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11 Fascinating Reasons Guys Start Caring When You Stop

11 Fascinating Reasons Guys Start Caring When You Stop

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Wanna know what is more annoying than caring about a man who shows you no care in return?

It is when you finally stop caring, and he suddenly decides to start caring for you.

That is flat-out frustrating!

This is common with many guys, and you may be wondering why.

Why do guys start caring when you stop?

You may also be wondering if you should pay them any attention when they do this or if you should simply move on with your life.

Below are ten reasons why guys do this, and from these reasons, you can find out yours and decide your response. 

11 Reasons Guys Start Caring When You Stop

11. They Feel Entitled To You

Some guys think that you still owe them your attention and affection just because you showed them love and care in the past. 

They expect you to stay with them, regardless of how they treat you, and when you don’t give them the admiration they are used to, they start caring again in an attempt to get it back.  


10. They Suddenly Realize How Good You Were

Reasons Guys Start Caring When You Stop

One common reason why guys start caring when you stop is that they have suddenly realized how good you were.

There is a common saying that “you do not know what you have until it is gone.”

He may not have paid much attention to you or seen how precious you are when you were showing him care.

But the moment you leave, it begins to dawn on him that you were really good, and he begins to care for you, leaving you surprised and wondering. 


9. They Can Not Find Someone Like You

A man may not really care about you when you are showing him a lot of care and love, but the moment you stop, things change.

This is because he has realized that no one else cares about him and makes him a big deal like you do, so his heart begins to want you back. 

Everybody desires to be loved and cared for, so it is no surprise that he is coming back. 

This is obviously for selfish reasons because he does not want you because he genuinely cares about you but because he has seen that what you give him is rare and can not be found anywhere else.


8. They Want You Back

Reasons Guys Start Caring When You Stop

If a man suddenly begins to care about you after not caring for a long time, it may simply be because he wants you back.

He has noticed that his failure to reciprocate your love and care has pushed you away, and he does not want you to leave him, so he begins to show you care in return.

You can not trust his sudden care because it might be fake.


7. They Miss Your Love And Care

Another reason why guys suddenly begin to care for you when you stop caring is because they miss your love and care.

They realize that your love was genuine and made them feel special, so they begin to miss it.

At this point, they may start trying to be extra nice to you or do things for you in order to win back your affection. 

This is a sign of appreciation for how you once cared for them, but it does not necessarily mean they are ready to commit to a real relationship. 

So do not confuse their sudden care to mean that they love you or genuinely care.

It is simply that they miss what you had for them and how you cared for them.

Their sudden interest is a ploy to get you back.


6. They Have Become Fond Of You

Reasons Guys Start Caring When You Stop

Your consistent show of care and concern for a guy may make him become very fond of you.

He may not have been interested in you initially, but with time and consistent care from you, his heart has become fond of you, and he now desires you.

This is why it may look as though the moment you stop caring, it is almost as if his own love is automatically activated, and he begins to chase you and show you care.

He may not be pretending or trying to deceive you; he may have become fond of you.


5. They Have Fallen In Love With You

Reasons Guys Start Caring When You Stop

Beyond becoming fond of you, your show of love may have succeeded in making him fall in love with you

This is why it seems as though he started caring when you stopped.

The way you cared about him and expressed it to him may have endeared you to his heart, and he may have fallen for you without realizing it.

The moment you stop showing that care, he immediately notices because he is now in love with you.

So he now begins to show you care. 

He may start to call or text more often, take you out on dates, and show you affection.

It’s his way of expressing that he is in love with you and trying to keep it alive. 


4. Someone Talked To Him

A common reason guys suddenly begin to care when you stop caring is that someone made them see how wrong they were.

He may not have realized how unpleasant he was to you or how nonchalant he acted toward you, but someone called his attention to it.

Maybe a family member or a friend is responsible for the wake-up call.

It could have been a conversation or a comment that made him realize how much he cares for you and what it would mean to lose you. 

So now he is doing everything he can to show you that he is in love with you.


3. He Is Trying To Manipulate You

Sadly, this happens, and you need to pay attention to decipher it.

Some guys are so toxic that they start to pretend to care all of a sudden, but all they do is try to get you back and manipulate you.

A guy like this will try to make you feel guilty for leaving him or not giving him a second chance. 

He may even compliment you more and give you gifts, pretending he wants to win your heart back.

But in reality, all this is done out of revenge and spite, so don’t get fooled.

Once you notice this, go as far from him as possible.


2. They Thought You Would Stay Forever

Another reason why men start caring the moment you stop because they thought you would stay forever.

When you were available and showing them all the love, they probably never thought you could ever stop.

Your consistent availability made them feel like you would be there forever, so they took it for granted, only to find out that they were wrong.

When you leave, they are shocked and begin to show you care, hoping you will return.

Again, you do not know what you have until it is gone. 


1. You Were Chasing Him

Men were wired to be the chasers, and most prefer things that way. 

Sometimes, when you keep bombarding a man with love, he may subconsciously feel like you are the one chasing him, and because that is not how it was designed to work, his feelings for you may not grow.

Because he is not the one doing the chasing, he may be relaxed and not show you love and care.

Worse still, he may even disrespect or take you for granted. 

But the moment you stop caring for him and showing him love, and he has to put in the effort to get your attention, the love he has for you sparks up again with the adrenaline he feels from chasing you.

When this happens, you will be surprised to see that a man who seemingly did not care before now all of a sudden shows you a lot of care and love.

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Thursday 30th of March 2023

Number 3 is real!!! They know what they are doing; dangling favours and gifts like a carrot in front of a rabbit.

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