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8 Reasons He Seems Interested In Person But Not Over Text

8 Reasons He Seems Interested In Person But Not Over Text

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”He seems interested in person but not over text. Why?”

So, you have met this new guy who ticks most of your boxes and makes you laugh.

He is a great guy and seems quite serious about being with you.

You enjoy his company and are even beginning to have butterflies in your belly.

But there is a bit of an issue.

You only see his seriousness and interest in you when you meet him in person.

When you are chatting with him over the phone, it’s almost as if he is a different person entirely.

When you go on a date or hang out at your favorite spot, he seems very interested and involved, but once the date is over and you both go home, things change, and you can’t tell if he is interested anymore.

This is a frustrating experience, and it will keep you wondering why he only seems interested in person but not over text.

Worry no more; we are here to help you and show you possible reasons for his actions.

8 Reasons He Seems Interested In Person But Not Over Text

1. He Is Not A Text Person

The first reason why anyone would seem interested in person but not over text is that they are not “text people.”

This means that, for some reason, he does not like communicating via text messages.

While many people are addicted to texting their friends and loved ones and have completely been immersed in the social media world, there are many others who just can’t be bothered because they simply do not care about chatting or texting that much.

He could be one of those people who prefer and enjoy a physical hangout and communicating in person to texting.

A sure way to confirm this is by observing his texting attitude toward other people in his life.


2. He Is Busy

He Seems Interested In Person But Not Over Text

Another possible reason why he seems interested in person but not over the phone is that he is busy.

This is a valid reason, especially if you have observed his lifestyle and seen that he has a demanding job or career.

He may create time to physically hang out with you and show you how interested he is in you, but once you physically depart, he gets his head buried in work and barely has any time to respond to your texts.

This is especially true for many men who have special responsibilities at work, like heading a team or even owning their own organization.

They do not have the luxury of time to text you and respond to your texts appropriately.

This busyness of theirs can be wrongly interpreted to mean that they are uninterested.


3. He Is Not Great At Chatting

While some people are excellent communicators both verbally and over text messages, others can only manage to communicate well when they see you physically.

So you may notice that he showers you with the right words and actions when he is physically with you.

He knows all the right things to say and says them very well.

But once you start chatting with him, it’s a whole new ball game on its own.

He does not communicate well and even seems uninterested in you.

This may be because he is not great at expressing himself through writing or chatting.


4. You Are Not A Great Texter

He Seems Interested In Person But Not Over Text

Having considered the reasons from his end, it is important to check yourself too. 

Could it be that the reason why he does not seem interested over text is because he does not enjoy texting you? 

Maybe you have bad chatting skills, or you do not know how to carry conversations well when texting. 

Go through your chats again to be sure the issue is not from you. 


5. He Is Pretending

He Seems Interested In Person But Not Over Text

After looking at all the possible genuine reasons for his actions, it is important to look at the not-so-bright side, too, because as much as you do not like to hear them, they are a possibility.

Another possible reason – albeit unpleasant – why he seems interested in person but not over text is that he has mastered the art of pretense.

As sad as it is to hear this, it is a possibility that can not be ruled out.

A man may not really be interested in you but act like he is when he sees you.

He does and says all the right things when you both are physically together.

But what gives him away is the fact that he does not sustain his pretense over text; he shows his real self by being careless and lackadaisical.

If you get physically intimate with him when you both are together, then he has even more reasons to behave this way.


6. He Is Hiding Something

The possibility of him hiding something can not be ruled out.

A man who has a wife and kids or a girlfriend at home is not likely to chat confidently with you and give you time over the phone.

He may be trying to hide you from his other partner or hide his other partner from you.

While some men effortlessly deceive women, and it is quite difficult to search them out, others have not mastered the art quite well enough and still have a hard time juggling their double lives.

So while he seems like a perfect man when you see him physically, once he is out of sight, his focus and priority is his other woman, so you begin to suffer for it.


7.  He Is Not Interested In You

It is also possible that he may not be as interested in you as you may think.

He may just want to keep things casual and chill and doesn’t feel the need to invest in a serious relationship. 

You may be giving him more than he was expecting to receive, and he’s not sure how to handle it. 

So, if he’s not that into you, expect him to give you mixed signals.


8.  He’s Only Looking for a Good Time

He Seems Interested In Person But Not Over Text

Lastly, he may be interested in you only because of the physical aspect of your relationship.

He might not be ready to commit yet and is just looking for someone to have a good time with. 

So he acts like he’s all into you whenever you are together because of the good time he’s having with you.

But when you are apart, he doesn’t seem to care about staying connected with you.


Last Words

If you have noticed that he seems interested physically but not over text and you are concerned, your concern is valid because there may be some serious reasons for that.

We have shared some of the possible reasons for this, but we can not tell you exactly what the reason is in your situation because we do not know the full story.

However, if you are observant, calculating, and patient enough, you are sure to find him out if he is doing anything wrong or hiding something from you.

In like manner too, if he simply is busy or not great at chatting, all you need to do is observe, and you will find out.

In this case, you just need to communicate how you feel about his texting behavior to him.

You will also need to try to understand him and possibly make adjustments where necessary.




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