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How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You

How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You

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Wondering how to make your baby daddy regret leaving you?

You’re in the right place!

I understand if you need to do everything you can to win your baby daddy back, especially if you still have feelings for him and want him back in your life.

Because it’ll be good not just for yourself and your relationship but also for the good of the child you have together.

Here are some tips you can apply to make your baby daddy regret leaving you:

How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You: 8 Helpful Tips 

1. Become a better person

Take advantage of this time that you’re apart to work on being a better version of yourself.

You can achieve this by taking up new hobbies, joining fun groups and clubs, working out, and meditating.

Engage in anything that makes you happy, increases your social circle, and helps you acquire new skills.

This will not only make you feel better about yourself but will also give you a variety of things that will shift your focus from your baby daddy.

And the next time you cross paths with him again, he’ll be amazed at how much fun and happiness you’re radiating without him and how good you look.

When he sees you flourishing without him, he’s more likely to regret leaving you.

Who doesn’t want a partner who is flourishing?


2. Don’t chase after him

Another very important you need to have in mind is to never chase after your baby daddy.

No matter how hard it may seem, it’s better that you don’t chase after him and make him feel like he has all the control.

It’s good not to let him know directly that you want him back.

Rather, let him be the one coming to you.

You can occupy yourself with activities with work, family, friends, or even your hobbies to help move your focus from him and take up your time to prevent you from chasing after him.

This will make you appear much more desirable to him.

He’s more likely to miss you if you’re scarce around him, and then, he’ll be the one to chase after you.


3. Flaunt yourself at any chance you get

How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You

Ensure that your baby daddy sees what he’s missing out on.

So, don’t fail to show yourself off at every slightest opportunity.

Make sure to post some of the pictures you take on social media so that he can see how much fun you’re having without him and how great you look.

When you run into mutual friends, let them know that you’re doing well.

The news will get back to him.

But don’t overdo it and begin to shove yourself in his face; you don’t want to be viewed as trying to impress him because that’s not the aim here.

You’re working on yourself, and you’re showing yourself off as well.

It’s up to him to notice it, and if he feels that he made the wrong choice by leaving, it’s totally up to him.


4. Don’t forget to make him jealous

How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You

Another good way to make your baby daddy regret leaving you is by making him jealous.

Jealousy is a significant tool that you can use to your advantage.

Do this by either talking about the other guys that show interest in you or that you’re interested in.

He might feel jealous when he sees you’re having the time of your life with another guy.

And don’t rub it in his face.

It doesn’t have to be clear that you’re trying to get him jealous.

Let him hear it from someone else and seek to confirm it himself.


5. Show him how much of a great mother you are

How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You


Another way to make your baby daddy regret leaving you is by showing him how much of a great mother you are.

Make him see that you’re a good mother and that you’re raising your child well, even in his absence.

You must do this, especially if he’s not as involved in the life of your child as he should be.

Let the happy disposition and good behavior of your child speak for you in this regard.

If he will regret leaving you, let the desire to nurture your child in an ideal, happy home be part of the reasons why he’ll do so.


6. Forgive him or apologize to him as needed

If you have not been able to move past the reason for your breakup, or there’s something else in your past with your baby daddy that you haven’t gotten over, it’s best to bring it up in a conversation and thrash it out with him.

Perhaps, the reason they don’t regret leaving and probably do not miss you is that he’s carrying some baggage or holding a grudge against you and are not in the right mindset to think positively about you.

Endeavor to also apologize for anything you might have done to contribute to the breakup.

It’ll help clear the air and give you both a clean slate in case you want to start afresh.


7. Drop hints about your child needing him

How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You


Firstly, so we’re clear, this tip is not a suggestion for you to use your child as a pawn in your relationship game.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you what I mean by dropping hints about your child needing him.

Think about your child.

He’ll do better when he has both parents present at home.

Children whose parents stay together have proven to have a healthy development, coupled with the health, psychological, and social benefits attached to it.

So, while pleading your case to your baby daddy, you can ask him to consider your child in his decision-making.

This will work best if he also wants his child to grow up in a family where both parents are present.


8. Start dating actively again

If you want to make your baby daddy regret leaving you, you might want to start dating actively again.

Not only are you making him jealous when you date other guys, but you’re also moving on with your life and letting him know that he’s not as important to you as he thinks.

You’ll also be able to shift your focus from your baby daddy and feel better about yourself when you start dating other people.

Incredible, isn’t it?

Although your love life can become a bit complicated if you start dating someone you like and your ex wants to come back into your life, you’ll cross that bridge when you get there.

For now, take the first step.


Making your baby daddy regret leaving you can be complicated, especially if you still feel very strongly for him.

Be careful not to turn your life into something that you cannot recognize in a bid to get him back if you sense that he’s not ready to be a supportive partner and the father figure that he needs to be.

You need to take a stand on what’s best for you and your child, and sometimes, it can mean moving on without your baby daddy in your life.

Although it’s not an easy decision, it must be made for the sake of you and your child.

How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You

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