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When A Guy Has A Crush On You, He Always Says 10 These Words

When A Guy Has A Crush On You, He Always Says 10 These Words

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There is a big question that almost every lady has asked older ladies, friends, or even Google…

“How do you know if a guy has a crush on you?”

I typed that same question, and I got so many hits, talking about the things guys do when they have a crush on a lady.

What about the things they say?

Guys pretend to be enigmas when it comes to matters of the heart, but the fact is that when a guy has a crush on a lady, he wears his feelings on his sleeves.

Different guys have different ways of showing that they have a crush on you.

Some guys are pretty straightforward; they walk up to you and tell you, either confidently or nervously.

Then there are others…

These are confusing, and finding out what they truly think about you could be a hefty task.

Just imagine how simple life would have been if you had a handbook to check for clues that these guys have a crush on you.

However, you really don’t need a handbook.

All you need to do is to pay attention to what they and if you hear these words or any close variant of them consistently, then you can be almost totally sure that the guy has a crush on you…

When A Guy Has A Crush On You, He Always Says These Words

1. “You are beautiful”

when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” but don’t worry, your beholder is here because when a guy has a crush on you, all he can see is how beautiful you are.

Even when he sees you at your worst, perhaps immediately after waking up, he still can’t see any flaws in you.

He is totally blinded by love; the true definition of “love is blind.”

Is love actually behind?… Let’s leave that discussion for another day.

Back to the guy who has a crush on you…

It shouldn’t surprise you that someone who has a crush on you is physically attracted to you.

In fact, that’s the whole point for some guys.

As I said earlier, some guys are really straightforward and will tell you that they feel like you are really beautiful and they are attracted to you.

However, some others will hide this same sentiment behind statements like;

“You have pretty eyes.”

“I love your smile.”

“You have a very beautiful nose.”

“Your lips, ohh… They are so pretty.”

When a guy has a crush on you, he sees all the good aspects of your physical appearance in full HD and fails to notice anything that isn’t perfect.

He could also say things like…

“I love the way you look”…

When a guy has a crush on you, he takes special caution to avoid complimenting your body parts or saying things that make it look like he is just lusting after you.

Even guys who are mostly tongue-tied because they have a schoolboy crush on you will still stammer out a “you look beautiful” compliment at you…

And from the furious blush on his face, you may think he was the one who just got complimented.

2. “Do you like going out often?”

when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words

It’s funny how guys do this.

They actually want to ask you to come on a date with them, but they don’t lead with “When will you be up for a date?”.

Instead, they start by asking if you like going out.

I understand the reason behind this because I am a guy, and I have had crushes before.

It is just a way of knowing if asking her on a date will be a successful mission or not.

So we start by asking your preferences.

Depending on your response to this, he may then go on to ask if you would love to see a movie with him or have lunch or maybe dinner.

Of course, he won’t neglect to add “nothing fancy” to any statement he makes because he doesn’t want you to start thinking he likes you before he is ready to tell you himself.

If ladies find this weird, I would say it’s not so different from what they do with guys…

When they say things like…

“You are spending so much time with me. I don’t want any trouble from your girlfriend.”

What she actually wants to hear is if he has a girlfriend or not.

Not every lady does this?

Ooh, but every Nigerian lady does this.

It is their trademark move when they like a guy.

3. “What do you love doing?”

When a guy has a crush on you, he wants to know what you love to do.

He wants to see how much interests you share in common.

So he asks what you love doing.

Apart from the need to establish a connection through shared hobbies and interests, a person’s interests and hobbies also say a lot about the person.

For example, I once had a crush on this really beautiful lady.

Took me a while, but we finally got talking.

At first, we were flowing until we got to the issue of hobbies.

I am more of a homebody.

I love to settle down and read a really interesting novel, see a movie, catch up on sports, or play board games whenever I am free.

She hates novels and even said, “Harry Potter is a demonic book.”

For me, not liking books is a red flag, and the Harry Potter slander is a giant billboard flashing “danger ahead” in red capital letters.

It’s really amazing how quickly the crush died.

At one point, I was full of love and the very next moment, I could barely stand talking to her more than just a “hi”.

Of course, you don’t need to have the same hobbies all through, but there should be some common grounds, and this is his way of finding them.

4. “You are so funny”

when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words

One sign someone finds you attractive?

They laugh at your jokes, even the ones you know are not actually that funny.

A guy who has a crush on you is not an exception to this rule.

He loves your vibes and would, of course, tell you.

Even guys with schoolboy crushes can do this.

He will laugh at almost anything you say and may also compliment your sense of humor with words like …

“You are so funny.”

“You have a great sense of humor.”

“I love how witty you can get.”

When a guy begins to say this, as well as some of the earlier words in this article, it is almost certain that he has a crush on you.

5. “I love your personality”

That guy keeps telling you that he loves your personality, and you think he just casually likes you?

That dude is crushing on you already.

He is attracted to you in a way that goes way beyond friendship levels but may still be feeling too shy to express himself.

However, while he gets up enough courage to tell you he actually loves you, he will satisfy himself by telling you how much he loves your personality at every single opportunity he gets.

6. “We would look good together”

when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words

Ever discussed with a guy, and then he suddenly brings up how he feels the both of you would look good together?

You get so confused because you are sincerely wondering where that thought is coming from.

Most ladies have been in situations like this before.

It is not just a random statement when a guy tells you things like this.

He has already thought about it and imagined both of you as a couple.

Saying it is a way of implanting the image and seeing what your reaction to that image is like.

If your expression goes all “ew, the heavens forbid this happening,” he instantly knows better than ever to expect to end up with you.

When a guy says this to you, he definitely has a crush on you, and he is testing the waters to see how you would react to him asking you to be his girlfriend.

7. “You understand me”

When a guy has a crush on a lady, he may frequently find occasions to talk to her.

Getting to know you and realizing how much you share in common is a source of great joy to a guy who has a crush on you.

Shocked at how well you seem to understand him, his jokes, and his weird quirks, he may be inspired to say, “You understand him well.”

He may even go ahead to suggest some sort of deep connection between the two of you.

“I feel a very strong connection with you.”

That’s your cue to agree and say you feel the same way.

Doing this will set a series of other actions in motion.

8. “You can always count on me”

I think I need to write this point under the influence of Charlie Puth’s “One Call Away.”


When a guy starts telling you that you can always count on him to show up for you, it is a sign that he loves you.

Note that this love may not necessarily be romantic.

Not all guys who support you love you romantically.

However, when a guy has a crush on you, he may tell you that he will always be there for you.

It is an expression of how much he cares for you.

He wants to be the one that you rely on when you need support.

If he says a number of the other statements in this article, it is a confirmation of the fact that he has a crush on you.

9. “I have never met someone like you”

when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words

When a guy has a crush on a lady, he literally thinks of her as a goddess that requires worship.

He finds everything she does amazing, and it may not be surprising for him to mention that he has never met anyone like you.

This is a sign that he is intrigued by you and believes that you are unique.

He feels that you stand out from the crowd.

Really, when a guy begins to feel this way, it goes way beyond physical attraction.

At this point, he must have spent time talking to you and had ample time to discover your flaws.

Yet, somehow, you still retain that aura of uniqueness.

It is a sign that he finds everything about you attractive.

10. “Are you seeing anyone?”

This is the most obvious sign that a guy has a crush on you.

He wants to know if you are with anyone before he makes his move.

When a guy asks this, you should think of him as someone at a shooting range who is about to take a shot but pauses to view the target through the scope.

He wants to know if the path to you is clear before attempting to shoot his shot.

Asking a lady out can be really dicey these days, and guys don’t exactly love the feeling of rejection.

Hence, there is a need to confirm that he is not attempting to woo someone who’s emotionally unavailable.

Ultimately, guys may have different ways of saying the words above, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to the same thing.

When a guy says these words to you, it is a sign that he has a crush on you.

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