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7 Signs A Guy Feels Rejected By You

7 Signs A Guy Feels Rejected By You

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No one likes the feeling of rejection.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all crave acceptance from others, so it hurts to know you were rejected, especially by someone you like.

And most times, this feeling could lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Contrary to popular belief, guys also suffer the hurt of being rejected just as much as ladies do.

Nobody likes to be rejected, either by parents, siblings, friends, or associates.

The evident emotions that follow rejection are usually sadness, anger, disbelief, pain, and more often, it could be a combination of them all.

Most men have a hard time accepting rejection and have no clue when it comes to handling rejection.

While some may address it with respect, understanding, and dignity, others may either react aggressively or with shocking and nasty behavior.

Likewise, some guys can go further by using hurtful words on you or antagonizing you, seeing that they have nothing else to gain or lose.

When a guy feels rejected by you, it is crucial to make an effort and try to understand what he might be feeling on the inside.

So how do you know the signs a guy feels rejected by you?

Some of these signs will tell you.

7 Signs A Guy Feels Rejected By You

1. He Shuns You

signs a guy feels rejected by you

You might have been wondering why you haven’t seen him in your favorite coffee shop or the bar as usual.

Or why he stopped texting you every morning before you wake up, ever since you rejected his offer to hang out together.

All of a sudden, he is nowhere to be found.

No calls, no check-ups, nothing.

He just went all ghost on you.

When that happens, there is a high possibility that his pride was wounded by rejection, and he feels dumb and vulnerable so the best way to cope with such feeling is simply to avoid you.

He may also be avoiding you for other reasons, like him not wanting you to see him broken, hurt, and defenseless.

Or because merely seeing you would make him feel awful.

The cold shoulder treatment is a common sign that shows a guy feels rejected by you.

When a male friend or acquaintance goes from being receptive, attentive, and jovial to avoiding you, it is because he probably feels rejected.

Whether he expressed his feelings for you or not, he may have concluded that you are not interested in him.

If there is a change in his attitude from being really thoughtful, caring, and friendly to ghosting you all of a sudden, then something is definitely off.


2. He Becomes Nervous

When you begin to distance or detach yourself from him, chances are he is going to get worried.

The feeling is going to leave him wondering what exactly happened, and he might just presume that you are already seeing someone else behind his back.

To ensure he does not jump to conclusions and keep thinking that way, you can send him texts, emails, or phone calls to reassure him.

You can also casually mention it to him.

This will help curb any feeling of rejection before it grows and then turns into serious insecurities.


3. He Starts Making False Claims

Very often, some guys make false claims to hide from the fact that they were actually rejected.

It could also be a means to divert people’s attention from the truth – his feelings for you and your lack of interest.

He may make up stories that depict you in a negative light.

For example,  he could say that you have been talking to other guys even though there is no truth to it.

If this happens, the best thing to do is not let him get away with it.

Gently remind him that such claims are false and tell him to stop spreading rumors about you.


4. He Gets Upset When He Sees You With Other Guys

signs a guy feels rejected by you

There are tendencies that show a guy feels rejected by you, and one of those is when he sees you with another guy or other guys and begins to feel upset or downcast.

He begins to think that you want more than friendship with that person and you do not want him.

When he becomes upset or jealous merely seeing you with that person, it may be a sign that he has feelings for you and hasn’t gotten a positive response from you.


5. He Denies His Feelings For You

One sure way to discover if a guy is feeling rejected by you is to find out if he is denying his feelings for you.

Because It is easier to deny his feelings when he is already feeling rejected by you.

Immediately he feels the rejection; he may begin to act as though you both are just friends when, in reality, he actually wants more than just friendship with you.

When you notice the signs that he has feelings for you but then he denies it, chances are he is already feeling rejected by you and does not want to face the reality.


6. He Is Scared Of Initiating A Conversation

If a guy gets anxious or nervous when starting a conversation with you, it might be because he feels like the two of you are growing distant.

He must have felt an attraction from the onset, but then gradually, he noticed something changed over time.

If he is uncertain about your feelings for him, even if he likes you, he may be afraid to actually start a chat with you because he feels as though the conversation will result in open rejection.


7. He Eventually Despises You

signs a guy feels rejected by you

Due to the hurt he feels from being rejected by you, a guy might actually end up detesting or resenting you and everything that concerns you.

Everything you do gets him irritated or seems senseless to him.

It becomes disastrous when this person is in a superior position to you, like your boss or a senior colleague.

He may take the rejection personally and strive to get back at you by all means possible.

At the smallest insignificant provocation, he yells at you or criticizes you.

Any mistake made by you is severely dealt with.


In conclusion

When an individual is not receiving the attention that they would like, they may start to feel rejected, and no one likes to feel that way.

Some of the common reasons a guy may feel rejected by you are something you said, your refusal to hang out with them the one time they asked, or declining the request to hang out with them no matter how many times they asked.

The truth is, we are all entitled to our own free will, and no one can be threatened or compelled into liking someone they have no feelings for.

However, you need to know that not all men know how to handle the feeling of rejection, so it is important you turn down their advances towards you calmly and politely to avoid any form of hard feelings and vengeance later on.

Although you can not completely control how a person reacts to rejection, you can minimize the effect on them by being polite and not being mean.

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