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Does Absence Make A Man Miss You? It Depends

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You? It Depends

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I grew up hearing the popular saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” but as I got to learn more idioms, I also got to hear that “Out of sight is out of mind.”

Contradicting right?

If you are about to travel to a place far from the man you love or if you just want to give him some space for a while to see how he responds, you may find yourself asking questions like “does absence make a man miss you?” or is out of sight out of mind for them?

The truth is that it is different for every situation and every individual.

For some people, absence draws their hearts to you even more and makes them miss you, while for others, absence makes them forget you and move on with their lives.

It really depends on your unique situation and the man involved.

However, there are some pointers that will help you know what category you fall under.

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You?

Absence Makes A Man Miss You If:

1. He Likes You

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You?

When a man likes you as a person, you can be sure that your absence will make him miss you.

A man who enjoyed your company, had fun moments with you, had interesting and deep conversations with you, and created beautiful memories with you will surely miss your absence.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder when it involves people who like each other.

He may not necessarily have romantic feelings for you, but he really likes your person.

So if you are wondering if he will miss you, ask yourself if he likes you. 

If you have the answer to that, you have your answer. 


2. He Is Madly In Love With You

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You?

When a man is in love with you, he does not want to see you go.

His heart is drawn to you; he always wants you around him.

He expresses his feelings through little gestures, such as sending you thoughtful gifts, helping with tasks without being asked, and providing words of comfort. 

His eyes light up when he sees you; his heart skips a beat when you walk into the room. 

He goes out of his way to make sure that you are happy and secure in your relationship. 

If this sounds like him, then it is very likely that he will miss you in your absence.

Because he will miss the sweet moments of your love and companionship.

He will long for the tender details of your bond. 

So if you are wondering if a man will miss you when you are absent, all you need to do is find out if he loves you.

A man who is in love with you will definitely miss you.


3. He Is Lonely

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You?

Loneliness is another thing that will make a man miss you when you leave.

A lonely heart will crave your presence and miss having you around.

In this case, he does not necessarily have to be in love with you or really like you; he is just lonely.

Maybe he does not have many friends or loved ones around him, or maybe you were his only present friend.

If this is the case, he is likely to stop missing you if someone else comes to keep him company.

He only misses you when there is no one else to be with him. 


4. He Is Committed To You

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You?

A man who is committed to you will be intentional about seeing you and spending time with you.

Such a man will not want you to be far from him because he desires to bond with you and refuel his commitment to you.

He will keep in touch with you and always check on how you are doing.

He may even have conversations with other people about his commitment to you.

When he is away from you, he will treasure the moments spent together and think of all the things he will do when he sees you again. 

This type of man will likely keep missing you even if someone else comes around.


5. You Make Him Feel Peace

Nobody wants to be far from their source of peace and happiness.

A man who loves your presence because of the peace and happiness you bring to him will definitely miss you when you are absent. 

He will always look forward to spending time with you and having conversations, just like a drug addict looks forward to their next shot.

Oh yeah, he’s addicted to you.

He will miss your laughter, the way you talk, the way you listen and understand him, and all of your quirks that make him feel happy. 

He will miss how you make him feel calm, loved, and secure.

His heart aches when you’re not around because you make him feel like he can take on anything. 


If absence does not make a man miss you, you can be sure he does not feel any of the above for you.

However, there are situations where absence will not make a man miss you, and they include:

Absence Will Not Make A Man Miss You If:

1. He Was Only Using You

Spending a lot of time with a man and even sleeping with him is no guarantee that he will miss you in your absence.

He may have only just been using you to satisfy his selfish desires.

If a man is only using you, no matter how far you go and for how long you go, he is not likely to miss you, especially if he finds a replacement for you.

Sometimes it is easy to confuse genuine liking with superficial feelings that are solely for the purpose of satisfying his needs.

If the latter is what he has for you, your absence may not have much effect on him.


2. He Is A Playboy

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You?

If the man in question is a playboy, there is a 90% chance that he won’t miss you at all.

You may have spent some time with him and thought you both had something going on and that he would miss you if you left.

That is not likely to happen.

Playboys are perfect in the game; they do not attach feelings or emotions to things. 

Plus, they juggle multiple women, so they are sure to be able to find a replacement in no time.


3. He’s Not Into You

Sometimes men stay in relationships just for the company and don’t invest any real feelings into it. 

You may be in love with him, but if he isn’t into you the same way, he wouldn’t care if you leave.


4. He Has Commitment Issues

A man with commitment issues will not likely miss you when you leave.

This is because if he already has issues with staying committed even in your presence, your absence is only going to make things worse.

His weak commitment to you will get weaker and may even completely fade out when you are absent.

He will simply just find someone else to fill the void you left.


5. You Are A Nag

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You?

If your presence is burdensome, your absence will be very welcome.

A man who considers you a nag and a problematic girlfriend will be happy when you are absent.

Your absence will not make him miss you; it may even make him peaceful and happy.


6. He Meets Someone Else

Does Absence Make A Man Miss You?

If you are considering intentionally leaving your man for some time to make him miss you, it is important to know that the result is not guaranteed.

Some men immediately find someone else to connect with once their woman leaves.

It may be intentional or unintentional, but if someone coincidentally walks into his life the moment you leave, she may begin to do all you were doing for him or even more, and he may not even get the chance to miss you.

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