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13 Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

13 Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

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In life, everyone just wants to fulfill their heart desires, and sometimes, the quickest way to bring the dream to fruition is by chasing it.

The same applies to relationships too.

You go after the man of your dreams till he becomes yours.

What comes after that?

Will chasing him, even in the relationship, be the right thing to do?

A healthy relationship has work going on in both directions, and not just one.

If you’re the only one doing all the work in your relationship, it means you’re still chasing him even while in a relationship with him.

You need to hold off from going after him and see what happens.

While the entire process of stopping your chase can be hard on you, it’ll save you from a potential heartbreak in the future.

But I won’t just let you dabble into a world of uncertainty.

I’ll tell you thirteen things that happen when you stop chasing a man so you won’t be caught unawares.

Interested in knowing?

Let’s get started.

13 Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

1. You’ll find out his true intentions for you

Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

When you stop chasing a man, his reaction will reveal how he truly feels about you.

It’ll save you all the time you would have spent trying to figure out his emotions toward you.

This – revealing his true intentions for you, is what you stand to gain.

You’ll know if he’s serious about you, wants to build a future together, or is just looking for a quick hookup.


2. He begins to miss you

One of the most likely things to happen when you stop chasing a man is that he starts missing you.

When you’ve stopped sending him text messages frequently or calling him randomly to get his attention, he’ll miss the way you try to get his attention.

That’s when he’ll find out that he loves the attention you showered on him and the sweet feeling of knowing that someone cares for him.

Watch him miss your impact and presence in his life when you stop chasing him.


3. You regain your self-worth

Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

Chasing a guy will take a lot from you.

It’ll take a lot from your self-worth, and I’m sure the guy won’t respect you so much because he’s certain you won’t leave no matter what he does.

By halting chasing him, you’re letting yourself and the world know that you deserve the best and nothing less.

And when your self-worth is back to a healthy level, the world is yours for the taking.


4. He’ll value you

When you stop chasing a man and start putting yourself first and taking good care of yourself, he’ll start seeing your worth and begin to value you.

He’ll experience firsthand how you deserve to be treated.

He’ll also realize that you’re not ready to settle for less.

This can be a wake-up call for him and force him to start treating you right if he hasn’t been doing that.


5. You make more time for other people

Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

You’ll notice you have more time for other people when you stop chasing a man.

Maybe you neglected your friends and family when you were chasing after him so blindly.

Because you were too focused on him, you didn’t care about the important people in your life who love you.

You drifted away from them.

Now that you’ve stopped, you have the time to patch up your relationship with your loved ones and hold them close to your heart.


6. He starts chasing you

If he cares about you, he’ll start chasing you when he sees that you’ve stopped chasing him.

He’ll chase you because he respects you and knows he doesn’t want to lose you.

He’ll have no other choice than to step up and start giving you the princess treatment you deserve.


7. You see yourself growing

It takes a great deal of self-confidence and determination to decide and work on halting chasing a man who you admire so much.

You’ll notice that your level changed, and you became a better version of yourself when you stopped chasing him.

By this time, you’ll acknowledge that you have some self-worth and value and won’t entertain the idea of anyone disrespecting you.


8. You get to spend more time by yourself

Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

One of the things that happen when you stop chasing a man is that you get to spend more time by yourself.

You now have the time and opportunity to focus on developing yourself, your interests, and your career since he no longer has your main focus.

So, stop going after him and channel your energy to more important and productive things, such as working on yourself.

In addition to adding value to yourself, you’ll also get to discover and explore your various interests.


9. Your life will have more colors

Personally, what do you think happens when you stop chasing a man?

If you say that your life has become more interesting, you’re very correct!

As he’s no longer at the center of your world, you don’t have any need to dim your light to please him.

Because you now get to spend quality time by yourself, you work on yourself, add value to your life, and generally, your life becomes a beautiful pop of colors.

Life becomes more interesting for you because you have learned to love yourself, and so you savor every moment.


10. Other men have a chance with you

Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

Oh, this!

When your focus was on him, he was the only man you were seeing, but now that he’s out of the way, you begin to notice that other men are interested in you.

These men may have better chances of giving you a drama-free and healthy relationship.

Who knows?

You might find a good man for you if you allow them to get to know you better.


11. You reclaim control of your life

You give a man control over your life when you chase him and put your all into a relationship, yet he’s barely interested in you.

Your only interest is to please them, even to your detriment.

You regain control of your life when you stop chasing him and begin to focus on your life.


12. You will learn a vital lesson

You can’t force or guilt-trip someone into being in a relationship with you.

There’s nothing wrong with someone not being ready to reciprocate your feelings for them.

You must know when to respect their decision and move on with your life.


13.  You can learn to be truly independent 

Things That Happen When You Stop Chasing A Man

When you stop chasing him, you get to know yourself more.

You learn to rely on yourself for comfort and companionship.

You can find your own happiness without depending on someone else for it. 

This will help you become truly independent and self-reliant. 



It’s very simple to say, “stop chasing a man,” but quite difficult to execute.

The benefits you stand to get when you stop chasing a man should be your driving force.

If it’s still hard for you to do or you think you’ll go back, then you need someone to who you can be accountable.

And you’ll be on your way to a healthy emotional life and better relationship.


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