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11 Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

11 Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

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The dating world is quite chaotic and filled with different information and rules.

You are told to play hard to get but not too hard, or else the man may give up.

Other schools of thought tell you to respond because men no longer have time to chase immediately.

Now you are left confused because you have been doing too much lately and getting the bare minimum response from his end.

If, as a lady, you sometimes feel like you are the one doing the chasing, the signs below will help you confirm if that is the case.

11 Signs You Are The One Chasing Him 

1. You Put In More Effort

Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

The very first and most obvious sign that you are the one chasing a man is that you put in more effort than he does.

He goes one mile for you while you go a hundred for him.

He is willing to give to you when it is convenient, but you are willing to sacrifice everything for him.

You keep going hard for him while he is nonchalant or doing the bare minimum for you.

When you find yourself putting in more effort than a guy is doing for you, it is a clear sign that you are the one chasing him.

A guy who is chasing you will put lots of effort into the relationship.

It will be visible and may even surpass yours at times.


2. You Buy The Gifts

Another sign which shows that you are the one chasing him is that you are the one who buys all the gifts.

There is nothing wrong with buying gifts for your partner when you are in a relationship.

It should be a natural part of the relationship, but if you are the only one buying all the gifts and he does not reciprocate, then it is one-sided.

Men love to spend on the woman they desire and the woman they are chasing.

They buy gifts and do a lot of sweet things just to get her to accept them, but in your case, it is the other way around.

Buying gifts for him all the time when you are not getting any is probably because you are the one chasing him and wanting him to commit to you.


3. You Do All The Calling And Texting

Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

Bombarding his phone with calls and text messages all the time is a sign that you are chasing him.

He hardly ever calls or texts you, but you, on the other hand, are always eager to call him, hear his voice, send him text messages, and keep the communication flowing.

You might be doing this because you like him and you just want to keep things moving, but it is proof that you are chasing the man.


4. You Initiate All The Conversations

Be it via phone or physically; you find yourself constantly initiating conversations between you both.

And this is because he simply does not do it or does it once in a blue moon.

You are always the one eager to speak with him and hear him talk.

You are chasing him, sis.


5. He Leaves You On Read

Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

As if texting him repeatedly is not bad enough, the man may leave you on read.

Leaving you on read means that he reads your text messages or your WhatsApp messages but does not respond to them even when your messages call for a response.

A man leaving you on read is a clear sign that he is not really interested in you and that you are the one chasing him.


6. You Have To Ask, “what are we?”

When a man desires a woman, he makes it clear without leaving space for doubts.

If a man keeps hanging around you and spending time with you but does not verbally communicate his intentions or make it clear that he likes you and wants you to be his woman, you may begin to ask questions like “what are we?”

When you ask a man the “what are we?” question more than once or twice without getting a response, and you keep accommodating him or going all out for him, it can be a sign that you are one chasing the man.

When you keep allowing him to enjoy boyfriend and husband privileges without making any commitment, something is wrong.

His actions or inactions are enough to prove that he’s not chasing you and he’s not putting in any effort to do so.

Your decision to continue putting in effort regardless of his carelessness can be a sign that you are the one chasing him.


7. You Always Ask To See Him

When you like a person, you always want to see them, and that is not an issue if it is both ways.

It is a normal and healthy relationship if he also desires to see you often and creates opportunities to do so.

But if it is one-sided and you are the one always asking to see him all the time, then it is clear that you are the one chasing him.


8. You Tolerate And Accept Everything He Does

Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

Forbearing each other and giving space for each other’s excesses in a relationship is perfectly normal and healthy because we are all humans and will make mistakes.

But even tolerance should be within healthy limits because there are certain things that should not be accepted or tolerated.

If you constantly accept and tolerate everything a man does in the relationship or keep quiet even when you are uncomfortable with some of his actions, it can be a sign that you are the one chasing the man.

Your silence, even in times when you should speak up, says a lot.

It shows that you are willing to absorb whatever attitude he exhibits all because you do not want to lose him.


9. You Always Compliment Him

When he looks good, you never fail to let him know.

You are quick to let him know he is doing great and looking amazing.

You cheer him up when he achieves something good and never fail to make him feel good.

But you can not say he does the same for you.


10. You Try To Make Him Commit

Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

This is one of the peaks of all signs.

Ladies have a way of hinting and giving signs when they want a guy to be exclusive with them.

Some go as far as asking the man to make them exclusive.

This is a sign that you are chasing him.


11.  You Always Seek His Opinion

Whenever you need advice or opinion, you always turn to him instead of your friends or family.

You want his opinion on all the decisions you make, even when they are not related to him.

This is a sign that you value his presence more than anyone else’s, and this is another way of trying to capture his attention and keep it for as long as possible.

It could be a way of showing your love for him, but it is also a sign that you are chasing him. 


Chasing a guy may not be a bad thing sometimes, but most times, it is.

Especially if he sees your efforts and still shuts you down or ignores them.

If you find yourself chasing a guy, you’re advised to draw back and go easy, especially if the guy is showing little or no interest.

Because it may scare him away or make him value you less.


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