude:

One of the regrets that some people have, post divorce, is realising that they didn’t fight for their marriage hard enough.

When they discover other ways they could have handled the issues better, they sometimes wish they could turn back the hands of time.

Separation period is likely the last chance you have to explore all options; do your best at it.

Do not, however, return if you do not see changes in yourself as well as your spouse.

Do not reconcile out of pity or emotional blackmail.

If you see that you both interact more positively and you have both made efforts to identify and resolve the problems, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you should probably follow it.

 No matter what direction separation leads your marriage, I wish you a blissful life.







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