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The 9 Biggest Red Flags In A Guy You Can’t Afford To Miss

The 9 Biggest Red Flags In A Guy You Can’t Afford To Miss

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Being in relationships where you feel heard, seen, understood, and loved is a top priority for every human.

You know you’re connecting with others when you feel a lot better about yourself or the world after you’ve been with them.

It’s important to know that not all relationships improve our lives, and some are toxic and detrimental.

Being aware of the 9 biggest red flags in a guy, especially a guy you like, is very critical.

A red flag is a warning sign.

There are bound to be shortcomings and areas for growth in any relationship, especially because humans aren’t perfect.

However, no relationship should cause more damage, hurt, or pain than good.

There are signs that shouldn’t be ignored, and you need to know them.

That is what I am are here to tell you.

9 Biggest Red Flags In A Guy

1. He Gives You Backhanded Compliments

It is very important for the people closest to you to be a part of building you up and not breaking you down.

When you truly love someone, you’ll be committed and well-invested in their growth.

If you do not feel such support from your partner but instead you keep receiving backhanded compliments from them, then you really need to rethink that relationship.

An example of a backhanded compliment is, “You’re so thin; you look great.”

Another is, “You are beautiful for a fat girl.

Backhanded compliments come in different ways and forms.

When he keeps putting you down, doesn’t think you’re smart or doesn’t tell you how amazing you are, talks down on your dreams and aspirations, or dismisses your ideas, you should know he’s a self-centered jerk.

And that is a big red flag.


2. He Always Prioritizes His Needs Above Yours

9 Biggest Red Flags In A Guy

It is important and healthy for people to prioritize themselves and put themselves first in many things.

However, in a relationship, sometimes, your partner should come first because the occasion demands it or simply to show love and sacrifice.

When it becomes evident that your partner is always placing their needs above yours and refuses to compromise in some cases, it indicates that they aren’t meant for you.

It could be that he’s expecting you to follow him to a different city he loves even when he knows clearly you don’t want to move.

Or that he wants you to hang out in a particular place or with certain people even when you keep expressing your displeasure about it.

A man who always wants you to do what he wants all the time is a walking red flag.


3. He Is Overly Domineering

9 Biggest Red Flags In A Guy

One of the biggest red flags in a guy is when he is clearly trying to override you or control your beliefs, movements, and behavior.

A domineering man will suppress your voice and opinions.

He will choose to dictate how you live and what you do.

When this happens, you should know something is definitely off because that’s an obvious red flag.

It shows he’s more concerned about what he wants than what is best for you.

It could even be in little things like making decisions for you without consulting you first or telling you what to wear or how to style your hair. 

If he’s trying to control the way you live, it’s time to put your foot down and reconsider the relationship. 

No one should have their freedom taken from them, especially not by someone they trust and love. 

I’m not saying he can’t have opinions about your life or give you suggestions on how to live it, but you should always have the final say and control over your own decisions. 

Controlling behavior is a NO NO!


4. Lack Of Trust

Trust is one of the basic foundations every relationship should be built on.

If he always doubts whatever you say to him, reads your texts, or has to confirm from other external sources the things you say to him, there’s no point being in such relationships.

You need a relationship where trust exists, one where you do not have to second guess your partner’s intentions and vice versa.

The problem with your guy not trusting you is that it leads to many other complications, such as insecurity, the feeling of inferiority, frequent arguments,  leading to stress and heartache with every passing day. 

It’s normal to have moments of doubt about your partner sometimes, but if it’s a continuous thing, then you need to sit down and talk about it.

Trust is an integral part of any healthy relationship; without it, it cannot thrive. 


5. He Abuses You

9 Biggest Red Flags In A Guy

Be it physically, emotionally, or mentally, abuse is inexcusable and should not be tolerated.

You must decide never to tolerate abuse from anyone, especially not a guy you’re in a relationship with.

These are obvious red flags in a relationship that cannot be denied, and your reaction to that should be to flee.

Nobody has the right to exert such abuse on you, and those who indulge in such should be dealt with severely.

Abuse will never be an acceptable reaction to a problem.


6. He Is A Narcissist

A man who constantly believes he is superior and unique compared to others and is expecting to be recognized and treated as such is a narcissist.

If he’s often unable to understand the opinions and needs of others and is always dismissive of other people’s problems or has a sense of entitlement, then you should be wary of him.

This is because narcissistic men are the absolute worst and can make your life hell through their demeaning attitudes and manipulative ways.

Trust me; you don’t wanna end up with one.


7. He Lacks Control Over His Emotions

9 Biggest Red Flags In A Guy

A guy with anger issues or a guy who has no control over his emotions is one of the biggest red flags you can find.

Truthfully, there are moments when we get upset or angry at a situation or someone.

However, when a guy lacks the ability to tackle an emotion like anger or jealousy and instead looks for whomever to pour it out on, then you sure know he isn’t the right fit for you.

Volatile men are men you should be wary of because they can steal, kill, and destroy, like the devil. lol


8. He Is Incapable Of Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts are part of human nature; they are bound to happen, either with friends, family, or a significant other.

When conflicts arise in relationships, it’s important to find ways to resolve them peacefully and maturely.

A guy who is incapable of resolving conflicts is one you should keep an eye on because he will make your life hell through his inability to negotiate and communicate.


9. He Doesn’t Respect Women

No matter how strong a woman is, she needs to be respected by her man.

A guy who doesn’t respect women isn’t the right fit for you as he will make you feel inferior and take advantage of your weaknesses.

It’s not that he doesn’t respect you only, he doesn’t respect women in general because he thinks women are  meant to be treated as inferior.

This type of guy will never understand the value of equality and he will treat you like an object or his property.


Not every unpleasant behavior from a guy is a red flag.

Signs such as him being grumpy or complaining about something you did is something that can be overlooked or fixed.

However, when things get so bad that it becomes toxic, it is a clear signal not to get involved with such a guy.

Knowing the difference between regular human flaws and these toxic behaviors can help you identify the right course of action.


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