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7 Cute Signs Your Crush Likes You

7 Cute Signs Your Crush Likes You

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How do you know that you’re having a crush on someone? You begin to smile the moment you see their pictures. 

Your heart skips a beat when they’re nearby because you know the smell of their cologne.

A warm feeling washes over you when they walk into the room.

It’s all good and nice.

One important question to ask yourself is if your crush also likes you back in the same way.

It’s sweet to admire people till you begin to wonder if the feeling is one-sided or mutual. 

What are the signs your crush likes you?

Before this question is addressed, we need to take a look at the type of crush you have and the chances you have with the other party. 

If your crush likes someone else or is already in a relationship, I’ll advise you to trash those feelings to avoid stories that touch. 

It’ll be easy for you to know if your crush likes you back if both of you hardly talk.

Having a crush on your friend will make things complicated a bit. 

This is because you won’t be able to tell easily if they like you back in the same way or if they are just being nice to you as a friend. 

There are usually signs your crush likes you in the same way as you do them.

Here are seven of them:

7 Signs Your Crush Likes You

1. They open up to you 

If you’ve interacted with them closely enough for them to be able to open up to you about some parts of their personal lives, then you’ve earned a good spot in their hearts. 

Nowadays, no one likes to bare themselves to others due to countless incidences of betrayals and heartbreaks. 

They trust you enough if they share very personal information with you.

And that’s a good sign that you might have something together soon.

2. How they communicate with you 

signs your crush likes you

Check their pattern and mode of communication with you.

They’ll want to be in touch with you whenever they can and as much as possible if they like you. 

They’ll either send a text or call to check up on you because they just want to hear from you.

They’ll pick up the call or reply promptly when you call or text them first. 

You’ll also find that they will apologize for not replying to your texts and return your call when they miss it.

In all this, make sure that they do not remember you only when they are lonely and bored. 

If that’s the case, they’re probably aware of the way you feel about them and don’t feel the same way.

The best thing to do is to move on from such people.

3. They’re interested in what goes on in your life 

This is a sign you should not overlook especially if they’re not undercover spies, private investigators, or social researchers.

If they begin to take interest in your daily life activities, it’s one of the signs your crush likes you.. 

They’ll also not forget information and dates that are important to you such as your birthday, favorite food, favorite color, etc. 

You shouldn’t be surprised if they join you to do some of the things you love to do.

This shows that they’re interested in you and want to take part in what goes on in your world.

4. How willing they are to help you

This is a dicey way to know if someone has feelings for you.

Someone who likes you back will do their best to always be of help to you whenever you are in need. 

Before you begin to gloat and blush, however, make sure that they’re not doing it for you simply because it’s in their nature too. 

Some people are far too kind and helpful and are loved by a lot of people.

While this kind of person can take interest in you, I’ll advise that you take the help and kindness in good strides and not get your hopes up. 

If they eventually come out straight to declare their intentions for you, enjoy the ride.

Till then, don’t take anything they do for you to heart.

5. Eye contact 

One of the best-known signs to know if someone likes you is by paying attention to the eye contact between both of you. 

However, this is not a sure sign of anything as eye contact sometimes depends on the personalities of different individuals.

So, if you ever feel that your crush is staring at you and you’re lucky to catch them staring, observe their reaction when they’re caught.

When they look down or up or smile at you, it means that they admire you, and this might be one of the signs your crush likes you


They may find it difficult to maintain eye contact with you if they are shy and they’ll simply look away when your eyes meet. 

6. Their mode of action around you 

signs your crush likes you

When you like someone specially, it’ll be evident to people around.

This is true especially for people who do not know how to keep their emotions in check. 

When you have a crush on someone, your action around them tends to change.

You feel shy, nervous, quiet, hyper, and cool all at the same time. 

Watch out for similar signs in your crush when they’re around you.

You may catch them smiling shyly as you’re passing by even if they have the meanest face.

They will get nervous, shy, and even stammer around you despite being great speakers. It’s most probable that they like you back when you see these signs.

7. They want to know about your relationship status 

It is typical for your admirers (both secret and open) to want to know more about your romantic life.

Someone who likes you will want to know if they have competition and who they are up against. 

They won’t know these things by magic and so, will start asking questions.

When questions about relationship-related issues start popping up, there are high chances that they are interested in you.

They may want to know your answers to help them determine whether you both fit together. 

Sometimes, they may prefer to ask your friends rather than ask you because they don’t want you to think that they’re snooping around in your business. 

However, there’s no way they’ll ask you these questions if both of you are not particularly close.

So, a way to know if they like you back is their reaction when they see you with someone else.

If they get angry or have mood swings when they see you with someone else, then, they probably like you back.

signs your crush likes you back

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