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“Will I Ever Find Love Again?” You Won’t If You Do These 9 Things

“Will I Ever Find Love Again?” You Won’t If You Do These 9 Things

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The question “will I ever find love again” is one that usually comes from a place of hurts or disappointments.

Love is beautiful, and when it ends, it can be extremely painful.

People who have been loved before but lost the relationship for one reason or the other may be questioning their ability to find someone who will love them again.

The direct answer to the question, “will I ever find love again”? is, “It depends.”

You can find love again if you stay away from certain things.

We will share some of the things to avoid if you want to find love again.

But first, let us look at the possible reasons why you think you may not find love again.

Why You Think You May Not Find Love Again

1. You Were Cheated On

Being cheated on is one of the things that can make you wonder if you will ever find love again.

Maybe you found love before, and you thought it was going to last forever, only for the person you loved and trusted to cheat on you and disappoint you.

When a person is cheated on, it takes a negative toll on them.

It makes them feel lots of emotions and even begin to doubt themselves.

2. You Cheated On Your Ex Lover

Another thing that can make you question if you will ever find love again is the fact that you cheated on your previous partner.

You may have had a great relationship with your partner where you both were so in love, but for reasons best known to you, you cheated on them, and the relationship ended.

Although you may regret your actions, and if given a second chance, you would make better decisions, we can not rule out the fact that you may still question if you can ever find love again.

Thinking of the fact that someone loved you completely and you betrayed their love can make you think that you may never find someone to love you anymore.

3. A Painful Breakup

Will I Ever Find Love Again

Breakups are not the easiest things to go through.

While some are less painful and easy to deal with, others could be extremely hurtful and seem impossible to handle and get over.

Experiencing a painful breakup, especially with a partner with whom you shared a beautiful relationship and thought you would be with forever, can make you ask yourself if you will ever find love again.

The effects of a painful breakup are that it makes you hurt for a long time and leaves you feeling like it is impossible to meet someone else that would be great for you.

4. A Divorce

I have never met anyone who enjoyed getting divorced.

If they’re happy about the divorce, then it is because the marriage was terrible.

Divorce is usually a difficult process to handle, and the moments leading up to the divorce are sometimes even worse.

Being in a terrible marriage or having a terrible partner takes a toll on people.

And after getting divorced, although they may be open to meeting someone else, they may question if they will ever find love again.

5. Loss Of A Partner

This has got to be the worst of them all.

Losing a partner whom you love very much to death is one of the worst things that can happen to any human being.

When people lose their partners, they not only have to deal with the fact that the relationship is now over, but they also have to deal with grief.

Grief is cruel and painful and can completely devastate a person.

If they manage to get over or heal from the grief, they may question if they ever find love again.

Regardless of the reason you are questioning if you will find love again, one thing is certain; you can find love again if you open up your heart.

Unfortunately, some people end up never finding love due to some of the reasons below:

Will I Ever Find Love Again? Things That Can Hinder You From Finding Love Again

1. Thinking Less Of Yourself

Thinking and speaking badly about yourself, either because of a previous bad relationship or some of your mistakes and flaws, is one thing that can stop you from finding love again.

The poor image of yourself that you portray to the world will be seen by people and even potential partners.

The negative energy or low self-esteem you give off will be picked up by people, and your lack of self-worth will keep them away.

This can stop them from coming to you and ruin your chances of finding love again.

You have to have a healthy sense of self and heal from previous negative experiences if you had any.

2. Being Desperate

Will I Ever Find Love Again

The desire to be loved and to love is a healthy and normal desire, even after coming out of his failed relationship.

However, that desire must be watched and curtailed to stop it from becoming desperation.

You must watch yourself and ensure that you do not desire to find love so much that you become desperate for it.

Desperation can push your potential partner away and attract you to the wrong people.

3. Having Unreasonable Standards

Setting unreasonable standards and having extremely high expectations can stop you from finding love again.

If you must find love, you must be willing to make your standards reasonable, within a healthy range, and attainable.

When you set unrealistic standards, you are unable to recognize and embrace love even when it comes because all you will keep seeing are the flaws and the downsides of your potential partner.

4. Settling For Just Anyone 

On the flip side of setting unreasonable standards is settling for just anybody in the name of finding love.

When you settle for a partner simply because you are desperate to find love, you may never find it.

Love is healthy and beautiful.

A healthy love will make you thrive and make you happy.

Do not settle for someone who does not show love and respect for you simply because you think they love you.

If they do not make you happy, they are not the one.

Settling for just any and everybody will leave you in frustrated relationships. 

5. Past Hurt

Will I Ever Find Love Again

Hurt and trauma from last relationships play a huge role in people’s future relationships.

It can even determine whether you find love again or not.

Holding on to past hurt and trauma from your previous relationship can hinder you from finding love again.

Even if you eventually do, the baggage from your past can do the relationship a lot of harm.

If you want to love and be loved again, you must first commit to healing and dropping every baggage you’re holding.

6.  Refusing to Forgive

Forgiveness is a huge part of loving and being loved. 

Refusing to forgive not only the people that hurt you but also yourself can prevent you from being open to love again.

Letting go of your past hurts by forgiving those who wronged you and accepting your own wrongdoing will help you have an open mind and heart toward finding love again.  

It will help you become more accepting of yourself and any potential partner. 

7. Fearing Change

While it’s true that every relationship brings along its own set of changes, don’t let fear be the thing that stops you from embracing them.

Any new relationship is bound to have its own set of changes, but embracing them will help the relationship grow and flourish.

Accept change gracefully, and you’ll be able to find yourself in a fulfilling relationship that will bring out the best in you. 

8. Closing Yourself Off from New People

Will I Ever Find Love Again

It’s easy to become stuck in our ways, especially if we have been hurt in the past.

However, if you keep yourself closed off from new people and experiences, you will miss out on many wonderful potential relationships. 

Keep an open mind and take the time to get to know someone before dismissing them based on preconceived ideas or notions. 

You never know what kind of amazing relationship could result from it. 

9. Not Putting Yourself Out There

Will I Ever Find Love Again

If you don’t put yourself out there, whether online or in real life, how will you meet the love of your life?

Take the initiative and put yourself out there – join dating sites, attend singles events, or try something completely new. 

Don’t wait for someone to come to you; be proactive in your own love life, and you are sure to find the relationship that you deserve. 



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