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When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You: What It Means

When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You: What It Means

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What does it mean when a guy says he wants to be friends but kisses you?

Ever been out with your male friend, and then all of a sudden, he kisses you on the lips, and now you’re wondering what that could actually mean?

Could it be that he likes you, or he’s just trying to play mind games with you?

Maybe he just got carried away by the excitement, feeling, or the moment of that night.

He’s probably attracted to you, but he’s not particularly interested or ready for a relationship with anyone yet.

It could also be that he regrets kissing you but would also love for your friendship to continue.

Well, there are all many possible reasons why a guy says he wants to be friends with you but then goes ahead to break boundaries by kissing you.

However, it is quite difficult to answer questions in a single statement because a kiss can mean different things to different people.

It could be a sign of an interest in you, affection, or courtesy.

The possible reasons for his actions are countless, but there are several distinct explanations behind those actions.

When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You: What Does It Mean?

1. He Has A Secret Crush On You And Is Waiting For The Right Time To Make His Move

He likely agreed to your friendship even when he was romantically drawn to you in hopes that you would one day feel the same way for him.

You probably noticed him giving you mixed signals or subtle signs, but you weren’t certain.

Having a crush on you and being scared to say it is one of the most common reasons why he kissed you.

He must have been waiting for the right opportunity to take a chance and make it happen, and that’s why he kissed you when he felt his moment had arrived.


2. He’s Sexually Aroused

When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You:

Another reason a guy would kiss you even after accepting and stating in clear terms that you should be friends is because he got sexually aroused.

Don’t mistake this for him having feelings for you because a guy is ready to kiss any lady at that point, even when he’s not in love with her.

At that moment, he’s likely to kiss enemies, friends, or just some random stranger he met at a bar.


3. He feels lonely

Sometimes, he might just want you around because he’s lonely but won’t commit to you.

He probably kissed you to get away from his loneliness and is looking for ways to connect or bond with you but without commitment.


4. He’s A Playboy

When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You:

Perhaps he’s just playing games with you.

This could be worst when he already knows you have feelings for him because he’ll try all means possible to take advantage of that.

Don’t be surprised; not all men are gentlemen.

Most guys who are players tend to do what they do because they’re trying to impress their friends, are drunk or bored, or are just in need of excitement.


5. He Doesn’t See Kissing As A Big Deal

To him, it might just be another fun activity or just the excitement he gets from it.

He most likely views kissing as a fun activity whether there are feelings involved or not.


6. You Won Him Over

When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You:

It could be that his intentions from the start were to actually be friends with you, and then over time, he began to develop actual feelings for you.

This is one of the sweetest and most genuine forms of relationships, and it could probably be what he wants from you now.


7. He’s Interested In Being Friends With Benefit

When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You:

His intention might be to to turn your friendship into something more physical, and that’s why he kissed you to leave a hint.

It’s also possible that he sees you as just friends with benefits and doesn’t want any strings attached.


8. He Misunderstood Your Intentions

He thinks you like him.

Perhaps you were leading him on without knowing it.

Maybe it’s because you’re way too friendly with him, or you might have left hints that give off that vibe.

He must have thought you wanted to make out with him or misunderstood your body language.

This will leave you both in an awkward situation.

When such happens, you need to talk about it and decide the direction your friendship is heading to.


9. He Got Drunk

There are some unusual scenarios where a guy would actually kiss a lady he’s not attracted to, and one of such reasons is that he was under the influence of alcohol.

He might have been too drunk to comprehend the situation and thought that it was okay to make out with you.


10. He’s Trying To Boost His Own Self Esteem

It could be that he kissed you to get his confidence level back on track, or he’s trying to see how good he is.

Either way, those are very wrong options because he’s crossing the line.

When you both decided to be friends, you already made an agreement for your relationship to be platonic.


11. He Kissed You To Get Another Girl’s Attention

He probably kissed you to make another girl jealous, or he’s trying to scare off other ladies.

Be very careful not to get involved in such cases so as not to be a pun to a game between lovers.


12. He’s Trying To Get Away From His Relationship Troubles

When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You:

It could be that he just recently broke up with his partner and is probably using you to move on or rebound.

Some men think immediately moving on from one relationship to the next will help them heal faster, but they’re wrong.

That might be the reason he kissed you because he’s confused, sad, and in pain and he’s looking for someone to share that with.

While this shouldn’t be an excuse, it can also be a way for you to understand him much better.

You have to be careful if you have feelings for him to avoid feeling used and dumped when he gets back with his partner.

Give him time to heal and see if he comes around.


13. He Never Wanted To Be Friendzoned

Perhaps he agreed to be friends with you because he believed that’s what you wanted.

Maybe he has always had a crush on you but was scared to let you know about it.

You made the intentions of being friends clear from the beginning, and he just decided to respect your decision and go with the flow.

However, he had a moment of weakness when he was with you, and that’s why he kissed you.

If that’s what happened, then you just discovered he has feelings for you even when he tries so hard to hide it.

If you’re still uncertain about his reasons for kissing you, the best thing to do is to confront him about the issue and hope he’s truthful about it.

However, whether you are sure or unsure about his response, here’s what to do when a guy says he wants to be friends but kisses you.


What To Do When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You:

1. Set healthy boundaries and stick with them.
2. Don’t just keep quiet about it or let it slide; confront him about it.
3. Give it a shot when he seems like a potential romantic partner.
4. Let your intentions be made known, if you’re interested or not.

Now that you know what it means when your male friend kisses you unexpectedly and how to tackle such situations, you should learn to stand your ground.

Sometimes, a guy can kiss you even if he has no feelings for you.

His hormones are one reason that can make him behave in such a way.

He will likely let out the fact that he was not in his right mind or it was no big deal to him.

Before making any further decisions, make sure to check in properly to know if what you want from him is a serious relationship, a one-night stand, or if he has genuine feelings for you or if he’s just playing mind games.

When A Guy Says He Wants To Be Friends But Kisses You:

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